Along the Road to Dugway Proving Grounds … Continued Is it all True Series #410

Michael and I went back to Skull Valley after the snow stopped towards the beginning of February. In my mind, I was eager for the same type of photos and yet at the same time, hoping that our one special day was unique and not repeatable.

My wish came true since the photos didn’t pan out or show any type of images remotely similar to the previous trip. It was kind of a bust in a way but then we did get a few anomalies in some photographs. rscn4515


Like dutiful researchers we went back but to be honest, nothing seemed to be pulling us to go back there. It was almost like intuitively, we knew the plasma photon vehicles wouldn’t be there. We followed the same steps from our prior trip so I am convinced high strangeness wasn’t in the mix that day. The paranormal equation in some instances has to play a factor to at least effect the outcome of certain experiences or circumstances. It was nowhere to be seen the day we went.

There is one thing that I am interested in though, in the area of the mountains where the summit is along old Lincoln Highway, I always get a sense of an intelligence similar to Sasquatch but much, much different. We are interested in checking out this particular area which is where we got the photograph of the reddish looking plasma photon vehicle. We both feel it’s worth a look to see if we can make some sort of contact in the near future.


Today it snowed, so I think we will be waiting until April to check this area out. When we do and if there is anything to report, we will let you all know.


Warrior Class of Aliens – Is it all True Series #387

Russian Alien FighterPlease note that if you wish to use this drawing, please ask me first. All my drawings are copyrighted.

Sometimes I get information which can become very scary especially for the very fact that I don’t go looking for it. This is one of those incidences where I was shown information by being placed in a specific location. In this instance I was in a Russian underground base in a location where there was a huge room cut out of rock with innumerable uniformed military soldiers who where in-front of screens that looked like holographic images. There seemed to be 3 screens in-front of each soldier. I had assumed they were either engineers or had special training in the specific programs they were working in.

Before I get ahead of myself too far, let me set the location first. I went to bed one evening and fell asleep quickly. All of a sudden, I found myself in a woman’s bathroom that was large with deep basins for washing up with long curved water faucets that reminded me more of a laundry room service. All the women spoke Russian. I had washed my face and felt the cool water on me which felt odd since I could feel the duality of both places, especially with my bed-sheets around me from my own bed. The women were military and it seemed like everyone was hastily getting dressed and cleaned up for the day.

I walked out of the washroom and sat down onto a top bunk bed that seemed to be familiar to me so I could only assume it was mine. I could look out and see the extremely large room beyond my bed that had the row upon rows of holographic screens on top of desks. I was talking to a soldier closest to me and I can only presume I spoke Russian with him. I asked him pointed questions about what he was doing. He was very evasive at first, more flirting with me than anything. I was trying to keep the conversation going when all of a sudden an uncomfortable feeling washed over me and I started to get very afraid. The soldier looked very uncomfortable and he told me gruffly, that I didn’t want to know what was going on. At that moment I threw the covers over my head and tried to hide … from what I felt was coming my way.

A huge Alien walked past me and in my minds eye, I saw he was massive in size with the stature of a giant. He was minimum 7’5″ to ten feet high. His skull had two protruding bone like rims in the forehead area. His skin was like a dinosaurs with protuberance like bumps coming up from his skin. His neck was extremely think and his shoulders and chest area were bulky and massive. Even though I was hiding under the blanket, he was able to show himself to me with a type of telepathic ability that was invasive and intimidating. He wanted me to see him and it seemed to give him pleasure knowing that he made me intimidated and uncomfortable.

The soldier didn’t look at the Alien as he walked by but I could tell he was ready to pass out! I pulled the covers off my head and watched the Alien walk into the massive room where the soldiers where sitting at their desks but I have to say, what struck me odd was that not any of the soldiers freaked out with his presence or indicated that he wasn’t suppose to be there. I knew immediately that this was what the soldier I was talking to meant when he said, I didn’t want to know what was going on.

I woke up feeling exhausted and quite literally felt like I had jet lag as if I had flown in the evening before. It took two days to fully recover from this experience but fortunately days later more information came to me.

The Alien group working with the Russians, have come a long ways in pursuit of our planet. They require some sort of mineral and they have found that we have a lot of it here on planet Earth. There have been a few ghost towns here in the US that have been bought recently for the very purpose of mining the mineral this group of Aliens need. From what I learned, this Alien race is trading their technology with the Russians. This includes their type of spacecraft which are fast, evasive and made for attack advances. They are a warrior class of Aliens who don’t really fear much and they decided that the Russians best fit their ideologies and ethics.

If more comes to me, I will let you all know.

By Rainbow

The Gift of Meeting Clark McClelland-Is it all True Series # 348

clark mcclelland

Rainbow’s thoughts…

To read and hear about the word “whistleblower,” brings to mind the unimaginable and daunting task it must be to be in the constant line of fire. To be called, dishonest, a disinformation agent, crazy or a conspiracy nut, are only a few of the names carried on the shoulders of such brave men and women. The stigma never goes away and the weight of its meaning can debilitate the heart and soul of any individual who should voluntarily, carry its burden. One such whistleblower, Clark McClelland has walked the walk of a truthseeker, enduring hardships and ill health and yet, fearlessly carrying on with his message, a message that has not changed through the course of time.

Looking into Clark’s eyes, it was easy to see his convictions glimmering through his eyes, they never faltered not even with his bouts with intense physical pain that he endured throughout our visit. Images, stories and friendships all merged together becoming clear and comprehensible, as Clark explained each account of his life and those close to him. I sat across from Clark wishing things were different for him and thinking that if a man like him can be taken down to poverty, are there no limits to what “these” people can do.

It’s different when you see, intelligence and passion slowly ebbing away from a weakened body. It’s different when you see a whistleblower face to face and you know there isn’t much you can do to help them. I realized I could only give Clark my support and admiration but in the scheme of things, this feels like so little. Maybe friendship becomes more important to a whistleblower because the road they walk can become very lonely.

Interestingly enough, Clark gave me a gift without me even realizing it at first. One day thinking back about our wonderful dinner, I finally understood what makes history happen. Its men and women like Clark McClelland, who are willing to take on the modern Goliaths of our time, just like the unassuming David did. Perhaps if we are lucky, whistleblowers like Clark will be victorious in not just seeking the truth but in getting it out to the masses. Its truth that changes history but the real question is, can society handle the truth.

Now this is Mike speaking, I have read that he is a liar, a hoax and a con man. Rainbow and I sat with him, he is none of the above. We saw him and we saw his evidence maybe not all but more than enough to call him the real thing. The game of the government is to discredit him as the patriot he is.

As Rainbow has stated, Clark lives in a state of poverty, so I am asking you to go to his site and buy something,anything. Get a piece of history and support this man. Just buy a chapter of his book for a couple of bucks, anything helps to keep this man alive and maybe recover to a more normal life.

His site is or google “stargate chronicles”

Thank You

Rainbow and Mike

A suspicious ranch at the foothills of Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado side? Norio Hayakawa Explores

by Norio Hayakawa
November 13, 2010

November 11, 2010 was quite an interesting day for me.

A colleague of mine from Dulce and I drove the entire circumference of the Archuleta Mesa, beginning from County Rd. 357 (going north) from Highway 64 in Lumberton to view the eastern slope and then entering into Colorado (near Edith), going west and then north on County Rd. 359 (Coyote Park Rd.) and then going northeast on County Rd. 542 (Montezuma Rd.) and then viewing the northern foothills of the Mesa.

From there we went south on County Rd. 500 (south Trujillo Rd.) and then to Indian Rte 169 (Juanita Rd.), crossing into New Mexico side to see the Western Slope and finally to the southern hills of the Mesa along the Navajo River north of the town of Dulce. All these roads were dirt roads.
It took us about 45 miles to take the entire trip around the Mesa.
This really showed me how large the entire Archuleta Mesa area is.
(By the way the Archuleta Mesa includes Mount Archuleta on the west side, just south of the Colorado state line).

In this trip we did not see anything unusual, except for a somewhat suspicious-looking private ranch (the Redding Ranch) on the northern side of the Archuleta Mesa (the Colorado side).

There seemed to be a metallic hangar-like building in the ranch and, if that is the case, then most likely a landing strip behind it.
There were some small buildings in the ranch, along with four or five metallic (bullet-proof?) hunting-towers that seem to guard the area. Those hunting towers definitely seemed out of place in such an area.
This former private ranch (the Redding Ranch) changed hands many times and is now under the total control of the Utes of Southern Colorado, and the warning sign says “No Trespassing” and “property of the Utes tribe”. Could this be an outpost for a base or an operating area in Archuleta Mesa?

It seemed to me that this type of a compound could easily be used by any Black Ops programs.
Moreover, the Redding Ranch may be the only access to the Archuleta Mesa from the Colorado side.

As for the Eastern slope areas of Archueta Mesa (as we drove on County Rd. 357 from Lumberton towards Edith), it seems that the Mesa is inaccessible to any heavy traffic (such as trucks, etc) since it is protected by the river and since there are no bridges on any northeastern portion of the mesa.

According to the Air Force Colonel from whom Anthony Sanchez got the information, the second, two-level underground installation is located in an area between the Eastern slope of Archuleta Mesa and County Rd. 357, near the Colorado stateline.

True, it seems that there are some ranches (which could easily be used as outposts for any Black Ops programs) near the northerneastern portion of the Mesa on the Colorado side. However, the logistics involved in creating such an alleged entrance and concealed heli-pads in that area may have been difficult or nearly impossible with lack of any bridges to get to the Eastern as well as to the Northeastern slope.
As I just mentioned it seems that the only access to the Mesa from the northeastern side or from the North side of the Mesa (i.e., from the Colorado side) may be from the Redding Ranch.

Anyway, as I mentioned, we continued driving further westward from the Redding Ranch area (still on County Rd. 542 – i.e., Montezuma Rd. – and then turned southward towards New Mexico from County Rd. 500 (Trujillo Rd.).
Then we took Indian Rte 169 (Juanita Rd., which is a public road) and entered New Mexico through County Rd. 551 (which is also a public road) to view the Western hills of the Mesa, which is also very rugged area.
Then we turned eastward on J-9 Rd. (a public road) towards Dulce.

J-9 Rd. splits into two, one becoming the Narrow Gage Rd. (also a public road which becomes Jicarilla Rd. that merges with Hwy 64 which takes you in front of Best Western and then on to Lumberton and to Chama) and the other one which becomes J-2 Rd. (also a public road).

The J-2 Rd. (a public road) is the road alongside the southern rugged hills of Archuleta Mesa.
About a third of a mile on J-2 Rd. (from the juncture of J-9 Rd. and J-2 Rd.) there is a steep road that takes you towards the summit of Mount Archuleta. Legally one must be accompanied by a Jicarilla Apache person in order to drive or hike on this steep road. Mount Archuleta is located near the west side of the Mesa slightly south of the Colorado stateline. It definitely seems that one would need a 4-wheel drive just to drive on that steep, rugged road towards the Mountain.

Then about a mile or so east on J-2 Rd., there is a steep road towards the Mesa called the Seguro Canyon Rd. This also seems to be a rugged road and probably the only road that will take you only to a point one third (if one is willing to hike for two or three hours further) to the radio antenna towers of the Archuleta Mesa). Legally one must also be accompanied by a Jicarilla Apache person in order to drive or hike on this road.

All of this shows that the access to Archuleta Mesa from the southern hills is extremely difficult, unless one is willing to hike for 5 or 6 hours to the top of the Mesa on the eastern side (the communications towers area) from these two steep roads.Moreover, as I mentioned, legally one must be accompanied by a Jicarilla Apache person to get to the top.

The way to get back to Dulce from J-2 Rd. is to keep going east on J-2 Rd. Then you will cross the bridge which connects J-2 Rd. and the River Rd.
The River Rd. then becomes Hawks Dr. which takes you back to Best Western Hotel area on Hwy 64.

Norio Hayakawa

Annoucement–The UFO Watchtower and Colorado MUFON—2010 UFO Conference September 4 and 5

For More Information Please Contact:
Judy Messoline
The UFO Watchtower and Colorado MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) will host the 2010 UFO Conference September 4 and 5 at the UFO Watchtower, located 22 ½ miles north of Hooper on Highway 17.

Saturday speakers will include: Joe Fex, Sasquatch and Paranormal Investigator;
Gloria Hawker, Hypnotherapist and abductee; Paola Harris, from traditional Ufology to AVATAR, a New World view; Larry Porter, Remote Healing; Charles Hall, Nellis Air Force Base and the Tall Whites.
For the complete list of speakers visit
Activities begin at 8:30 AM with the last speaker at 6:00 PM.

The Sunday speaker lineup includes: Jules Kennedy, Channeler of other worldly sources; Dr. Ardy Clarke, a Professor Emeritus, will share stories related to her by indigenous people in the US, Mexico, Central America, the South Pacific and Australia: Dori Alsop Paden, will speak about the impact of extraterrestrial contact both physical and telepathic; Niara Terela Isley former enlisted Airman in the U.S. Air Force with a 3 month block of missing time.
Speakers begin at 9:00 AM with the last speaker at 4:00 PM.
Cost for the conference is $25 per person. Camping is available at $10 per night.

Friday, September 3, will find a Gathering of Native American Healers beginning at 10:00 AM featuring Native American singers and drummers.
Cost for this event is $15 per person. Camping is available at $10 per night.

Reservations for both of these events may be obtained by calling Judy at

June Meeting Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal Forum – The Season Finale was a Blockbuster-Is it all True Series #141

The last four meetings or so have been incredible—the members are on a roll to seek the truth. This last one for the season was full of surprises.

It turned out to be an hour talk and four mini-talks. As usual we never know quite what direction in the universe we will go and this meeting was no exception. First there was a gentleman who spoke mind control and alien abductions. He related a personal story about a close friend who had several encounters with mind control, grays, and our military. He recommended a couple of books on the subject: “The Control of Candy Jones” by Bain and “Operation Mind Control” by Walter Bowart, must reads if you can find copies.

Next a man spoke on his personal experiences dealing with the underground tunnels that are spread around New Mexico. He talked with some caution about a “controlling force” which is responsible for chaos on the earth. He also spoke of many UFO sightings he experienced here and in California, and I believe he was just warming up.

Next there was a local Albuquerque woman, who lived her early life in northern Georgia in a small town in which UFO sightings were very, very common. Also this town had only about 500 people but had 5 sets of male twins, all born in the early 50’s. And guess what, the military and other government agencies were very interested in these twins and visited the sleepy town for many years.

Next a person spoke of an amazing experience she had working at the famous National Lab west of Santa Fe. First she stated they (the Lab) have one of the largest collections of UFO publications maybe in the world. If that is not incredible enough, next she stated that once a man came to the Lab, talking about his alien direct contact experiences. Normally the officials at the Lab would smile and give the person a lunch coupon and say goodbye, but not this time. This man was kept for a week and asked questions from other scientists who were brought in from around the world. This man had also written a book about these experiences and everyone was very interested in this publication, and the government censored parts of the book under a highly classified cover – this part of the book was supposedly written by a real alien being. Then there was the phrase in the book “Gravitational Propulsion Device” and the file folder our speaker found called “Gravitational Propulsion Device Roswell 1947.” Can you say smoking gun, double barrel?

The special speaker of the day talked with great expertise about free energies, the why’s and how’s. R.C. with great passion spoke of what we presently had in free energy devices and what we could have if the Government and Big Business would allow true freedom to reign in the world. Free energy would save our world from many evil fear-based agendas.

We all wait for the next meeting of the Forum in Albuquerque this September—to show the way to the truth.

Sleep Tight – only a world filled with fear can try, but only try, to block the truth.


Our Friend Lesley speaks-UFO Sightings: Amazing or Terrifying?

UFO Sightings: Amazing or Terrifying?

Lesley Gunter — UFO Magazine writer and member of the proteges Albuquerque/Rio Rancho/UFO/Paranormal Forum.

Since I was a child I have seen UFOs. The first one I saw was in broad daylight, your typical flying saucer type, skipping back and forth across the Sandia mountains at a high rate of speed. The one thing out of the normal (so far as UFO sightings go) was that it was red, instead of the typical metallic or greyish color. My grandmother had also seen it and for some reason was totally terrified by it. It is too late to ask now, but since I have become an adult I have always wondered why she felt that way. As for myself, I was amazed and happy to see it.

So have been most of my sightings. The only one I remember being afraid during was one night, probably about 10 years ago. It was winter and we had a hell of a snow storm going on, but the snow had finally slowed and it was so pretty out that Britton (my SO) and I decided to take a walk in the snow.

We live outside town and in comparison most of the houses are fairly far apart. Nobody seemed to be awake or have their lights on. There are no street lights out here, so you can spot lights in people’s houses pretty easily.

Let me mention it was about 3 in the morning and right before this I had been listening to what was then “The Art Bell Show.” I don’t remember exactly who was on, but someone that was an “expert” on alien abduction. As I recall, I had been listening while on the computer and Britton had not been listening.

The sky was not visible that night. The clouds were very low and thick.

We walked not very far from our house, what would probably be about 2 or 3 houses away in a typical neighborhood. Then suddenly the sky lit up in a perfect circle over our canyon and there was no sound from whatever lit it up. I know people often use the term “football field” to describe size — this circle was at least a football field. The clouds were so thick that you couldn’t see anything above them, all you could see was this light shining down. For some reason that scared the crap out of me and Britton too. We both stood there talking back forth, scared out of out minds and then suddenly the light went out. We decided that we should just go home and were about to turn back when the light came on again. I can’t really describe how scared I was, but I was really scared. It went out within a few seconds and we headed home, where I automatically checked the clocks to see if there was missing time and thankfully there was none, at least didn’t seem to be, about 15 minutes had passed since we left.

I can’t tell you why that sighting scared me when others haven’t. Maybe because it was at night and my others were during daylight or because I had been listening to Art Bell right before it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t actually a sighting and I couldn’t see the thing the light was coming from.

I always wonder why people react differently to UFO sightings, some are amazed while others are terrified and maybe there just isn’t a logical answer for that. I suppose given a slight difference in circumstance any of us could be amazed or terrified.?

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho- UFO/Paranormal Forum – Bust a Move- Is this all True Series #132

Two weeks ago there was a powerful meeting in Albuquerque, a group of 50+ like-minded truth seekers gathered for their April meeting. An informal survey showed that the group was represented by 26 states, 3 foreign countries and two other planets, couple of NHBEs in the room – (no kidding). The group processed connectiveness and a lot of great energy.

The meeting kicked off with a bang as Norio Hayakawa (the one man Galactic band) played his universal favorites from his cosmic wave’s selection of tunes. The music got the group in a magical, mystical mood.

One of the people who shared a wonderful story was from Peru. She spoke of several abduction like encounters. Some of her abductors looked like small children, but acted like adults. These beings had a shining /glowing quality about them. They (the little ones) took her to a planet that had and looked like New Mexico’s reddest soil. On one trip she saw hybrid type children, small babies. This Peruvian lady has wondered if the children were hers. She also stated she was told that New Mexico would be a safe place in consideration of a future earth changes.

There was another attendee who was a part of a group of women who have a common mission to find some type of truth, which is interwoven in some way with Albuquerque. This is channeled information tells of the rituals and the meeting locations the women are to follow and go. This last meeting was on the highest of the five volcanoes on Albuquerque’s West Mesa, where after the last ritual, a group of small children ascended to the volcano’s peak. There was a strange feeling all around.

Next there was world-famous psychic and founder of “The School of Now”. Her mission is to build a wonderful alternative school to mentor kids who are challenged by the normal world. The school will be state of the art and totally sustainable. This is truly an amazing cause.

It’s looking like Albuquerque/Rio Rancho- UFO/ Paranormal Forum is becoming a force in the UFO/ Paranormal community in the Southwest. At next month’s meeting (May) the topic will be Montauk in 2010 – still the mystery of mysteries. There also will be time for sharing.

See you there.

Sleep tight the truth seekers are seeking for you.


Their Executive Committee – The Wise Seven MJ-7