Here are the 5 most important propositions regarding the UFO phenomenon, according to Dr. Jacques Vallee who, in my opinion, is the world’s foremost authority on UFOs.

(QUOTE) (from his acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

1. The things we call unidentified flying objects are neither objects nor flying. They can materialize, as some reliable photographs seem to show, and they violate the laws of motion as we know them.

2. UFOs have been seen throughout history and have consistently received (or provided) their own explanation within the framework of each culture. In antiquity their occupants were regarded as gods; in medieval times, as magicians; in the nineteenth century, as scientific geniuses; in our own time, as interplanetary travelers. (Statements made by occupants of the 1897 airship included such declarations as “We are from Kansas” and even “We are from anywhere…..but we’ll be in Greece tomorrow.”)

3. UFO reports are not necessarily caused by visits from space travelers. The phenomenon could be a manifestation of a much more complex technology. If time and space are not as simple in structure as physicists have assumed until now, then the question “Where do they come from?” may be meaningless; they could come from a place in time. If consciousness can be manifested outside the body, then the range of hypotheses can be even wider.

4. The key to an understanding of the phenomenon lies in the psychic effects it produces (or the psychic awareness it makes possible) in its observers. Their lives are often deeply changed, and they develop unusual talents with which they may find it difficult to cope. The proportion of witnesses who do come forward and publish accounts of these experiences is quite low; most of them choose to remain silent.

5. Contact between human percipients and the UFO phenomenon always occurs under conditions controlled by the latter. Its characteristic feature is a factor of absurdity that leads to a rejection of the story by the upper layers of the target society and an absorption at a deep unconscious level of the symbols conveyed by the encounter. The mechanism of this resonance between the UFO symbol and the archetypes of the human unconscious has been abundantly demonstrated by Carl Jung, whose book FLYING SAUCERS makes many references to the age-old significance of the signs in the sky.


I am in totally agreement with Dr. Jacques Vallee.
In fact, this summarizes my personal belief on the entire UFO phenomenon.

This is the reason why, in my opinion, there will be no such thing as DISCLOSURE by the government. Sure, the governments of the world could release ALL files on UFO sightings anytime, if they wish to.
However, just releasing such files will do absolutely nothing, since the public will clamor for the explanations as to what the UFO phenomenon is.

The government is only responsible for explaining things that deal with physical, tangible, solid, empirical evidences as we know them.
Anything else, the government is not in the business of dealing with.

If there will ever be any DISCLOSURE, it will come directly from the entities themselves or from a paradigm-shifted majority of mankind (which has not happened yet).

Some people, however, seem to believe that such a paradigm shift (mankind’s change in world-view and attitude) may occur suddenly or gradually, beginning on December 21, 2012.
We will just have to wait and see.

-from Norio