The Alien God Species – The Watchers are HERE! by US author Robert Torres


There is a species of extraterrestrials that are often referred to as being mythological but in fact are very real. I call them “The Watchers” or “The God Species.” I know this because I believe I encountered one and it altered my entire reality. At first and for the longest time, I believed my encounter was a UFO. It wasn’t until years later that I deduced it was an entity and that it was here for me. “Why me?” It’s as if someone lifted a curtain, wanting to reveal to me a certain amount
of esoteric knowledge. I’ve read that this is rare but that throughout history this is the way it has always been done.

In most esoteric belief systems it usually takes years of disciplined meditation, study, ritual or by other means advancing through a graduated system to attain this secret knowledge. For the chosen few, the circumstances are frequently described similarly: a light coming down from the sky, an entity materializes often with a vision or a message. In my case there was no immediate message but increasing peculiarities began to occur around me.
watchers 2

In religion, esotericism and ufology the stories are similar. Beings of light or energy make contact. I’m comfortable accepting that this has happened to me. I also feel confident as to the reasons why. Why did I have these encounters, why directly, why more than one? I believe my mission is that of a channel, interpreter and writer. Some contactees have reported receiving information often about the future telepathically or through dreams. This is also the case with me as I often receive information that I couldn’t possibly have known. Deciphering often chaotic information by making seemingly random connections or by using intuitive extra sensory means is the trick. Deciding what should be revealed and how is another.

It was several years later after my second encounter that I put it together after repeated psychic and other apparently supernatural incidents. The mounting number of inexplicable anomalies is what made me suspicious. It’s what drove me to my lengthy and in depth research ultimately into alien species. What I found was nothing less than astonishing and reinforced my suspicions about my encounter being an entity and the source of most of all the weirdness.

First of all, the entity I saw in retrospect impressed me as God-like. It was an enormous multi-colored luminous cloud like object about a mile in width. It was a globular, slightly oval luminous plasma with about a dozen distinct but separate colors. Each color was also globular, changing shape and size while adjacent colors would either contract or expand in response. The colors were bright, saturated and fluorescent in appearance like neon. The overall size never varied, it was completely silent, almost directly above me and I seemed perfectly centered from left to right, beneath it.

Above: This is an actual public domain UFO photo I found online and altered with Photoshop to resemble what I saw. It’s almost exact but filled the sky a mile wide above me.

After about 30 seconds, the thing just shot straight back and disappeared into a clear sky full of stars. Then after about ten seconds, it just as suddenly came back to the same exact position and size with all the colors in their exact same places. The speed was beyond belief, taking about a second to travel the distance. WOW! From a mile across to hundreds or even thousands of miles away in one second. It took no more than a second to return too. I remember thinking: “This is weird and I don’t think it’s from here” but here it was.

This time it hovered for ten seconds both beautiful and silent. Then once again it shot away for another couple seconds before returning for the third time. Finally it went back and forth three more times within a five second span as if showing off its speed and then it was gone. I stood there frozen another thirty seconds before suddenly being jolted by the realization of what I had just witnessed. I just started running faster than I’d ever run before. When I got home heart pounding, out of breath, I frantically told my older brother Frank, “I just saw a UFO!”

So, how many alien species are interacting with our planet? Many scientists throw out different numbers, but there are many different types visiting. We humans are a humanoid class zero civilization on the Kardashev scale. Named after Nikolai Kardashev in 1964 with type one, two and three so we don’t yet rate. Then there are greys, nords, hybrids and sub-classes A, B, C and so on.

When someone sees an extraterrestrial, they usually know what they saw could be nothing else. It’s easy for someone to say “I saw a grey humanoid or insect like being.” Many intelligent well educated people have reported seeing UFOs and others have encountered ETs. My first encounter was a humanoid and appeared as a child with dark blond hair. Yet my second one was a very large plasma and if it hadn’t been for my subsequent altered realities I may have never looked deeper.

However, I did and what I found is that the “God species” is integrated throughout all the major human belief systems. Mythology, philosophy, science, religion, esotericism and ufology all make mention of them. They have been here since before man and are often associated with creation theories. The Demiurge, Energy beings, Thought beings, Aeons, Angels, Deities, Archons and one of my favorites, the Watchers. Within the context of my definitions, they are not to be confused with the Nephilim. The Nephilim are usually defined as half human and even demonic. I don’t buy into that whole theory of UFOs being demonic illusions and trickery.

Within the hierarchy of extraterrestrials, the God species are at the top. However the Watchers are not recognized as ETs by most, but rather as angels. On March 5th 2009 speaking on the subject of ETs Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory said: “The bible has many references to or descriptions of non-human intelligent beings, after all, that’s what angels are.”

The similarities are what connect them, and ufologists or ancient alien theorists recognize these associations. Key amongst the similarities are appearance and abilities. They are usually described as non-material entities existing outside of our material space time dimension. However they are able to materialize in our dimension as energy, light or other apparitions. They can also be completely invisible. They are highly evolved and don’t need a craft to travel.

I call them the God species because of these things and their supernatural powers. Alien theorists believe that the angels from the bible and the Watchers from the book of Enoch were actually aliens. Philosophy, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Esotericism, Ufology all describe these exact same entities using different names. For instance among different Gnostic sects or across belief systems they are allegorically similar. Archons and Archangels often play the same roles with the same powers. Pneumatic creators which some believe created the material world and man.

It is believed that throughout history these entities have been and still are steering world events. They don’t act upon the lives of every human who encounters one just as every plasma sighting isn’t a Watcher. I believe mine was because of the numerous anomalous events that have since transpired. In my latest book there are many examples of what I was experiencing. It was as if my thoughts and written words were being monitored. My writing seemed to be being manipulated and emulated in the material world.

For instance while I was writing about my encounter a storm hit. On that exact beach over thirty houses were destroyed with some being washed away but no other houses on any other beach in town. Those houses were there over a hundred years and no storm had ever occurred like that before in the history of CT. It seems strange that it happens during my lifetime while I’m writing about that exact beach?

As I’m writing chapter after chapter similar macro synchronicities were occurring and I wrote about them as they happened. The types that were happening have to begin within what Physicist David Bohm called pre-space or the pre-existence process of material reality coming into being. Only a creator type entity can generate the pre-existence leading up to created scenarios of the multiple synchronicities I’ve been experiencing. I can imagine that only an entity having god-like powers would have these capabilities.

The entities know what’s going to happen before it happens because some human’s timelines are being controlled. From what I understand many people have reported lingering or permanent altered realities after ET encounters. Increases in paranormal activity, increases in synchronicity, psi events and so on.

I will continue to research, learn and write about this species in much more detail and will share this knowledge as I do.

This article was written using excerpts from the non-fiction book “Sin Thesis” and concepts from the future “The Alien God Species” by the author Robert Torres.


What’s up with UFO Recovery Operations? —Is it all True Series # 347

crash recoverycredit- carlosnumbertwo

During my 50 years of research I would occasionally come across information about crashed UFOs and the beings that piloted the craft. And recently I talked to a very reliable source on the subject matter.

So here is what I know, first there are approximately 10 military elite teams around the world that exclusively devote their time to being ready for the next crash. Each team is made up of 100 to 150 of the smartest military and civilian scientists and medical personnel in the world. There are primarily 6 countries involved in these recovery missions although some of the team’s members come from several others countries. The primary countries involved are USA, Britain, Russia, France, Australia and Germany.

These teams are stationed around the world and are able to get to a crash site within a maximum of 8 hours. The teams tend to be located near larger urban areas in case a crash would be near a population center, since there would be little time to cover-up a crash. Also a few hours after the military team is on site, a civilian clean-up team arrives to cover the public relations aspect of the crash, the real cover- up.

There have been over 60 crashes since the 1930’s. North America has the most known, with about 11, but Russian has had its share. New Mexico has had 6 with most of them crashing the first two weeks of July 1947, Roswell/ Corona etc. They were probably bought down by new military radar of the time. Other crashes around the world can be contributed to lightning, craft malfunction, and maybe one or two shot down by human military.

It seems that most of the time the occupants of the craft are killed, maybe a ½ dozen alien beings or so have survived. Most live only a short time. One, I was told, lived for a one year and ½ only to be killed by the US military.

Well that is pretty much all I know about Alien crashes.

Sleep tight, if you see an alien ship crash, do not get too close, take a few pictures and get out, the Recovery team is on their way and they won’t be happy.


The Youth and the UFO/Paranormal Movement-–Is it all True Series # 333

white sandsI have been studying UFOs and other paranormal subjects for about 50 years now. I have run a few large UFO groups around the country, and I have noticed over the years that the participation of people under the age of 25 has been minimal. I would think that this age group would have some interest in the UFO subject, but maybe not; or maybe interest comes to people as they mature and realize reality is not what it seems.
Well to my surprise I ran into a young man while I was working in Dallas the last few weeks that had a major interest in UFOs and everything paranormal. The young man and I were talking about a work-related matter when he out of the blue mentioned Sacred Geometry, something you don’t hear from young or old these days. So I pursued the subject and to my surprise he had a good understanding of Sacred Geometry, and furthermore, he was into UFOs and the paranormal.

While he was in the service he was stationed at White Sands in New Mexico and he and a group of fellow soldiers saw an amazing display of UFO sightings. They were doing night patrol and a large formation of UFOs danced through the sky for several minutes, an event he has never forgotten that helped motivate him to explore our Universe from a totally different vantage point.

My new friend had an amazingly open mind and was beside himself knowing he was hanging with a mature (although somewhat crazy) adult, who shared his interest in the unknown. Unfortunately we were in a work setting which limited our conversation, but I was happy to share a story or two and hopefully it will further motivate this young man to continue to expand his wisdom of our true reality.

Sleep tight; if you are under 25 come join the reality of the New Humanity.


Alien/Bigfoot abduction ?

alien-BFA friend’s son and a couple friends of his went camping within that 25-miles range of the CO/NM border I’d spoken of. I told him beforehand that the area is full of Bigfoot, but not to be afraid. So, while camping, one of the guys was led off by himself, even though they’d all agreed previously to not venture out alone. He didn’t listen. When they couldn’t find him, they found they were also out of cell range, so hiked up a nearby peak. They then called 911 and to make a long story short, the State Police found a young man wandering and confused some 25 miles away. The guy I talked to before he left also said there was a strange fog present the morning he disappeared.

My thoughts, knowing the area’s terrain, is that there is absolutely no way a human can hike those mountains and get 25 miles away overnight. It’s not called the rocky mountains for nothing. A buddy and I spent 3-4 hours combing a small area looking for my RC quadcopter that had been lost. Found it crashed a 1/4 mile away after more than 3 hours searching. The terrain up there is insane.

I think he may have been abducted by ET/Bigfoot. It’s not the first time this has happened and locals have seen both out there. One Native American woman I mentioned in my book said there is a Star Base not far from her home… and lots of Sasquatch in the area.

UFOs and the International Retrieval Teams – Is it all True Series # 302

ufoOver the past 80 years, there has been an international government team in charge of collecting the debris of UFOs and their contents, including but not limited to IDEs (inter-dimensional entities). I believe these IDEs make up over 90% of non-human beings that presently live among us. There have been over 50 crashes of alien ships over this 80-year period. A few of the countries where crashes have occurred include the US, Canada, Russia, England, Brazil, China and Peru, to name a few. About 10% of all countries have had a crash or two. I believe the US has had the most, mostly because we enjoy shooting them down.

But let’s focus on a downed UFO craft in the Peruvian jungle in 1997. This story came from a Lance Corporal in the Marines. He was in Peru in 1997 working in support of a Special Forces Group, working a drug detail (that is what he was told). But one day working at a parameter radar station he and his fellow soldiers heard a large boom and saw a huge object crash into a small mountain. What they saw was a craft partially buried into a ridge. The craft was dripping greenish liquid, making a humming noise and flashing colorful lights. The craft had a hatch type opening at the top of the craft and a presence could be felt. The beings inside the craft seemed to be calling to the Marines to help them. The craft was about 30 by 60ft. egg-shaped or tear-drop. He described the craft as organic art and it made no reflection, even though it looked very much metallic.

It was later found out that the Peruvian military, with help from the US, shot the UFO down. The beings in the craft projected their images in the minds of the Marines. The beings also seemed to touch them, which the Marine said it was the touch of angels. The UFOs and the beings inside were hauled away never again to be seen by the Lance Corporal.
The last comment Lance Corporal made was that rogue government agencies controlled the UFO retrieval programs of the world.

Sleep Tight – the biggest threat to us is ourselves… not any non-human race, at least for now.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 120

AlbertLocation. Pennsylvania, exact location not given
Date: September 2 2010 Time: 04:30 a.m.
A witness at an unspecified location in Pennsylvania reported seeing a “flash of green light” in
the bedroom followed by an hour and a half of missing time after observing a cylinder shaped
object in the sky during the early morning hours. T
he witness thought the object in the sky might
be a star, but noted that “it looked like a cigar or cylinder shape.” The time was 4:30 a.m. and the
witness went inside and lay down in bed. Very shortly after the witness reports both a flash of
green light and a voice speaking in a language not
understood. “Shadowy” figures were seen in
the bedroom.
“I couldn’t move, I felt my dog up against me, but
she never moved or barked,” the witness
stated. “I tried very hard to move my arms and feet, but it was like having sleep paralysis, but I
knew I was wide awake. I definitely felt, and caught glimpses of the presence of small shadowy
figures in the bedroom.” The witness then reports that they did not feel as though they were in
their bedroom any longer. The next recall is that they were back in their bedroom and the time
was 6:04 a.m.
HC addendum

Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 118

AlbertLocation. Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Date: August 30 2010 Time: 2255
A witness had initially woken up at 3:00 a.m. because his dog was acting strangely. The animal
was growling and smelling around the bedroom.
So the witness thought that it needed to “use
the bathroom”. He went outside and smoked a cigarette while his dog went into the yard.
He was looking up at the sky trying to find the moon and he saw a large blue light. At first
he thought it was an airplane, but then it started
moving closer toward his yard and he saw
two other blue lights with all three forming the shape of a triangle all moving together
toward his yard. He kept looking to see what it was
then got scared and decided maybe he
should go back inside so he called his dog and went
Later on that night around 2255 the witness went to
let his dog out again. He was acting
strange again. He smoked a cigarette looking at the
sky and once again there was the big
blue light, but a little bit farther to the side of
where it was the first time. This time he only
saw two blue lights and he was looking at them trying to see what they were. The next thing
he knew he was looking down at the ground had no cigarette in his hand anymore and he
got up to looked for his dog which acted as if he h
ad “seen a ghost”. He started growling
and smelling toward where the light was, but the light was already gone. He went inside
and it was now midnight. He doesn’t know what happened between the hour he was
outside and does not remember. A couple of months before his brother told him about a 59
weird shaped light outside his window, but nobody believed him. (10). (Missing time
perhaps an abduction event?)

Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 115

AlbertLocation. Sanger, California
Date: August 21 2010 Time: night
A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on
a mountainside in Sanger,
California (just outside Fresno) on the night of August 21 2010. A family who
observed the “hard landing” reported the incident to California Mutual UFO
Network (MUFON) state section director Jeffrey Gonzalez. According to
Gonzalez, while taking the phone report, he heard a
woman in the background
say, “It’s trying to take off, It’s trying to lift!
” The witnesses claim that the
downed craft ascended 30 to 40 feet trying to take
off again, but was
The crash site is private and inaccessible from public roads, which prevented
MUFON investigators from reaching the area, but unmarked vehicles allegedlymanaged to swarm the scene shortly after the incident. From a public vantage
point, Gonzalez reported seeing something resembling an arc welding light
coming from the crash site during the evening, which led him to believe that the
individuals who arrived in the unmarked vehicles were either attempting to
repair the craft or dismantle it. The following morning, Gonzalez was able to see
scorch marks on the ground, and surprisingly, the c
raft was still there. He
supposedly has video footage of the crash site and
the “stingray-shaped” craft, as
he described it, and will make the video available
after it has been processed.
According to Gonzalez the videos are being transferred to his computer, but
are taking longer than usual because the camera he
used doesn’t have a digital
output. The witnesses have called Gonzalez in the past, and they apparently see
frequent UFO activity in their area. (A video posted on YouTube shows a
triangle shaped craft flying over Sanger, the day a
fter the craft). Additional
information on the above intriguing case indicates
that the main witness,
“Justin” and
his wife and mother had gone outside to see on the
side of the mountain what
appeared to be a triangle shaped object sitting on
the side of the mountain. He
said it had white lights on each corner and a bright light underneath in the
center with some blue and red lights on the sides.
He said the shape was
definitely a triangle. After observing it for a couple of minutes, he said the craft
lifted up about 30 to 40 feet as it was trying to take off but could not and the craft
again fell to the ground. It attempted to lift off
again with no luck and again the
craft slammed back down. It did not try to take off
anymore. He even said it
looked like the craft was damaged on one side. After a few minutes went by, the 3
witnesses started to see vehicles—cars and trucks
—arrive at the scene.
These vehicles came from over the mountain and from
below. He said they just
came out of nowhere. He did not know if they were military or not. By this time
it was dark and they see the vehicle’s headlights on the hill and what he says are
helicopters flying overhead…but he wasn’t sure. By
the time Gonzalez arrived he
could only see 3 lights on the hill. At around 2300
he began to videotape other
vehicles coming to the site, and on a couple of occasions captured very bright
blue flashes of light coming from the area. Gonzalez stayed in the area all night
and claims that in the morning around 5:45 he was able to see what appeared to
be a bunch of pine-trees and what seemed to be a ho
use, and then he noticed
what looked to him to be a gray or metallic object
lying right in front of that
house. He said he tried to zoom up but it was still
too far away. It was hard to tell
the shape of the craft but it eventually it starting taking the shape of a triangle or
sting ray in Gonzalez’s eyes. (Additional information is still pending on this
alleged incident)