Trends Analysis and Numerology January 2013

The headlines and blogs tell of misfortune and struggle for America and Americans. For many it looks as if the

Abundant and Generous

country is going in a downward spiral. We have a Congress that borders on a sideshow, citizens arguing over gun control, abortion, entitlement programs, illegal aliens, corporate greed and a long list of various and assorted agendas. There is hardly a positive note in the bunch. As I write this today, January 21st, Inauguration Day in Washington and Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday celebration, I am reminded, though, of the beginning of this country and the purpose for which it was founded.

It is important to go back to the beginning and look at the birth date of the United States. She was born on July 4th, 1776. This gives her the Life Path of the Number 5, the agent of change. She was born out of idealism and was an outward, visible sign of what was to come–the new Aquarian Age. It would be an Age of Reason, Enlightenment. The impulses of the Aquarian Age were just starting to impinge upon the earth when America declared its independence from King George. The divine right of Kings was being replaced by the divine rights of man. Hence, the beginning of all men being created equal and that they are endowed by the Creator of all with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would be introduced to the world.

This ushering in of the Aquarian Age and its Age of Reason and Enlightenment will last a few thousand years and gradually bring enlightenment, reason and respect for the rights of the individual. I occasionally get emails letting me know that there is very little reasoning out there and that people do very little analysis of information, much less appear enlightened. It is important to understand that all of these changes take time. The word “gradual” should be in bold letters to remind us that we are progressing. We are continuing to assimilate various points of view and various nationalities. As we improve our abilities, we send out to the world the possibilities of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. We have been chosen to be the “introducer” to these qualities so that others can experience them.

Here are some high points to remember about America.

Aquarian Age Liberty

She has a very unique soul and destiny. Her astrological chart has her birth sign, Cancer, her Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all in the same sign. (Extremely fortunate) Her midheaven of her chart is in the sign of Aquarius. Her viewpoint is Aquarian. Many of those who put the Declaration together as well as the Declaration of Independence had prominent planets in Aquarius in their charts. These combinations assured America would be a very abundant country, very productive (being born on a 4 day) and the richest country in all the world. Remember this, America has gone through a Revolution, War of 1812, devastating Civil War, late 1800?s Depression, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War today’s wars and the Great Recession (which is still continuing) and yet people still want to flock here, people still want to loan her money, they trust her laws, they buy her food all over the world, they buy her property because she honors laws, she educates the world’s children and last of all, freedom.

America is going through another transformation. It began in 2008. She must review the plan she began by her Declaration and see what needs to be changed. She will experience huge swings in employment as global competition becomes a factor, she will have to eliminate wasteful programs and change laws and taxation but she will prosper even more as a result of her willingness to go through the self-examination and correction period. Her genius is her ability to change and to share. She is blessed and lucky. What a combination! Her role has always been assimilation. She is superb in doing this–no matter what the headlines say. My doctor is from Israel, another is from Germany. My gardner is from Mexico, my daughter is from Viet Nam, my plumber is from Russia, my acupuncturist is from Korea. We can all look to see how America continues to assimilate. We would not have Google and other inventions in America if we were not able to assimilate.

America will continue to collaborate in world affairs as her greater destiny is to bring freedom, assimilation and collaboration so that there will eventually be the United States of the World. We are all connected, we just forget it. Here’s to America and her best days ahead!

Some good stuff from Gail Minogue – for Jan. 2013

A new era for America is beginning. How can you best position yourself to work with all the new changes, especially in your lifestyle? What does your own personal year number tell you about how 2013 will affect you? Where should you consider living? What new areas of employment are on the horizon? Is your house number still working for you in light of these changes? Come and bring your questions!
2) January the No. 1 Month

Well folks, you have done it again! You have lived through another hair-raising experience of 2012 and the world did not end—nor did it come close to ending. Because you have stayed the course and lived to see another day, you get to experience 2013. What can we expect for the first month of this New Year?

Not much!

January is your sleeper month. We have barely recovered from the holidays and the

Father Time Visiting

left over energy of 2012, a 5 year of unexpected change. January is trying to sort out what leftovers of change we can expect and prepare us all for 2013, a No. 6 Universal Year.

During January we want to walk through a new door of our lives. It is a fresh start but one which we must plan for. All resolutions made but not in writing are not worth the paper or mobile device they are not written on. In short, you must write down clearly and precisely what you expect to accomplish by this same time next year. Bobbie Christensen, a prolific writer http://www.booksamerica.com/ – check out her helpful books- gives this advice for 2013 planning:

“Create a written list of what you want to accomplish this coming year whether it is paying off debts or taking a real family vacation…..post that list where you can see it every day.

Next create a list for each of these things with the step-by-step details of what you need to do to accomplish each of these things and post it where you will see those lists every day and be able to check off the things you have accomplished.

Only you can change your life for the better but you have to have a plan or nothing will actually happen.” Think and plan on paper. Carry the piece everywhere—in your wallet, on your dashboard, on your mirror, by your bed and other places you routinely visit.

Wake up slowly in January. Use the first few weeks to get settled in and lay the ground work of your plan. In a one year or a one month, it is the seed planting year or month. Things will begin to move more by the 4th week of the month.

The art of staying young is to have the ability to be able to lower your resistance to starting over. Remember this!
3.) Question and Answer:

Why do we have these “end of the world” episodes and why do people believe them?


Whenever we are in a position to change from one Age to another—such as we are experiencing now, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age—we are going through gradual but steady changes in energy, thought and pattern. These Ages are long—approximately 2200 to 2400 years. To leave one of these Ages (and each age is different), we must adapt to the New Age. This can take a few hundred years of transitioning. During this time, there is much fear, uncertainty, hope, promise and a great unknowing.

We have just come out of the old Piscean Age. During this age, Fear was the teaching tool. As a group, we are a pretty fearful lot. It was during this Age that many of our existing religions were created i.e. Islam, Christianity. As the Age fades away, so do the religions. Scratch the surface, and you find a great deal of superstition. Fear and superstition sell like hot cakes. Throw in little bits of rumor and ancient texts and you have a proper stew. This time is was the Mayan Calendar. We had Y2K back at the turn of the century. T’was ever thus. Humankind is used to being scared.

Now for the second part, why do people believe them—people are followers. They like to be in a group—hence religious communities, meetup’s, country clubs etc. In some strange way, by believing that everything ends on a certain day relieves them of having to wonder when they will die. It is already decided. Okay, that’s a relief. I think I’ll just go blow this paycheck on that trip to Vegas—besides, I am not going to be here after that date. It sounds crazy and is crazy to thinking people. BUT, many people fall under the spell and if they don’t completely believe it, they might just wonder and think what if?

Fortunately, the Age of Aquarius ushers in the Age of Reason and the practice of thinking. What a concept. We will be persuaded and many times forced to have to think instead of escaping. Many activities we do today, texting, working, TV watching, entertainment, do not allow us to think. We will be instructed to think, to reason and to be responsible for our action. The Piscean Age had a quality of escapism in it. The Aquarian Age doesn’t. Get prepared.
4) View from the Freeway

Move Forward

Happy New Year! May the force be with you and remember as one of my clients told me “Let Go or Be Dragged”.

You will be hearing more and more doomsday stuff for all quarters of the earth. The government is dysfunctional, the system doesn’t work, the people are too greedy, the poor are too poor, the environment is falling off the cliff, the middle class is shrinking and it’s all going to hell in a hand basket. Or is it?

If you can keep in mind that “nothing here in finished” and that we are all still a work in progress, you can understand that we really are making progress, that we are advancing, that we are becoming united—even through antagonistic methods.

America must work with China. China has to work with America and other countries. The Middle East is a hot bed of upheaval and a destruction of an old order. Women are speaking up and demanding better care, more respect and more opportunity. Excessive action in the financial markets, government corruption and waste is being exposed so it can be repaired and replaced. This is unpleasant to watch but it is progressing.

The American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “the years teach much that the days never knew”. So here we are looking at days rather than years. Think in longer terms, become involved in things that matter to you. Join others who are working towards a goal of moving us forward.

No matter how much you may get caught up in the speed of social media, information technology, you will never be able to catch up or stay current without giving up other important areas of your life. 2013 is the year to make a decision that you will be your master of technology rather than its slave. In 2013 you will take time to think and not to continuously escape through work, exercise and entertainment. As much as you meditate, spend at least that amount of time thinking.

2013 will be a year of more responsibility, a year to clean up all debt, community service and to tend your health. It is a No. 6 Universal Year which is all about eating healthy, tending to family, being responsible, accountable and facing all debt square on. This year is about commitments–keeping them. What commitments have you made to yourself? Have you kept them? This is the year that you must now do so. Honor what you have started! If you said you would finish the basement, this is your year to finish it. It is a divorce and marriage year as well so expect to hear and see more of both.

2013 asks you to get out of self-deception, denial and escapism. Overall, the energy is good for a 6 year. With Pluto transiting in Scorpio, it is better for the United States and we should start to see the light of day at home. We will not arrive there for several more years but we do know that we have seen the light. Happy New Year.
5) Trends and Forecasts

There are lots of exciting discoveries on the horizon. Get enthused.

A.) Need a personal assistant? Kiplinger’s is reporting that next-generation smart phones will be yours. Sensors and apps will track everything from your location to your blood pressure—-even mapping out less stressful traffic routes if your blood pressure rises.

B.) By the end of 2013 President Bashar al-Assad will either be in exile or be off the planet. Even the Russians are stepping away from him.

C.) Get ready for the robots. They are coming to a neighborhood near you. Already 1.4 million robots are deployed worldwide—shipments are growing. It is an enormous industry and will replace many workers. It will also create whole new industries for jobs. Think of new types of training. Investigate this area. It is fascinating.

D.) The Daily Mail is reporting (December 10, 2012) “Camouflage Fabric That can Make Soldiers Invisible” Sci-Fi is really here! The US military is backing the development of camouflage fabrics that could one day make their soldiers completely invisible. The so-called ‘Quantum Stealth’ camouflage material is said to render its wearers completly invisible by bending light waves around them. ……It’s development is so secret the Canadian company behind it says it cannot even show the technology in action and offers only mockups of its effect on their website…Both the US and Canadian military have confirmed that it also works against military IR scopes and Thermal Optics”

E.) “A Retailer for Free Stuff”—(Fast Company – December 4. 2012) “Yerdle, a new website where you can list things to give away—hopes to change how we view consumerism and make it easier to give unwanted purchases a second life. Yerdle isn’t aiming to be a Craigslist or Freecycle clone. It is trying to create a whole new model of sharing—one that resembles a traditional retail experience and one that other retailers might actually want to get involved in. Co-founder Adam Werback says the idea for Yerdle first came to him after a trip to India where he met women setting up “savings circles”. They’d save up money to buy things that they could share amongst themselves. Speaking of sharing, see also Relay Riders—where you can share your car (at a price that you set per hour or per day) and where the company seems to have worked out some of the issues of liability insurance.

F.) NYSE Deal Shows Future of Finance – (USA Today-December 24, 2012)

20 years ago the NY Stock Exchange and its young rival NASDAQ accounted for 97% of the total US stock trading volume. Due to rapid development of computer technology, dozens of alternative trading venues have sprouted up increasing competition for volume and driving down the exchanges’ profits. It is ultimately pushing the NYSE—one of the most enduring symbols of American capitalism—towards increasing irrelevancy.

For more trends and forecasts—join us on January 27th from 2 – 5 pm in Laguna Hills.
7) Ponder This

Worth Thinking About

“You cannot write the next chapter of your life until you STOP RE-READING the last one.”

Author Unknown

“I am now ready, willing and able to experience change, challenge, opportunity and growth with courage, confidence, faith and ease. I have everything I need and more knowing I am loved, supported and connected to the Sacred, Eternal and Divine with each breath I take.”

Yogi Bhajan via Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

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Trends Numerology and More -The Minogue Times—November, 2012

No surprise on the election results. Obama’s better ground machine and early start on campaigning paid off. The Republicans also chose a candidate who had no movement behind him. He never defined himself as to who he really was. The Republican Party will need to reinvent its party if it expects to win the White House in 2016. It also will have to grow the moderate wing of the party or it will become an irrelevant party.

The Tea Party did not do well in this election and it shows that Americans do not want the extremists to run the show. Women and minorities are a growing group in this society and will increase in numbers and power over the next four years. As I have said before, the white aging American male would feel more marginalized and it showed up in this election. Once we crossed over into the year 2000, the rise of the female power increases through all of the millennium. She will march through the board rooms the White House, the medical fields and all areas of society. This is a world-wide phenomenon. It lasts through 2999. Expect to see women demanding more recognition, respect and rights. Certainly the woman’s right to choose and other health care issues will be stronger.

It is healthy for Americans to have a strong two party system at this time. During the next several years, the Republicans will have to be more realistic and engaged in who they submit as candidates for office. Certainly some of the wacky candidates and their comments cost the Republicans dearly.

Don’t look for Super PAC’s to go away any time soon. They will be back in full swing and influencing all the campaigns, local, state and federal. The governorships of several states are Republicans. Remember that many of the laws and regulations of the individual states will be influenced under Republican control. This acts as a counter weight to strong Democrat control. From these states can come future candidates for federal office.

The fiscal cliff will not happen in the way we have been told. We should expect a deal to be hammered out by mid 2013. Everything will be kicked down the road further and much of what they hammer out will be retroactive.

There will be changes to Medicare. Expect the age to be rise to 67 with a new means test for more wealthy individuals. Medicare will begin to be in lock step with social security.

One thing for sure, the focus will be more on the debt both individually and collectively. Expect to make some sacrifices in either entitlements or taxes or both. There are many ways to raise income and it doesn’t have to be by raising taxes. It can remove or limit some of the entitlements.

•Here are figures for you to consider:
•1965—Government spent $21,893 per household
• Household income–$39,732
•2009—Government spent $47,255 per household
• Household income–$50,255
We do have to shrink the government. You should expect lots of yelling and screaming as these sacred cows get slaughtered or put on diets. The government will not be able to support all the social programs it now supports. Waste, fraud and entitlements will be addressed. Everything from school lunch programs, defense spending, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, corporate and personal write offs, subsidies and so many more will be under the microscope.

•Here are some other tidbits to ponder:
•Why Rome Failed:

What’s Left?
•1 Loss of civic virtue
•2 Outsourced its military to barbarian mercenaries
•3 Romans themselves became soft
•4 Christianity came along with a better idea of the after-life hereby sapping the will to sacrifice for the Roman Empire.
It is up to the citizenry to strengthen its government through intelligent leaders and engaged citizens.

Purchasing power of the US dollar has dropped. From 1900 to 2010, the value of the dollar has been reduced 100%.


Follow the money supply, taxes and regulations instead of interest rates. This will tell you what the economy is doing. If the money supply is expanding, taxes expanding regulations expanding, expect a languishing of the economy.

•What drives money is politics! Pay attention.
•For the economy to thrive three things are required:
•Stable money
•Business friendly
•Free trade
FOUR MYTHS by Prof. Alan Blinder

Almost a year ago, January 19, 2012, Alan Blinder (Dr. Blinder is a Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve) wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal. Basically, he said the following:

Myth # 1—“The American people now demand deficit reduction as never before.”—Americans have always hated a deficit but”….is nowhere close to being Public Enemy No. 1. People care far more about unemployment, the weak economy and the like.”

Myth # 2—“America’s deficit problem is so acute that government spending must be cut right now, despite the struggling economy. Any fiscal stimulus, even the payroll tax extension, must be paid for immediately” “the US government doesn’t have a short-term borrowing problem at all. On the contrary, investors are clamoring to lend us money at negative real interest rates….they are paying the US government to borrow their money.”

Myth # 3—“For several years now, our political system has focused exclusively on the 10-year cumulative budget deficit.” “What happens over the next decade hardly matters. Our deficit problem – and it is a whopper—is much longer-term than that.” “According to the most recent long-term projections from the Congressional Budget Office, the federal deficit as a share of gross domestic product will shrink from its current bloated level for several years even without further action. The real deficit problem comes in the 2020’s, 2030’s and beyond and it is huge.”

Myth # 4 –“America has a generalized problem of runaway spending, one that requires cuts across the board.” “No, the truth is that we have a huge problem of exploding healthcare costs, part of which shows up in Medicare and Medicaid spending.”


•Medicare will change in one or more ways:
•Higher co-pays
•Requirement that drug makers offer bigger discounts for prescriptions similar to the discounts given to the Medicaid program (health care for low income citizens) It could save 137 billion over 10 years.
•Means testing: Those with incomes over $85,000 (twice that for couples) will be on the hook for higher payments (applies to current beneficiaries.)
•Push back in age of enrollment to 67 from 65—keeping Medicare in line with Social Security.
•No voucher system.

We are about to enter the No. 6 Universal Year (2013) and are leaving behind this chaotic and surprise-filled No. 5 year. I will speak more about the No. 6 universal in upcoming newsletters but the overriding energy of the year is “responsibility and service”. Expect to have more responsibility both personally and non-personally. Family, friends and the general welfare of society will be addressed in this year. More later……


“…..The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet.

Rushing into action, you fail.

Trying to grasp things, you lose them.

Forcing a project to completion,

You ruin what was almost ripe.

Therefore, the Master takes action by letting things take their course. He/She remains as calm at the end as at the beginning……….

Men/women are born soft and supple:

Dead, they are stiff and hard.

Plants are born tender and pliant:

Dead, they are brittle and dry.

Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death.

Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life.

The hard and stiff will be broken.

The soft and supple will prevail.

From The Tao Te Ching

Climate Change: Is the World Ready for the New Normal?–Is it all True Series # 256

As Sandy’s winds finally subside and thousands of people assess their losses, I remember my first experience with climate change. It was 1972 and back then the word climate change didn’t exist. I was taking meteorology and climatology courses at the University of Wisconsin. My mentoring professor was one of the premiere experts on Arctic climate. So he would travel yearly to both poles and collect data for his studies.

In late spring 1972 he came back from an expedition and was quite upset about what he found; it appeared that there was quite a spike in CO2 in the ice cores he had sampled. The cores covered about 150 years prior to 1972. He was quite alarmed but didn’t know what to make of it. We didn’t much talk about it after that initial conversation and I had not thought about it for over 35 years.

There was an increase in interest in global warming and climate change after Al Gore’s movie. Two months ago I read two articles on climate change. The shocking conclusion was its coming and it’s coming very fast. Before I had read the articles I was of the opinion that we had 30 to 50 years until the problem really became apparent. But now the climatologists are saying that we only have 5 to 10 years before heavy impact, such as severe drought, climate temperature extremes, super storms and rising oceans. This will cause famines and possible reduction of 50% of the earth’s population.

Folks, the horses and all the other farm animals are out of the barn and they are not coming back preparation is our only choice. So – it is kind of simple, move to high ground-500 ft above sea level a minimum.

And move to US Pacific Northwest –Oregon and Washington. That will work for awhile and next step if you can, get into Canada, also some of the higher elevations in the Rockies will also work but again for only awhile.

And forget trying to find someone to blame – presently that’s just a waste of time, unless we can find a real way to reverse the problem. It’s coming and it’s coming hard.

MWiz, Life is short, so always enjoy the present.

The Minogue Times – January, 2012


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“We have to decide in a very simple way, what is necessary, and then settle down to the quiet process of achieving it.” Manly P. Hall
The Minogue Times—January, 2012

Happy New Year

Table of Contents:

1) Upcoming Events—Register Early
2) The No. 5 and meaning of a Five year—2012
3) How to work with the month of January
4) Questions and Answers
5) View from the Freeway
6) Trends and Forecasts
7) Ponder This
2012 Trends and Forecasts—What to Expect!

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I will be covering the big and small trends and America’s original plan to play her part in changing the world. How was it created, by whom and why?

Why must America go through her period of correction?

Race to Get to Gail’s Workshop

How was this was preordained in her great blueprint.
The December, 2012 phenomena, what is it?
The perfect order of chaos and uncertainty
The economy
The political scene
The Foreign relationships
The Scientific Breakthroughs—Get ready for huge changes
Religious shifts–the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian
Age. What does this mean? What happens to Christianity, Islam, and
Other religions created during the Piscean Age?
The continued rise in the feminine power
The financial markets
The Trend away from war –America’s blueprint started this trend in 2006 and it continues for 86 years. What will this look like?
The dying system and the system that is being born
How long will this last?
How will America change?
What and where are the jobs? When will housing recover?
What we must learn from the universal laws—particularly the law of correspondence.
There will be more information including the rousing years of 2015-2019

2) The No. 5 and the meaning of a five year—2012

The Five Year in Numerology

2011 was a very limiting year. It seemed that everywhere you looked, there were restrictions and difficulties. Many limits were placed on you in 2011. It was as if you were in a box and could not expand. You could, however, in 2011 grow up in that box. 2012 is very different. It is a five year and five is always considered the number of change and freedom. Now more than ever there will be more change and the cry out for more freedom–freedom from something and freedom of something.

All over the world, people will want to make change and have more freedom in their lives. 2011 supported people in being more practical and invited them to be more disciplined and orderly. Hopefully, you have become that. Now that you understand more and have been better at disciplining yourself, you can make constructive changes in your life.

The No. five offers us the opportunity to look back on our lives and see what we did and to make the necessary changes to them so that we can move forward in a more effective and supportive fashion. Just because you experienced all that restriction and hardship in 2011, does not mean that you will have a repeat in 2012. People already feel better just to get out from under the yoke of the No. four year of 2011. There will be many surprises this year. You can expect them. The world can make a major step forward this year and so can you, if you are willing to take some calculated risks.

Wisdom is the key but we all will be faced with choices that require fast action. Be willing to act outside of your safety zone. Remember the word “wisdom”.

3) How to work with the month of January—the No. 1 month

First of all, as much as you would like to begin anew, fresh and eager, you are still cleaning up from last year and last month. January is, therefore, an exhale month, a recovery month—sort of a time to be in the void. Remember, it is the void where ideas and creations are cooked up.

Many people are recovering from cold’s, flu’s and are exhausted from the holiday season. Not the best month to really begin new things. It is a one month, but it is also a release from the old. We can prepare ourselves with plans and think of our strategies and tactics but you will not see too much action until March—the three month. Nevertheless, do prepare yourself while still cleaning up a bit of the old stuff.

Write your plans out. Go back two more times and rewrite and revise them. Get your ideas on paper and out of your head. Keep your mouth closed and your ears and eyes open. Let the power of your plans grow. Tell no one. Be ready to move on your plans as you recognize the signals and signs to go. Network, simplify and seed your garden. When March comes, you should be on your horse and riding to your destination.

The month of January is named after the Roman God Janus, the god of doors and gates. Since gates and doors can swing both ways, Janus was thought to be able to see back into the past and forward into the future. He was represented in pictures as having a double head that looked both ways. So it is with this beginning month of January. We can best be served by looking at the past year, seeing what we learned, what changes need to be made and look to the future with the opportunity to improve our lives.

4) Question and Answer

What is an example of the futility of worry?
Answer: from Manly P. Hall
From the book “Adventures in Understanding”—“I know a man who has been losing his job for years. He has been quite certain the he is going to be replaced by something, either the boss’s relative or through automation. He is now to going retire in the near future, and he will have completed his entire span… all his worry about it was a complete waste of time. He lost good energy that might have made him a poet, a musician, an artist, or a creative thinker. All he could do was to live in morbid anticipation of the future…….

The person who worries for 20 years is desecrating the life in himself. He is misusing it. Yet to him, his worry is a symbol that he is a serious, responsible, conscientious citizen…..when he finally wakes up after 20 years, he will probably discover that he was worrying about the wrong thing all the time. What he should have been worrying about gave him no concern because he was not aware of, or inclined to accept the real facts.”

5) View from the Freeway

Glad to see 2011 leave and welcome in 2012 and the big number five year. We may still be in a precarious position financially, politically and socially but I do like new beginnings and the promise that this year can bring. I have always understood that this cycle is several years long and brings about much uncomfortable change but then it will end and as the Book of Job tells us “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten”.

One of the best characteristics about this period is the rise in the exposure of our denials and self-deceptions. We have tried so hard to believe that all things were cooking along without our watching the store. We could hand over to someone else our money, our power and our free will choices and think that it will all be okay. Now we just are receiving one shock after another as the system crumbles.

Lobbyists are writing our legislation, 48% of all Americans are either considered to be “low income” or are living in poverty. The net worth of the average member of Congress has gone up 2 ½ times over the last 25 years while the average American net worth has remained stagnant. Need I say more?

Every time I drive down Wilshire Blvd, the main corridor of Los Angeles, I dodge pot holes and uneven pavement. In ancient times you could tell the health of a city by its roads. If the roads of this country are any indication of the health of this country, we are sick. The governing body of Los Angeles is a revolving door of crony city council members who were originally staff members on the previous council member’s staff or they are relatives. The highest paid city council members in the nation ($176,000 each year plus benefits-perks, car etc.) and the roads are awful.

We have just had a series of arson fires set in Hollywood and No. Hollywood—I think 50+ in all. It looks like they have caught the persons responsible but isn’t there a metaphor here? We keep exposing corruption everywhere and, to date, not much has happened to those who corrupted. Does everyone cover the back or another body part to protect the corrupted? In looking at the scheme of things and these Numerology transits and cycles, it all bubbles up to the surface for us to look at and to do something to change it for the better. Question is, when are we willing to get involved to change it?

Do you want these people leading your country?

We Reflect What We Believe

Look at these goofy presidential debates. Does anyone take this group seriously? Where is there a debate? I see a group of odd balls scrambling to get a job that pays much less than the heads of many companies. Why would they do this? Of course, you know why. The name of the game is to get the power and stay in power. The power can bring all kinds of special perks, days off, secure retirement, inside information to trade your stocks, great health care, employment secured, if leaving office, by lobbyist firms and all kinds of perks from selling books, lecture circuit etc. Take a look at how many millionaires are in Congress. A force in motion tends to stay in motion. A force of power tends to stay in power or gain greater speed of power.

From the freeway, on a clear day, I can see a group hanging on for dear life to their power, ducking and dodging the hard questions and pandering to their special interests which keep them in power. Have no fear, 2012 may look the same, but it is not. Occupy Wall Street will return in the spring when the weather is warm and the group will be larger. I am not sure they know what they represent but they are not going away. I think the next issue they will go after is housing.

Things won’t heat up until after the 2012 election. 2013 will be the pivotal year for domestic changes, the No. 6 year. People have not run out of money yet. What I mean by that is there is still unemployment insurance, relatives, food stamps, disability insurance etc. It is later when the election is done and several changes are put in place that the real change begins.

In the meantime—Promise yourself in 2012 that your biggest job will be to get out of self-deception, stay calm and healthy, eliminate the time wasters in your life and be accountable. The metaphor for the lack of honesty in the system is a reflection of our own self-deception.

6) Trends and Forecasts

Tomorrow’s Road?

Made in the USA is returning. Kiplinger reports that US Multinationals are returning home (Dec. 30, 2011). More manufacturers and service businesses will expand their operations and source their needs in the U.S. Caterpillar, AMD and DOW already have.

The wage gap is shrinking between men and women. Women currently earn 77% of what men earn. In 1980 it was 60%.

Iraq could be the world’s fastest growing economy. As they crank up oil production and keep sectarian strife to a minimum, their GDP could be greater than China’s.

Expect improvement in bank lending in 2013 to allow more lending and better terms for borrowers.

One hour of US manpower yields 7 ½ times as much as one hour of cheaper, less skilled Chinese labor. China’s GDP is 16% of US output on a per capita basis.

Serious look at the government employment situation will expose that:

Over 90% of Long Island Railroad workers retired with a disability—even those working desk jobs. The cost to New York taxpayers over 10 years was $300 million.

82% of senior California state troopers are “disabled” in their last year of retirement. (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 11). It is called pension spiking.

Over the past 10 years, Los Angeles fired 5 teachers (out of 33,000) at a cost of $3.5 million. (not the same as furloughed) (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 11)

Over 20 million people work for the government (federal, state and local) or 1 in 7 workers. Their salaries and benefits total roughly 1.5 trillion of taxpayer funds each year or about 10% of the GDP. They spend another $2 trillion. If the government can be run more efficiently by 30%, it would save approximately $1 trillion annually. (Philip K. Howard, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 2011).

7) Ponder This

Chinese Proverbs:

“The silkworm weaves its cocoon and stays inside, therefore, it is imprisoned; the spider weaves its web and stays outside, therefore, it is free.”

“Talk not of your personal success to one who has failed; forget not your failures in your moment of success”

Recommended Reading:

“Adventures in Understanding” by Manly P. Hall


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Most of you realize that I work with individuals and corporations in helping them with their personal blueprints. It is very important work and so I continue to do it as long as I am able to do it. Each of us arrives here with a wonderful guidance system. We create it before arrival and work with it all our lives. It is important to know what you created and what is your timing in this life. Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who starts his new term at 72.

Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session. gail@gailminogue.com.


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October 2011 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,

Our bodies are wonderful machines that can help us to lead happy, healthy lives and assist us on our path of spiritual growth. Unfortunately, many of us do not listen to our bodies nor tap into the wisdom our bodies have to offer.

Listening To Our Bodies

We have each been blessed with a wonderful body that can help us stay healthy and wise. Most people are unfamiliar with the many things are bodies are capable of. We take our bodies for granted and expect them to remain healthy and serve us throughout our lives without giving them another thought until we experience pain or they stop functioning. We never thank our bodies for all that they do for us like give us pleasure, allow us to perform athletically and carry out the many tasks we do daily.

Many people blame their bodies for their lack of success in life. They tell themselves “If only I was better looking, slimmer, stronger, smarter, sexier and so on.” If they have a body part they do not like, they blame that part for their lack of success in life. They forget beauty is in the eye of the beholder not the beholden. When someone likes you, they don’t say “I can’t be your friend because you have a big nose or you gained a few pounds.” They may notice you have a large nose or got heavier but that doesn’t stop them from liking you. So why let your beliefs affect your relationships or prevent you from being a success?

Did you know that men who are tall, good looking and well built are perceived as being more successful than those who are not?? Women who are attractive and shapely are considered more desirable, popular and successful. Of course, this is not really true but many of us believe this because we have been told by the media and other sources that we need to be look good in order to be a success in life.

Our bodies can communicate with us. While it is true they don’t send emails or texts, they do communicate through feelings, intuitions, pain and other bodily sensations. They act like our alarm system letting us know when something is not working properly or to its full potential. Unfortunately, we often do not listen when our body sends out these alarm signals.

When we feel stressed or when our body is not functioning properly, it lets us know by causing us pain or discomfort. Most of us just take a pill or a drink and hope the stress or discomfort will go away. But even when we take a pill to relieve the discomfort that really does not get rid of the problem, it only masks it. The pain and discomfort are there for a reason. Hopefully make us listen to what our body really needs.Our thoughts create our reality. The cells of our bodies are conscious and respond immediately to our thoughts. Every thought has a particular vibration. Every organ and part of our body has a specific vibration. Because of the law of attraction, your thoughts will settle in that part of your body with the closest matching vibration. So when we think put pressure on ourselves, we may experience a headache. When we feel we are not supported, we will have back pain. The body is able to let us know how our negative thoughts are impacting us.

Louise Hay has a book called You Can Heal Your Life where she connects thoughts with the manifestation of certain diseases or conditions in the body. She is not the only one to research on this. Dr Bruce Lipton has done a lot of medical research proving that the cells of our bodies respond instantly and change expand or contract on a cellular level depending on the nature of our thoughts.

You may have noticed that your body tends to tense up when you think negatively, when you continually worry about something or have a lot of fears. Whereas when you think positively and tell yourself everything will be okay, your body relaxes. You can try this out to prove to yourself it is true. Even though everything may not be perfect in your life, it is best to say “I trust everything will be okay” even if you don’t know what okay will look like.

We have been taught in our society that the mind and logic is more important than feelings. Logic is very useful but it is not the only source of knowledge. Our body’s have their own intelligence. Our feelings are connected to our intuition and let us know when we should be paying attention to something providing we are willing to listen.

Our bodies have their own wisdom and know what is best for us. The body is controlled by the subconscious mind where we store all information. The brain is controlled by the ego, which acts like a filter and only allows in information that is logical or consistent with our beliefs.

To access your body’s wisdom all you need to do is quiet the mind so you can listen within. You can do this by taking a few deep breaths wherever you are and ask your body “What does it want right now? Is it hungry, tired, stressed? If it is hungry, what does it want to eat? If it is stressed, what do you need to do differently in your life?” Your body will answer you immediately because as I mentioned above, it responds instantly to your thoughts and knows what it wants and what is best for you. Of course it is up to you to decide to listen or not.

I suggest that you tune into your body on an hourly basis. I feel this is a good way to live in the moment instead of on automatic pilot. So many people go through life doing what they always did without ever questioning if that is still appropriate for them. They do it because they believe it is expected or are too lazy to change or consider other choices.

Isn’t it time to start living consciously and doing what you feel guided to do and what feels right inside rather than what you are told to do or continue to do to maintain the status quo? We all have the answers within us so why not take advantage of our body’s wisdom. It’s free and available at any time. Sounds like a good deal to me. Listening within also helps to eliminate our reliance on others and helps to empower us. I invite you to take a chance and try living from your body’s wisdom and see what happens.

I am always available if you need help to quiet the mind and look within. Please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

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Have Humans Been Created From a Future Us? Is it all True Series #185

There is a reason why the inter-dimensional beings will save us in the end. This reason is complex. First, we provide an unlimited pool of emotional energy, which they love to bathe in. We are unlike 99% of all beings that exist in our galaxy. I believe there are a few thousand planets nearly identical to ours. But in the scheme of things and the pure math, we are truly a minority species type. So that alone makes us a bit special.

There was a time, in the very distant past, millions and millions of years ago, when our type of planets existed. But for the most part we destroyed ourselves. Yes, there probably were some major natural disasters that took some of the planets down, asteroids, comet collisions, star radiation and polar shifts. Nothing much humans could do, and the higher non-human intelligent beings believed in a hands-off policy.

But this hands-off policy changed, and I am not sure yet why. About one million years ago (a nice round number) someone in the universe said the humans must be saved.
For they are our past and we cannot ignore their historic importance. So if you get it, we are them from their past. We live in their old third-dimensional realm, their realm of their past. So about 350 thousand years ago, we were placed first on Mars, but it only took 100 thousand years for humans to destroy that planet, so our creator modified this other planet, which we call Earth and some of the remaining humans were bought from Mars. So modern man has been around here for about 250 thousand years. We were doing all right except something went terribly wrong the last 200 years, (another posting to explain that).

So how will they save us? Well, through a massive re-education program, or as I like to call it –cosmic mind control or mind alternation . We are becoming a different being; so different that in 50 years we will not know ourselves as we were. We will only look back and wonder who were those beings, and where did they go, for they don’t exist anymore, the Neanderthal of our time. The time has come to save ourselves from ourselves with a little help from our future selves.

Sleep Tight – the Earth waits in wonder of the New Human – we will be here– soon.


Gail MINOGUE– her trends for April 2011

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Table of Contents:

The 4th month of the year—April–Mercury Retrograde
Question and Answer
View from the Freeway
Trends of the month
Ponder This
Upcoming Events and Announcements

April—the 4th Month of the Year—a Mercury Retrograde Month
Get out the brooms, clean those closets and do those taxes. The sleeve roll up month is here. The big No. 4 is upon us. Might as well surrender! Not only is this one of the most practical months of the year, we have a Mercury retrograde month where the entire month is in a state of mix ups and dropped messages. There are always many communication problems during this month. The No. 4 represents order, discipline, step- by-step approaches, methodical and practical. Use this month to get your stuff in order. You best not be lazy this month.

In ancient days the No. 4 was considered the depth of the three points that define a flat surface. It takes a fourth to add depth. The square is the symbol of the four. We speak of a square deal, a square meal, being fair and square or even going back to square one. Remember Moses was on Mount Sinai forty days to receive the Ten Commandments. The Israelites spent forty years wandering in the desert. There are 40 days in Lent and at the 40th day of pregnancy, the embryo becomes a fetus.

This time of trial and testing is always in the No. 4. As you are now in it for the next 30 days, here are some helpful hints:

Focus everything on accomplishments
Set a timer to make it easier to complete tasks without distractions
Do not put off anything. Keep your lists and check them each day
Do not start new things in motion this month. Wait until the end of the month.
Since there is a retrograde Mercury, sign contracts later in the month, put off new electronic purchases or repairs until the end of the month.
Double check all communications, flight numbers, transportation etc.
Clean your house and office—NOW
Set up on system that will last past April
Be frugal this month
Postpone looking at property or listing property until the last few days of the month.

Question and Answer
How can we know if we are living under grace after a serious illness?


Many times I am asked esoteric questions regarding how some people make these miraculous recoveries from seemingly impossible odds. Flower Newhouse, in her book “Here Are Your Answers”, states that if medical doctors were of the opinion that a patient was near death and then an unusual and complete healing occurred, the chances are very great that such a one has come under Divine Grace.

Such a person is said to be living on ‘borrowed time’. Grace functions as long as the individual involved lives more highly than he or she ever did before the nearly fatal illness. It is most vital that inner growth is steadfast that such a fortunate person merits continuance in this three-dimensional world.” In other words, continues to evolve and lives in a higher state of awareness and behavior than this person lived prior to the illness.

View from the Freeway
There is much going on right now and the situation changes by the day. Since I last wrote in this column, we have had the new war in Libya and the tsunami in Japan, the dollar keeps dropping in value and the housing market drops in value as well. With all this “good” news going on, maybe we should just pull up the covers and sleep off the next few years. (For a macro picture of the earthquakes and tsunamis and their purpose, please read my recent post.)

I have said that these years from 2008 – 2024 would be upheavals, sudden changes and a large contraction—especially in the United States. We are approaching the “juicy” part where things really begin to heat up. We first had to have the brakes applied and the contraction to take place. This is our current experience. Now we begin the active part—exposure of the problems, outrageous denial and finger pointing, citizen anger acting out, more denial and finger pointing, anger taken to a new level of protest, marches, meetings perhaps even riots. The strongest period should be from 2015 to about 2020.

Bottom Line:

Unemployment is supposedly falling as employers added 230,000 jobs private sector jobs in March. There continues to be 13.5 million Americans, who remain unemployed (not including discouraged workers). At the current rate of job creation, it would take more than 17 years to re-hire these individuals. We must continuously create jobs for the 125,000 to 175,000 new entrants into the labor force each and every month. The recovery will continue to inch along in the right direct but it’s very, very slow.

The Middle East

The Middle East will continue to have its Renaissance during this period. That means more overthrows of oppressive leaders and a change in the way America develops its foreign policy. Remember the Viet Nam war ended in 1975 and we now have them as our trading partner and are creating treaties with them. Viet Nam is a bee hive of capitalism with a central communist government. As things progress, we will see similar arrangements with Middle Eastern countries. Remember, it is always about having a seat at the table and participating in the activities of commerce, education and jobs.

Bottom Line

This is very promising news. Do not lose heart with some of the frightening news coverage. Remember the history of our own Civil War. We lost almost 650,000 Americans in our own war. We need to see this in perspective.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market continues to contract. We had excessive housing leading up to the bursting of the housing bubble. Of course, real estate is always local. One part of Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, would have a very different forecast than would South Los Angeles or Compton. Generally speaking though, CoreLogic and Case Schiller report that prices continue to fall. They are reporting that there is a shadow inventory of 1.8 million units (about a 9 month supply). However, CoreLogic notes that there are nearly 2 million homes that are at least 50% underwater) (the home is worth less than the mortgage outstanding), which in the future are probably going to become shadow inventory and then regular inventory. On top of this there are about 3.5 million existing homes for sale and 180,000 new homes for sale.

Bottom Line

Do not expect the housing market to recover any time soon. My belief is that the banks will be forced to adjust the principal on these loans. Think 2014 for much of the shake out to be completed. Some areas will take 20 years to recover, others ten years. Rentals will rise. Landlords will raise rents. Families will continue to double up.

4) Trend of the Month

Is anybody connecting the dots with the tsunami? Just as Ronald Reagan’s presidency launched changes in the financial structure and a rise in corporate offshore manufacturing, the tsunami marks the return of some of these companies. Gradually as the Chinese prices have risen due to various internal demands, goods coming from China have increased in price. On top of that oil is shooting to the moon and causing higher transportation costs to transporting these goods. Companies had already started considering doing some of their manufacturing back in the United States as wages have stagnated here, quality control and supply control remain high. Technology requires fewer workers to manufacture the product. The United States is looking more attractive. The tsunami has increased the risk of doing business far from home base. Shortage of parts is only part of the equation. Look to see more companies returning.

The dollar is shrinking. It makes our exports cheaper but it is tough on a trip to Europe. Look for China to want its currency to be traded just as the dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen are traded now. The power houses of the world have their currency traded and regularly used to direct world trade. In order for China to complete its position in the world I imagine its currency to be traded as the dollar and Yen within 18 months to two years.

For more information on the trends and cycles, attend my workshop on May 7th in Tucson, Arizona. See my Events page for more information and the flyer.

Ponder This:

What to do if you are flat broke, out of work and really discouraged?

Go for a walk and get out of the house. Just walk.
Stop talking about the problem. Guard your mouth like you would your most beloved possession.
Think on paper. Write down your ideas, your talents.
Lean into the unseen world. Begin to communicate with the invisible world.
No begging, pleading or bargaining.
Expect something good to happen for you.
You do not need to know “how” everything is going to happen. You just need to know what you want and get very clear on this.
Do not limit the universe. Stop telling it you will only live in this house, or it has to be this job and it has to be this amount of money.
Don’t tell anyone of your communications with the invisible world. Allow it to work while you do your part.
Receive in small ways and you will soon receive in big ways. Take a job and do a really good job of it without complaining even if it is not the “right” amount, in the right area with the right company etc.
The Universe will move you up and out once it knows you are truly working with it.

Events and Announcements:
First off, if anyone would like me to speak to your group or association regarding our life and times, trends and forecasts, please contact me at gail@gailminogue.com. It would be my pleasure to speak to your organization.

May 6th
Friday evening, 7 pm
Trends and Forecast Talk
IONS- Tucson Chapter
Suggested Donation $5.00

May 7th
Saturday, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
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Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation
Contact: gail@gailminogue.com
Registration: $39
Online registration available (see flyer)

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Remember, stay out of denial, think like a warrior, cut through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter. Don’t rosy color glasses anything! Nice clear glasses, objective and truthful. The house is really behind in the payments. What is the wisest thing to do? Stay always at the truth.

Until next month,

I look forward to hearing from you,