MJ-7 January Meeting and a new name and a new beginning– Is it all True Series ? #120

The semi-secret UFO paranormal group called MJ-7 is joining forces with other New Mexico groups to form “Albuquerque UFO/Paranormal Forum”. This will be a larger group whose on-going mission will be to seek the truth in the areas of UFOs and other paranormal realms. The hope is also to grow the group into a real UFO research resource in the Southwest.

The purpose of using Albuquerque, as part of the new name was to elevate Albuquerque to the status of a first rate UFO/Paranormal study community, a status that was lacking in the past.

Some potential projects/events for 2010 that were discussed at the meeting are as follows:

1. Flying over Dulce to take close aerial photos of some anomalies and analyzing the results to better understand this strange area and its phenomena.
2. Taking a trip to Oregon to research Bigfoot and Alien habitats in lava tubes, and also doing Vortex photography.
3. Looking into doing a TV show/talk show devoted to all strange things.
4. Start major planning for a blockbuster underground base conference in Albuquerque, probably in 2011.
5. One of the members, an abductee consultant, is working on a high profile study on the history of the Roswell event.
6. Another member is taking an accredited course at UNM on UFOs (a first in the nation as far as I know).
7. There was a lively discussion about “Jump Rooms,” instant travel ports between two points in the universe. The group could look into one here locally that is said to go from Sandia Labs to Los Alamos Lab in a fraction of a second.

This could be an exciting year for the group, as new ideas, new knowledge and new journeys enter into discussions at their robust gatherings, which are free and open to the public. The wise seven Owls of the original group will always be at the core of this fascinating Cabal (a good cabal, of course – a little secret school)

The next meeting under the new banner will be March 6th 2010, 1:00 to 2:30 pm at the Manzano Multi-Generational Center south of I-40 and Eubank in Albuquerque.

Come one, come all – Listen, learn, and share.


Seven Wise Truthseekers

The Seven Wise-ones

Congress against Cow/ Man Hybrid etc. -really ? Why?-Is it all True Series #95

I was watching the Keith Olbermann show a couple of weeks ago, which is a “leftie’s” delight. But forgetting about politics for a moment, Keith had quite a strange segment about a law that a group of Republicans are trying to get through Congress. This law wants to stop the creation of Hybrid Cow/Humans, etc. Wow! Keith’s reaction was, like many other Americans, “Don’t these Republicans have something better to spend their time on in Congress” if you consider the wonderful economy, world tensions, swine flu, and a sucky American Healthcare system.

But let’s go back to politics for a minute, well the Republicans were in control of this government for the last 8 years and for the most part until recently had the Democrats locked out of some the high level committees such as special appropriations, the military special services committee and remember Cheney had the CIA under his thumb. So I think that at least a few Republicans know something sinister is going on here in our US of A. So the following is the actual wording from the sponsor by well-known Senators like Brownback and McCain.
So read Bill S. 1435 carefully and watch Keith’s Rant.

Text of S. 1435: A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit human-animal hybrids

This version: Introduced in Senate. This is the original text of the bill as it was written by its sponsor and submitted to the Senate for consideration. This is the latest version of the bill available on this website.

1435 IS
1st Session

S. 1435

To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit human-animal hybrids.


July 9, 2009

Mr. BROWNBACK (for himself, Ms. LANDRIEU, Mr. BUNNING, Mr. BURR, Mr. CHAMBLISS, Mr. COBURN, Mr. CORKER, Mr. CORNYN, Mr. ENSIGN, Mr. GRAHAM, Mr. INHOFE, Mr. JOHANNS, Mr. KYL, Mr. MARTINEZ, Mr. MCCAIN, Mr. RISCH, Mr. THUNE, Mr. VITTER, Mr. VOINOVICH, Mr. WICKER, and Mr. DEMINT) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit human-animal hybrids.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

This Act may be cited as the ‘Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act of 2009’.

Congress finds that–
(1) advances in research and technology have made possible the creation of human-animal hybrids;

(2) human-animal hybrids are grossly unethical because they blur the line between human and animal, male and female, parent and child, and one individual and another individual;
(3) human dignity and the integrity of the human species are compromised by human-animal hybrids;

(4) the uniqueness of individual human beings is manifested in a particular way through their brain and their reproductive organs/cells; and
(5) with an increase in emerging zoonotic infection threatening the global public health, human-animal hybrids present a particularly optimal means of genetic transfers that could increase the efficiency or virulence of diseases threatening both humans and animals.

Part I of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after chapter 51 the following:

‘1131. Definitions.
‘1132. Prohibition on human-animal hybrids.
‘Sec. 1131. Definitions

‘In this chapter the following definitions apply:
‘(1) HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRID- The term ‘human-animal hybrid’ means–
‘(A) a human embryo into which a non-human cell or cells (or the component parts thereof) have been introduced to render the embryo’s membership in the species Homo sapiens uncertain;

‘(B) a hybrid human/animal embryo produced by fertilizing a human egg with non-human sperm;
‘(C) a hybrid human/animal embryo produced by fertilizing a non-human egg with human sperm;
‘(D) an embryo produced by introducing a non-human nucleus into a human egg;
‘(E) an embryo produced by introducing a human nucleus into a non-human egg;
‘(F) an embryo containing at least haploid sets of chromosomes from both a human and a non-human life form;
‘(G) a non-human life form engineered such that human gametes develop within the body of a non-human life form; or
‘(H) a non-human life form engineered such that it contains a human brain or a brain derived wholly or predominantly from human neural tissues.

‘(2) HUMAN EMBRYO- The term ‘human embryo’ means an organism of the species Homo sapiens during the earliest stages of development, from 1 cell up to 8 weeks.

‘Sec. 1132. Prohibition on human-animal hybrids

‘(a) In General- It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly, in or otherwise affecting interstate commerce–
‘(1) create or attempt to create a human-animal hybrid;
‘(2) transfer or attempt to transfer a human embryo into a non-human womb;
‘(3) transfer or attempt to transfer a non-human embryo into a human womb; or
‘(4) transport or receive for any purpose a human-animal hybrid.
‘(b) Penalties-

‘(1) IN GENERAL- Whoever violates subsection (a) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.
‘(2) CIVIL PENALTY- Whoever violates subsection (a) and derives pecuniary gain from such violation shall be subject to a civil fine of the greater of $1,000,000 and an amount equal to the amount of the gross gain multiplied by 2.’.

The table of chapters for part I of title 18, United States Code, is amended by inserting after the item relating to chapter 51 the following:

One last comment, when I went to Dulce and attended the Dulce Base conference at the end of March, my last 15 minutes in Dulce were amazing as I was shown 30 plus photos of the above creatures, and I think these photos were very real. One more thing in this discussion we are only a nano-second from an Alien-hybrid. Maybe for once those Republicans know something.
Sleep tight, maybe our government is trying to protect us or NOT.

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Dulce Conference Part Four: Ex-Public Safety Director and Ex-New Mexico State Policeman speak-Is it all True Series #82

Hoyt Velarde, the former Public Safety Director of Dulce, is the one who single handedly detained Norio’s Japanese film crew and nearly caused an international incident about 10 years ago. This day however, he was a hero of sorts, as he saved the Dulce Conference from a quick ending as we were forced out of our original venue by the sheer fact of the conferences amazing popularity. We were at 50% over room capacity, and the fire marshal was very unhappy. Velarde found us a new venue to hold all of the audience, and we thank him for that. He stated he had heard of the rumors about the underground base, but has never located it. (I guess meaning he has tried). He did verify the fact that over the years there have been many, many UFO sightings in the Dulce area. He also told a strange story about a school near La Jara Lake (maybe the entrance to the underground base). Apparently a boy, whose parents died of polio, lived at this school and got a cleaning job in a place deep in a mountain where many people worked and from there he was able to travel around the world. I am sure there is more to this wild story. Holt then said he would be willing to lead an expedition to any location to confirm solid evidence proving the existence of the underground base. Was Hoyt making sure he was in control of the situation or just keeping a close watch on non-tribal folks (probably a good idea)? And finally Hoyt surprised all of us by stating if we wanted to do a Dulce II conference, he would get the conference hall in the Public Safety Building as a venue.

Next, Gabe Valdez, a former New Mexico State policeman, was the main investigator of the many cattle mutilations in the Dulce area in the 70’s and 80’s. There have been others who have tried to connect these cattle deaths with the underground base and the beef hungry aliens who may or may not have worked in the base. But Gabe was quick to say that there was no alien involvement, and added no more information because it was too sensitive for our ears. So his talk was short and sweet (with no meat).

So pieces of information were coming forward, but not the smoking gun. More in coming weeks.

Sleep tight – dream Dulce, maybe in your dreams you can solve the mystery. You can go anywhere in your dream world.



Click on for Hoyt@ the conference.

MJ-7’s April Gathering—Is it all True Series #81

Well from a reliable source deep inside the allusive UFO Study Group, they held their April soirée in a backroom of a public building in Albuquerque.

The main topic of the day was the Dulce conference and its impact on the Jicarilla Apache Nation. One of the members of the group will be continuing the Dulce research by interviewing some of the locals to gather additional information to understand the complexities of the subject. It sounds like there could be more amazing facts forth coming. But they may not be made public because of the potential sensitivity. It also came out that as the group members were leaving Dulce, several locals confronted them to share some of their strange stories. Several of these people were profoundly shaken from their abduction-type experiences and their various UFO sightings. The locals also brought out pictures of weird animals that were half this and half that. One of the MJ-7 members was upset by the amount of pain he saw in the locals’ eyes. It seems that some of the locals were asking for help or maybe just needed someone to talk to and listen to and tell them it would be all right. It sounds like the MJ-7 group has several members who could provide this sort of help, if the Jicarilla Apache will invite them to listen.

On subjects discussed, they were told that there were some amazing Sasquatch people encounters in Dulce, in the Albuquerque area and in Washington State. One of the members is going on a mini-expedition into the Washington backcountry next May to further his process of making contact with the Sasquatch People. There was also talk about exploring the areas of the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque for Sasquatch locations for possible contact. The Sasquatch talk was followed by conservations about an energy workshop one of the members recently attended. One Native American member shared some amazing traditional stories. An expert astrologist shared the chart of one of the members with some eye-opening conclusions that can’t be shared here.

The last item on the agenda was a question asked to the group, would there be a Dulce II conference in the future? The answer–It would depend if the Jicarilla Apaches would be willing to further open up and let non- tribal members into their world.

Sleep tight and dream hard, that other world may serve you better.



Seven Wise Owls