Dimensional Walking Episode 6- Alien Govt. Conspiracy

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911, a Massive Mind Control Operation-Is it all True Series #374

911 of 1

Nearly 14 years ago I was sitting with the FBI in Salt Lake City doing a criminal investigation of a possible bomb under expressway during the 2002 Olympic Games. I am a bit of a psychic of sorts and I happened to mention to them (now my FBI buddies) that I felt that something was about to happen, something to do with airplanes. Of course they just looked at me with a blank stare and I decided to shut-up, because they were probably the wrong group to play psychic with.

The next day, I had off to spend time with my kids, who were visiting my home in Park City Utah. The date was September 11th, and from that day on, the world would never be the same. I woke up to one of my daughters screaming about a plane crashing into Twin Towers in New York. As soon as I got to the TV, I knew my premonition was correct and I would probably be questioned by the FBI and of course I was. Luckily, I was a known person to the gentlemen and I have an honest face.

The reason I titled this article, “Massive Mind Control,” is because it was the media who started the ball rolling, announcing it was Bin Laden and gang as the second plane crashed into the tower. No way could anyone at that early of a time, truly have known who did it, if they hadn’t known the coming event. The next three weeks the government/ media flashed continuous pictures of the bad guys and the planes hitting the building with pictures of people jumping to their death out of the towers. A total mind f**k.

The % of the American population that truly believes that this was an inside job with the Bin Laden as a distraction, is still running about 15%, but it is growing very slowly toward a tipping point which will shake the world to its core.

My plea to the skeptics, is to please go to the websites of the professionals who can provide you with a substantial amount of solid evidence of the real sobering truth on what really happened on 911. These websites can also demonstrate, why we cannot allow this crime against all the world to go unpunished or it will be repeated over and again each time getting bigger and bigger.

Here are the websites that will change your mind. These websites represent thousands of professionals that have some firsthand knowledge of the real truth that must be told. These professionals hold pieces of the 911 puzzle. Here are some of the websites but not all:

• firefightersfor911 the truth.org;
• (medical professionals) mps911truth.org;
• 911scholars.org;
• (military officials) mo911truth.org;
• pilotsforthetruth.org;
• (Politicians) pl911truth.com;
• lawyersfor911truth.blogspot.com;
• mujca.com;
• New Zealand) nz911truth.org;
• Scientistsfor911truth.org;
• actorsandartistsfor911truth.org;
• 911truth.org;
• police for 911truth.org;

The big one with over two thousand engineers and architects who build similar, Twin tower type buildings – say Absolutely NO to the official government version- ae911truth.org.

Sleep tight – this truth will not be suppressed for much longer – the Truth-seekers will have their say and all mankind will win.

Birthplace of Atomic Bomb, New Mexico Remains Center of Massive U.S. Nuclear Arsenal — From Democracynow.com

In this special broadcast from just outside Los Alamos National Laboratory, we look at the radioactive legacy of New Mexico. The atomic bombs used in World War II were designed and developed here, and the state still plays a key role in maintaining the nation’s massive nuclear arsenal. We’re joined by two guests: Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, and Chuck Montaño, a former investigator and auditor at Los Alamos who turned whistleblower after calling attention to wasteful spending and fraud at the nation’s foremost nuclear weapons lab.

June Meeting Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal Forum – The Season Finale was a Blockbuster-Is it all True Series #141

The last four meetings or so have been incredible—the members are on a roll to seek the truth. This last one for the season was full of surprises.

It turned out to be an hour talk and four mini-talks. As usual we never know quite what direction in the universe we will go and this meeting was no exception. First there was a gentleman who spoke mind control and alien abductions. He related a personal story about a close friend who had several encounters with mind control, grays, and our military. He recommended a couple of books on the subject: “The Control of Candy Jones” by Bain and “Operation Mind Control” by Walter Bowart, must reads if you can find copies.

Next a man spoke on his personal experiences dealing with the underground tunnels that are spread around New Mexico. He talked with some caution about a “controlling force” which is responsible for chaos on the earth. He also spoke of many UFO sightings he experienced here and in California, and I believe he was just warming up.

Next there was a local Albuquerque woman, who lived her early life in northern Georgia in a small town in which UFO sightings were very, very common. Also this town had only about 500 people but had 5 sets of male twins, all born in the early 50’s. And guess what, the military and other government agencies were very interested in these twins and visited the sleepy town for many years.

Next a person spoke of an amazing experience she had working at the famous National Lab west of Santa Fe. First she stated they (the Lab) have one of the largest collections of UFO publications maybe in the world. If that is not incredible enough, next she stated that once a man came to the Lab, talking about his alien direct contact experiences. Normally the officials at the Lab would smile and give the person a lunch coupon and say goodbye, but not this time. This man was kept for a week and asked questions from other scientists who were brought in from around the world. This man had also written a book about these experiences and everyone was very interested in this publication, and the government censored parts of the book under a highly classified cover – this part of the book was supposedly written by a real alien being. Then there was the phrase in the book “Gravitational Propulsion Device” and the file folder our speaker found called “Gravitational Propulsion Device Roswell 1947.” Can you say smoking gun, double barrel?

The special speaker of the day talked with great expertise about free energies, the why’s and how’s. R.C. with great passion spoke of what we presently had in free energy devices and what we could have if the Government and Big Business would allow true freedom to reign in the world. Free energy would save our world from many evil fear-based agendas.

We all wait for the next meeting of the Forum in Albuquerque this September—to show the way to the truth.

Sleep Tight – only a world filled with fear can try, but only try, to block the truth.


Ken Johnston- ( NASA) and his Smoking Guns – Is it all True Series #124

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to a Ken Johnston lecture and a question and answer session, it all took place at Gary’s group (the dowsers) in Los Lunas, NM. It turned out to be informative and entertaining. Ken was a member of the NASA- Moon Mission group. His tour was in the late 60s and 70s mostly at the Houston Johnson Space Center.

Ken spent quite a bit of time explaining and showing his credentials, which personally is always a good move for the speaker, to get his audience on his side. Although that credential pumping can be a little over done, it can get people wondering and Ken was getting close to that edge.

Ken had primarily three key areas of responsibility with NASA:

1. He learned to drive the Lunar Rover and taught the astronauts the same. He claims he drove the Rover for over 3000 hours making him the Grand Prix Champion of moon racing.

2. He worked on the Space Suits for the lunar walks. He helped develop and modify them to fit each individual astronaut.

3. Last, but not least, he archived photos from both the Moon and Mars. This responsibility led to the most smoking gun material.

But a little more on Ken, he is a friend and colleague of UFO rock star Richard Hoagland. Ken was an active contributor to Richards latest book Dark Mission or as I say the Real Mission. Ken also claimed he was in the running to be an astronaut, but as they say timing is everything. Ken, being a test pilot (Jock), thought with his other experience that he was a shoe-in for the next astronaut position opening. But as politics and life goes, the politicians wanted scientists types not pilots to man their ships. So Johnston jumped in head first at Mission Control and learned and did everything he could.

Now back to his responsibilities that as stated before included archiving photos and here is where some of the fun information came from:

1. Our Moon might be hollow- a photo of a huge hole over 300 yards across, like a hole in a shell.

2. Ancient huge grid patterns possible made by huge equipment moving across the face of the moon.

3. Piling structures hundreds of feet high.

4. Pyramids and other square structures, on various places on the Moon, some of the pyramids were 5 miles on a side.

5. Large robot head like R2D2 type- very clear on the photo.

6. They also had a few Russian lunar photos, showing a cluster of glass type domes on the Moon.

On the Mars:

1. He had a photo of an exposed tunnel system.

2. Water, large/crater pools of water, not the small quantities NASA told us about.

3. The last photo was probably the most shocking there was a picture of scattered vegetation (like pine trees) near the Martian poles.

Ken also claimed he was in the control center in Houston when the Eagle had landed and I believe Armstrong said they were being watched by something over the rim of the crater they had landed in. Ken also claims by him sharing a few of those photos with Richard Hoagland he lost his job at NASA.

Ken finished the question and answer session with the statement, even though many of the Moon Mission astronauts saw UFOs and aliens their memories were debriefed and even erased. I guess a few of the astronauts are having flashbacks of the truth or the guilt of the truth is haunting them.

I truly hope that Ken Johnston is the real thing, for his smoking guns could blow the hinges off the world of aliens and UFOs.

Sleep tight there are a few truth seekers and a few truth tellers and there is only peace in the truth.


Ken Johnston