September 2012 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,

In last month’s newsletter I explained the concept of Unity Consciousness. There is another aspect to Unity Consciousness and that is that we all have a spark of the divine within us. We can say we are God or God dwells within us.

Owning Our Divinity

Many people have been brought up with a religious belief that God is some numinous figure that oversees our lives. This God has the power to hand out punishments or rewards depending on how we live our lives. When we subscribe to this belief, it puts all the power into God’s hands and little power in ours. The only chance we have for a good life is to abide by the rules laid down for us by our family, our society and our culture.

In previous times, people who encountered beings or events they could not explain attributed super human powers to these beings and called them Gods. Then they carried on rituals to gain the favor of these Gods to ensure a bountiful harvest and favorable living conditions. Even the characteristics assigned to astrological signs stem from the powers attributed to these beings from the stars. So it may be that our concept of God has been man made.

The practice of honoring God as a powerful being that exists outside our selves has continued to this day in many religions. The concept that only God has the power to redeem, bless or punish us was often perpetrated by priests at the head of these religious organizations. They did this out of their desire maintain control over the people in order to ensure their own power and wealth. If the people did not follow their religious practices as they saw fit, they could be punished, kicked out from the group or shunned. This was theirs dictates not God’s.

God is not some fatherly figure. God is an enormous mass of intelligent loving energy. Since this energy is everywhere both around and within us, we are God within. In Unity Consciousness we are all one because we are interconnected by this same energy that is God. If we are all interconnected by this energy field then we are one with God. We cannot be all connected and still see God as separate or above us. Some religious texts say that God created man in his image. Why would God do that if not to convey the message that we are not separate but one with Him.

I often like to ask the question how our beliefs serve us as I believe there is an underlying reason for everything we do. An example of how our beliefs serve us is when we believe God has the power to bless or create havoc in our lives. This belief removes us from taking responsibility for our actions. Some people prefer to blame God or see themselves as victims rather than take a closer look at their own behavior.

If we believe that God is all powerful, what does that make us? It makes us less powerful in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. What if that wasn’t true? What if we were as powerful as God? What if we were God running around in human bodies? What would we do then? How would our lives be different?

When we refuse to see ourselves as a part of God or having God within, we will never have a chance to realize who we truly are or what we are capable of. Some folks may find this concept too scary to even consider because they are afraid to discover who they truly are. They might believe that if they owned their full power, there would be expectations placed upon them by others or themselves that they could not meet. They might be afraid that if they were really God they might abuse their power or lose the acceptance of those around them. There may be many reasons for not wanting to own our divinity.

Have you ever known God to be afraid of anything? I have never heard that God was afraid to act or stand in His or Her full power in any religious books, have you? God acts and does not worry what will people think about Him no matter what He does. When we are in our full power and understand that we are God within because have that god-like energy within us; then we can act with the same conviction and stop worrying what others will think and whether they will still like us.

We attribute the most amazing powers to God. After all he can create universes, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cause dreaded disasters as well as times of bounty. Just think of what you could do if you owned your full power.

Another fact of which some people are unaware is that our souls are eternal even if our physical bodies are not. Every experience we have on earth remains with us even after we die. Our physical bodies are made of energy that has a greater density. At death our physical bodies die but the energy that contains all our memories and experiences are released from the physical body and continue to exist in an energy body called the soul. Since energy cannot be destroyed, our learning experiences remain on our soul record forever. In the spirit world, we are seen for who we really are with all our failures and successes. There is no way to put up pretenses like there is on earth.

As energy, we are one with everything that exists including God. So each time we fail to own our divinity or refuse to be all that we are capable of out of fear, that learning and knowledge is lost to everyone because our reality is made up of the collective experiences of everyone. The experiences on our souls, the soul record of this planet, our solar system, galaxy and universe are composed of all our collective experiences. So any time we fail to be loving, forgiving, or compassionate towards others, we create a reality filled with strife, war and unhappiness. Everyone person contributes to creating our reality so what would you like your contribution to be?

For example, if someone discovers or develops something new like social media and then tells everyone they know about it, everyone will benefit from this new development. This is true no matter what you learn or experience even if you do not touch thousands or millions of lives. It still goes into the collective consciousness not only of humanity but of solar system, galaxy and beyond. That is how powerful you are.

Every situation be it personal or global, acts like a mirror reflecting back to us what we either fail to accept or deny in ourselves. The poverty in third world countries is a reflection of the poverty within us. This remains true even if we are wealthy. It demonstrates our lack of concern for others and a denial of the reality that we are all interconnected.

July 2012 Knowledge Newsletter by Sharon Cheney

Dear friends,

2012 is a pivotal point between the end of one 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Recent cosmic events like the Venus transit, the lunar eclipse, and other celestial happenings are seeding a new consciousness on this planet. These celestial events indicate that now is the time to let go of duality, welcome oneness and understand the interconnectedness of all life. Each new cosmic event is helping us to release, transform and heal our energy so that new beliefs and a new way of being can blossom both personally and globally.

Letting Go

Our minds and hearts both welcome and resist this change. This can leave us with a feeling of unrest. Many people are feeling this shift in the energy and are realizing they can no longer procrastinate about making changes in their lives. Cosmic forces are forcing us to redefine what we understand as life. The illusions of separation and discord as a way of life are releasing their grip. We need to welcome and embrace our new state of being because there really is no going back. We each have a choice to move forward now or remain behind in duality consciousness.

Sometimes we want others to help us understand what is happening as change can make us feel uncomfortable. We want assurance that a wonderful future awaits us in order to motivate us to let go of the past. We are experiencing such an enormous change on the planet that no one can say for sure what will happen. We are each and every one of us creating the future every day, so be sure to do your part by being heart centered and loving rather than full of fear. So don’t leave it up to others to create the world you want to live in. This is the time for each person to become sovereign, self-realized and to recognize and own our power.

So what does this change require? It involves letting go of the expectations we hold for ourselves and others including our kids, family members, partners, friends, the world at large, etc. It means redefining how we want our life to be in the future rather than basing our future on how it has been so far. Many of us have had lives filled with bad experiences. If you don’t want these to continue, you must live in the present moment. Treat each moment like a blank slate rather than programming it with past experiences. Our futures are not supposed to look like our past. If we want our future to be different, we must act and think differently in order for this to happen.

We must let go of old wants and desires as these may not be what is for our highest good. We must be in a state of receptivity and welcome new experiences and people into our lives rather than rejecting them because they do not fit our picture of what we want or how life should be. How do you know that these new experiences will not be better for you than what you want or have presently unless you give yourself a chance to experience them firsthand?

We must let go of our self-filling prophesies which color our every interaction. This may be difficult to do as the beliefs we hold define both our attitude and behavior. But it is possible to make these changes if we are conscious of what we are thinking and doing all the times and choose not live on auto pilot.

We must be in full acceptance of ourselves and others. Without love and acceptance we are not in a state of receptivity. When we are not receptive, we will not attract new positive experiences into our lives.

Stop judging yourself and others as judging keeps us locked into old patterns of thinking and behaving. Judgment creates distance between people and prevents you from being the truly loving person you really are. Judging labels people and then puts them in a box so we don’t need to actively deal with them.

Open yourself to love and positive things manifesting in your life. You can ask for what you want but the trick to getting it is to be open to receiving. This means you must let go of any beliefs about not being good enough or deserving. Let go of old habits, anything you dislike about yourself, toxic or joyless relationships, excess physical stuff, and anyone or anything that does not bring you joy.

Open your heart completely. I understand this can make you feel vulnerable but without an open heart how can you love yourself and all life? Without risk we gain nothing. Loving ourselves and others can sometimes be a risky business as things may not always turn out as we expected, but you will richer for the experience.

Embrace what is new and showing up in your life every day. Monitor yourself all to time to be sure you are thinking positively, and refrain from repetitive or “what if” thinking, which is fear based. Living consciously is being aware in every moment. This requires we need to ask ourselves frequently during our day “Are we really enjoying what we are doing right now or are we doing it because we have to? If you are doing it because you have to, then it is definitely time for a change.

We must give ourselves the freedom to be who we truly are not who we think we should be to please others. We are all magnificent souls who have chosen to be here to herald in this new consciousness on the planet. We ALL have something valuable to contribute or else we would not have chosen to be embodied here at this time. As we awaken, each of us will understand what our contribution should be and the role we are to play in this rebirthing process. So stop acting like a spectator or waiting for some crisis to compel you to act. Do something about it today.

Practice S.T.A.R. Star stands for Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.

Surrender your old habits, fears, old beliefs and way of being. If you refuse to surrender it will be difficult to move forward. Ask yourself how these old beliefs and habits serve you, as all behavior serves us in some way. Does it keep you tied to the past? Does it prevent you from thinking about new ways of doing things or discovering who you really are and what you are capable of?

Trust requires we walk into the future with our hearts open, full of love even if we don’t know what the future will hold. A great affirmation to use is “I trust everything will be okay” even when we don’t know what okay will look like. This will help you to remain calm through these changes.

Allowing – Many of us have a tendency to want to control things because we have an underlying fear that things will go out of control. Below that is a lack of trust. Fear always limits us and holds us back. Being allowing or in a receptive state attracts new experiences to come into our lives. This could involve new people and new opportunities presenting themselves. We should watch our tendencies to dismiss these new situations either because they come unexpectedly or they don’t look like what we want. Our soul has requested these opportunities to come into our awareness. Naturally it is up to use to welcome them or not.

Receiving – If you don’t love yourself you will not be in a position to receive any goodies such as love, abundance, good health, friends, lovers, etc. into your life. While we all want these things, we are not always open to receiving them. The possibilities of these things manifesting in our lives are always present but our thinking and actions will determine whether they manifest or not due to the Law of Attraction. Until we love ourselves and believe we deserve them, they will not manifest in our lives. To be receptive involves learning to love ourselves completely and not depend on others for love, approval, acceptance, etc.

The Magic of the Amazon Comes to Albuquerque – Is it all True Series #237

Kimberlee Johnson connected with the Amazon, and she connected with the audience at the UFO/Paranormal Forum during their June meeting. Kim was raised in the green of the Pacific Northwest. She felt at home in the lush green of the Amazon jungle of Peru. Kim was one of the lucky few to be chosen to visit the Shipibo tribe for 3 weeks. The tribe was willing to share their vast knowledge of the Universe including about native plants and animals, the stars and the interdimensional realms that control our reality. Severe pressures from the outside world such as oil speculation, logging, drug- trafficking and missionaries threaten the Shipibo people. They have a population of between 25,000 and 30,000, but global climate change is diminishing their ability to grow fruit trees and other staples, so a decline in their population may be underway.
Kim was very aware of the 5 elements and how the Shipibo interweave them into every moment of their lives. Earth – is the grounding force of their lives – mud is everywhere, and has to be dealt with to survive in some degree of personal comfort. Next Fire–the element that makes all their ceremonies work. And Air –is the breath that keeps all things living. Water–their element of great attachment, water is everywhere, and it’s in the sky, in the river and in the mud. And last there is Spirit – the force that holds and nurtures the tribe. Also paranormal, UFOs and shape-shifting are very commonplace in the Shipibo world and in many ways they honor them.
One of the most important ceremonies is the ayahasi. Kim’s group participated in 5 sessions over an intense 15-day period. The ayahasi is a female star seed, an entity of great wisdom. Kim’s personal experience was one of great mind expansion. She saw herself as a small alien being, and another time as an anaconda. Also Kim was able to release some of her inner demons through the mind/portal opening.
Through Kim’s journey we were able to see the sights, hear the sounds and feel the beauty that is the Amazon and it’s wonderful people. The Amazon is part of our planet that needs to be left alone. But we as the rest of the world need to peek onto its peace, to keep us sane.
Sleep tight – for there are places on this earth where peace and joy still exist in the purest form.

Of interest — and profound for you whom have moved in that direction

For some the following message may rock your boat, for others it will be clearly understood. What everyone may find interesting is a description of what life on earth will be like from now through the end of this year and from 2013 on. If nothing else, it is an image worth dwelling upon, as our thoughts coupled with our emotions are powerfully creative. We are on the verge of some of the most fulfilling days of our lives, now that the tide has permanently turned in our favor. Be prepared to engage your soul’s purpose in full measure!
Subject: [] April 1, 2012 – New Message from Matthew

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The effects of the ever-growing light in your world extend way beyond the publicized shake-ups and shake-outs of corrupt ones in national governments and major corporations—this is happening in communities too, from villages to major cities around the globe. The effects go beyond the hands-on help and donations to people in dire need at international and local levels, and the increasing numbers of voices for peace, preserving animal life and the environment along with scores of other positive measures. Every time a petition is signed for a benevolent cause or to correct an injustice, the energy of the signer’s intention mingles with the energy of thousands, perhaps millions of others who also signed in support of that cause, and it is the same with every single loving thought, every feeling of gratitude, compassion, and desire for a better world.

2. If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds. Instead, you see that many still are suffering and saber rattling by war mongers, random acts of violence, crushing economic woes. We see this too, and in our unconditional love for all souls, the continuance of those situations even at this late hour is undeniably sad for us. However, we do understand this in its higher context: During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.

3. This balance does NOT include military action against Iran or a new field of combat in any other country. It doesn’t include damage to the planet so devastating that ETs will evacuate everyone and when you are returned, you will have to live in Inner Earth because the planet’s surface will be uninhabitable. ETs will not undertake lifesaving relocations of people from some places on the planet to others prior to massive destruction because such destruction will not occur. Nor will some within our universal family who are posing as benevolent betray your trust and enslave you. There will be no filled detention camps or application of ominous new or proposed laws, and none of the other fearful-sounding possibilities or claims will come to pass either. Those kinds of old or new reports keep popping up and circulated by individuals who feel they are being responsible by alerting others.

4. Yes, we have given similar assurances in previous messages, so why are we doing it again? Because even in the most dedicated lightworkers, fear streamers arise whenever it is perceived that the physical safety of persons dear to you may be in jeopardy. That perception and the abhorrent situations still plaguing your world arouse feelings of discouragement and anxiety instead of the joyfulness we wish you could consistently feel about the onset of Earth’s Golden Age within only months.

5. Beloved souls, not for a moment is this faulting you for natural concerns about ones dear to you—. Quite the opposite! We and other light beings throughout this universe hold you in highest honor. With inner strength you didn’t know you had until it came forth, you have dealt with grief and bounced back from despair; you have overcome hardships with ingenuity and perseverance, and by sharing your resources, you help those who are less fortunate. After disappointments and setbacks, you haven’t wavered in your determination to carry on; and even though the dark ones’ tenacity has delayed implementing extensive reforms worldwide, your conviction stands firm that promised results are being manifested. In short, you have been demonstrating the finest attributes of humankind along with embracing the reality that you are so much more than “this person” you know. We could describe this, albeit facetiously, as performing a most astonishing feat —you’re keeping one foot on the ground while letting the other foot soar far, far beyond this world.

6. Now then, after a flurry of activity —the forcible removal of numerous individuals from top level positions in major world banks and the closure of some of the Illuminati’s underground bases—, it may seem that progress has come to a standstill. Oh no, dear family, it has not. Follow-up steps to the bankers’ arrest are grinding through your legal systems so this matter is handled legally and ethically; other arrests are imminent; technology aboard spacecrafts is rendering nuclear warheads dysfunctional; and remnants in the Illuminati ranks are running away or running scared.

7. Let us speak about some incidents during the past few weeks that are receiving significant international attention. While these are seen as tragedies, which indeed they are to the affected families, all the occurrences we shall mention happened for a higher purpose.

8. The shooting in France of seven Jews, including children, by a young non-Jewish Frenchman has touched hearts around the world, and it is a poignant example of how religious prejudice has caused agony and death to countless souls throughout your history.

9. In the United States, a black teenager was fatally shot by an older man of a different race. It is not for us to say if racial prejudice was the motivating factor in either the shooter or the police who didn’t arrest him, but the boy’s death has brought the world’s attention to the pervasive harm inherent in “racial profiling.”

10. That incident also is highlighting the “stand your ground” law, which could substantiate that the killing was legal so the shooter cannot be held accountable. This controversy is coming in tandem with airing the plight of individuals released from prison after proof of their innocence came to light, yet laws are preventing just compensation to them for their years of unjust incarceration. Both of these legal situations are increasing the awareness that unfair and cruel laws anywhere in your world must be struck down.

11. The shooting rampage by a US soldier resulted in the death of 17 Afghani civilians, and again, children were among them. What underlies the sergeant’s action is by no means an isolated reaction to the psychological effects of war. —The stress of causing death and seeing comrades and strangers dying runs deep. Killing when preservation of self or the life of loved ones is not at stake is not the make-up of humankind. It is the opposite. —The composition of every soul is love-light.

12. Killing has to be thoroughly taught, and it has been. Some countries’ citizenry have been conditioned by their leaders to regard war as patriotic, the defense of democracy and freedom, and this orientation has been relentlessly reinforced not only by the media and entertainment venues, but even children’s games. Some segments of the populace are taught from childhood that it is their responsibility to avenge the genocidal massacres of their ancestors, and in some countries, children are forced into soldiering.

13. Troops have to bypass soul make-up and suppress survival instinct to achieve the mindset that lets them willingly surge onto battlefields where they may die themselves while ending the lives of others. However, the psyche cannot reconcile mental pummeling in preparation for combat with the innate being, and as the troops follow orders to kill “the enemy,” their psyches incur profound damage. A situation as dramatic as the one we cited forces international attention on the immediate and residual effects of warring, effects that have permeated your entire society.

14. Everyone who was directly affected by all of those happenings we mentioned agreed to participate as they did. This doesn’t mean that prior to birth they all knew exactly what they would encounter and when, but each had chosen to be a “perpetrator” or a “victim” or one within a sorrowing family to fulfill third density karma. Soul contracts provide for flexibility in circumstances and timing when the same results will be accomplished, and in all those cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws. Many, many others chose the same kinds of roles in generations long before these recent incidents, but the succession of dark ones in power kept the peoples living and dying in situations born of intimidation and ignorance born of deception.

15. Only when the collective consciousness reflects the intense desire and determination of a civilization to live in unity and harmony instead of divisiveness and killing can this come about. After darkness entered this universe and the collective consciousness of some civilizations spiraled downward, only through one self-destructive era after another has a third density world been able to shake loose from its dark mooring and embark upon the pathway to peaceful, cooperative living. You all came to help pave that pathway on Earth and usher in a new, different era, the Golden Age.

16. Now we shall speak of a greatly different kind of significant matter, the comments between US president Obama and Russian president Medvedev that became public knowledge because a microphone was left open. There is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence! The universe operates in perpetual synchronous motion that keeps opening doors of opportunity, and that was one. While political analysts and members of the Republican party are having a field day with this “opened door” in a negative sense, that brief conversation is a glimpse of behind-the-scenes talks by two of the several world leaders who want to steer their respective nations toward international cooperation and nuclear disarmament. When the great majority in a civilization wants peace instead of war and deadly arsenals, the collective consciousness brings the desire to fruition.

17. On another international front, some of your leaders and members of high universal councils still are discussing how to announce to your world the presence of other civilizations. We know the delay is frustrating to you, and it is as well to our family members on and off-planet who have been waiting for years to work alongside you openly. But they know that every aspect must be carefully planned so they will be warmly greeted rather than feared. Although the Illuminati’s capability to threaten your safety and that of your space brotherhood has been greatly weakened, public reaction to strangers showing up with astounding technologies remains a sensitive consideration. It is essential that they not be perceived as taking matters into their own hands so the masses will welcome their assistance rather than panic about invaders from outer space, the way aliens are portrayed ad nauseam in films and games. Please remember, you have knowledge and discernment that most others in your world do not.

18. Even so, we need to address some ideas about what will happen at the end of this year. In previous messages we have said that there will be no pronounced differences between December’s last days and the first days of January 2013; however, some believe that the onset of the Golden Age heralds a sudden shift in mass consciousness and others believe the planet will shift on its axis at that time.

19. A shift in consciousness has been a gradual process that began seventy-some years ago, when Earth started her ascension course—. Clarity has come much sooner to some than to others, and many still are slumbering in unawareness. As for the planet, it has been shifting gradually throughout the ascension process to right itself and regain natural orbiting position. During the millennia of being mired in deep third density, Earth had become weakened to the extent that her orbiting pattern was so severely destabilized that without the monumental influx of light from distant sources, the planet would have flown out into space and certain destruction.

20. Along this line, we shall correct another misconception, that you will spend three days in darkness before the Golden Age begins. That is part of one theory about the photon belt, that Earth would spend three days in darkness, the “null zone” at the belt’s edge. That theory goes on to include Earth’s entering the belt itself and orbiting within it thereafter, and according to another theory, the planet will exit the belt at some later time. Only celestial debris enters the belt after it is rendered lifeless by close proximity to the behemoth belt’s overwhelming force that also prevents the exiting of anything it pulled in. That fate is not Gaia’s plan for her planetary body!

21. Please don’t expect to see all the marvels of the Golden Age at year’s end. We are not saying that eliminating all pollution and turning deserts into paradises, for instance, could not happen in fleeting seconds. Those could indeed be managed in the blink of an eye IF that belief were in your collective consciousness, but it isn’t, and that is why we have said that changes such as those will come incrementally, yet with a swiftness that will amaze you. However, during your journey with Earth through fourth density to her destination in fifth, your consciousness will continue expanding; you will develop your innate ability to co-create and innovate whatever you strongly desire and can visualize.

22. So, what is reasonable to expect at the end of this year when Earth leaves behind the last tendrils of third density energy streamers? Everything devised with dark intent —from random violence and corruption to laboratory-designed viruses and satanic worship —will end. By the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, the low vibrations of darkness cannot enter the high vibratory levels of fourth density. Because individuals who persistently refused the light have carbon-based cells that can’t survive in high vibrations, they will die and their dark activities will cease.

23. There will be no en masse exodus in December. Some in the dark camp have died, and during the remainder of the year, along with the souls who choose not to stay on the planet for other reasons, the rest of the dark ones will be leaving due to the same kinds of lethal conditions that have caused death all along. Some may live long enough to be prosecuted for their criminal acts, and yes, if a person died and clones carried on, the laws will apply to the last clone because continuing the person’s illegal or ungodly ways was the purpose of cloning.

24. When those times come, we urge you not to despise the persons, but rather their acts against humanity, and then let go of that negative emotion. Hatred, resentment and desire for revenge teem with low vibrations, whereas forgiveness is so light-filled that forgivers take leaps in spiritual growth. All light sent forth to persons who became captives of darkness strengthens these weakest in our universal family, and that enables all souls to move closer toward reintegration with God.

25. So then, although not all the glories of Earth’s Golden Age will be sitting on its doorstep, the differences between this day and then will be stunning. Your world will be at peace. Only honorable, capable, spiritually aware persons will hold positions in governments, banking, corporations, educational institutions, health care, media, food production—all fields that impact life in your world.

26. Yes, much will remain to be accomplished. After reforms are initiated, the “mopping up,” so to say, will begin in earnest, and so will healing of the peoples and the planet. The high vibrations that will be prevailing —the energy of love-light— will restore peace of heart and mind to those whose lives have been in brutal circumstances. Technologies developed by your scientists but monopolized and misused by the Illuminati will be brought out in the open and, along with technologies introduced by other civilizations, will restore Earth to her original Eden self. Yes, incrementally, but in a period that will seem miraculously short.

27. Because long-hidden truths will have been revealed, everyone living in the Golden Age will know their inseparable connection with each other and with Nature, with God and all other life throughout this universe. Knowing that self-serving souls who succumbed to darkness started and perpetuated ethnic, religious, racial, ideological, cultural and gender prejudices, everyone will treat all others in the light of higher consciousness and spiritual clarity.

28. Beloved souls, stay steadfast and patient as the days pass while preparations are apace behind closed doors. When those doors open, and soon they shall, beneficial changes will come so swiftly that no amount of censorship can hide them from public view.

29. Light beings throughout the universe are singing your praises as you near the goal line of this unprecedented mission that you eagerly undertook and which, in the continuum, you already have accomplished.



Suzanne Ward

Happy Birthday to All –to you – something good Via Frank Wolak from Gerald O'Donnell
Thanks ALL for the beautiful birthday wishes. I love you all!!

I never celebrate birthdays as yearly events but as daily ones for every day is a new birth, every night a new death. I am going to explain.

I am going to share a deep and profound secret for longevity, rejuvenation, and day to day enlivenment- a secret the old program of the old matrix, so imbedded in all of us and in all of our sciences and spiritual misconceptions, would not want us to integrate and live by it, for it threatens its temporal grip on us.

Forget years or decades as time stations, they mean nothing: you are not to be slave to the orbit of earth around the sun. You are the Sun/Son, you are the Light, you are the Star, and you are here to experience and enjoy the earth. Do not ever tag yourself or others as…. years or even days “old.” Words have power and you are programming yourself with that. Your biology follows the accepted programs we share.

In truth, you Beingness and ex-IStence is a mix of your Higher Divine Soul/consciousness coupled with your Lower biological consciousness. Your earthly Biological consciousness, i.e. earthly vehicle, is born at conception energized by the Spiritual Electrical Life of the Sperm, and is gone at biological death reintegrating the Earthly Mother’s consciousness.

Your Divine soul originating from Eternity attaches itself to your biological vehicle as you take your first breath and leaves it as you let go of your last one. You then come back Home to the One and await another vehicle/car being readied for your next earthly adventure.

Our biology, gifted and product of the Earthly Divine mother, is our temporary vehicle which is being fashioned for us to inhabit and let go of as we go back Home as souls. It is a part of the Divine mother which the soul originating from the Holy Divine Father will occupy for a while and propagate/reproduce with. It is like a car. You are only driving it and it responds to your thoughts and commands and requires great care and respect.

Sadly, most of us have forgotten that we are only driving a vehicle/body; we polish it, wax it, wash it, and lovingly take care of its exterior first and interior second. And before you know it, as we become utterly fascinated by the scenery, we start thinking that we are the vehicle, and identify with it, often competing as to who has a more glamorous and well-kept beautiful vehicle.

I am of course addressing our obsession with youth and beauty of the physical vehicle, which often transpires also in our obsession with the other vehicles we drive or physical structures we inhabit.
We may even think of ourselves (for some) as bodies experiencing a spiritual life or connecting to Spirit, not realizing that we can but be Spirit experiencing a body/vehicle. Many, if not most, only think of themselves as a physical biological machine and become obsessed with studying it and its marvels. They often end up making it their personal god and worshiping it.

This is the meaning of the hexagram or Star of David: The symbol of Life – as Earth and Heavens coupled and united into a sense of Beingness.

Why am I telling you this? Because in truth and unbeknown to most, you ALL go back to the Heavenly realms every nigh going back to the Higher Light as you fall asleep, and leave your Biological Vehicle/consciousness humming at a very low restorative vibration, only united by a thin filament of consciousness (the famed silver life strand). You carry back to the Divine Mind the information about what has occurred during that day and prepare new scenarios for the next one. You basically die temporarily every night!

You then reintegrate back your biology every morning. You are in fact basically “Born Again” every morning. To the soul, used to fly freely across all realms as Spirit, there is a slight moment of Mourning (morning) when changing perspective and reintegrating the biological vehicle.

What you fear as death is experienced EVERY single day/night cycle of your life. There cannot be Spiritual death, only biological one! In fact, as you fear the death of your biological consciousness most of you are afraid that your Divine Consciousness is your biological consciousness/awareness and may disappear with it, which is utterly impossible!

All belief systems we operate with, be they scientific or religious ones, are anchored in this fallacy of mixing up the death or birth of the Physical vehicle with the supposed death or birth of the eternal Soul which cannot experience any real birth or real death because it is the IS and Eternity Itself.

Basically what we experience as human birth is the moment when the two inverted triangles symbolizing Earth and Heavens unite as Oneness, and death is when they separate and go back to their respective origin.

In fact, and this would require a much more detailed explanation, The Divine Father and Earthly Mother are but inverted sides of the SAME ONE and ONLY. They are not two, for they cannot be two. In fact these two Facets/sides form the eternal Cycle of Creation symbolized as the Cosmic Serpent (The One) biting it own tail as the Penis (tail/Male) enters the vagina (mouth/Female) of the One and Same Being separating Itself into Heavenly (Father) and Earth (Mother) for pro-Creation’s purpose forming Loving Oneness and recreating the Eternal One in a Temporal manifested format. The Cosmic Serpent is but remaining and symbolizing in fact One, for the One, by mere definition, cannot be two or more, but only play the illusion of such.

So dear ones, if you could fully integrate this true reality of whom you are and how you operate as the “Star” of David ( “Beloved One”, anointed in the Divine Knowledge of Oneness as King of the inner Kingdom) uniting Heavens and Earth, you would bless EVERY day as a new Birth, a new opportunity to rewrite your story and a new challenge to fill it with celebration, happiness, and gratitude for being gifted for another day -birth and death cycle – the Divine Gift of Life. You would celebrate every new day as your real Birth-Day.

Every day is a new birthday… and if you integrate this, you will never feel that one day is different from another one, a year from another, a decade for another, leading inexorably to death and perdition. Every day invites new experiences and learning. We are not a product of our past but of how we view it and react to it. We are in fact going from future to past as we dream our future, live/experience only the present, and gift its memory back to the past.

To focus on the past and fear the future is to invite scars and injuries to remain, dis-ease, and loss of Divine purpose.

If you can integrate this Truth and make it a living reality, you would bridge Heavens and Earth and make them One, which they are, and understand that your earthly vehicle is the only way by which Eternity (The One) can experience the illusion of temporal existence, as your Divine Soul (facet of the One) reintegrates every day its temporal vehicle gifted by the Divine earth Mother.

This celebrating of each day as a Birth-day is what brings the temporal biological vehicle back in tune with its Root Eternal Self penetrating and inhabiting it, and, as they both unite in Love, they heal each other and help the individual overcome the illusion and fear of temporal life and the illusion of inexorable painful decay.

This will do more for your longevity, rejuvenation, healing, and celebration of Life than any constant polishing, waxing, medicating, and obsessive luxurious feeding of your outer biology and its internal cells.

You will then feed yourself at your core with Divine Light of One and Joy of Oneness and that will outshines all other forms of obsession with aging and fear of oblivion.

You would Love your Spirit and Biological Vehicle as Oneness and respect and care for each as they gift you, when united, a human experience.

Aging is based on the fear of illusory death, and hence is all about a misconception of what Life and death really are about. They are but two states/perspectives of what your Divine Self experiences. You can overcome it if you realize that there is NO real death and you so-called die to this earthly existence every night and will do it again and again every day in the Eternal pulsating in and out breath of Spirit at it goes in and out of the biological vehicle.

Celebrate EACH day as your real Birth-day and you would not need so much creams, physical procedures, medicines, and obsessive focus on nutrients. This is Divine Healing Itself.

The game of Life and its perceived death is only an illusion as The Eternal One tries to experience and restrict itself into temporal existence.

You are Eternity and you never ever age. That is totally impossible. How can the One age? Get it?
For in truth your biology needs your loving realization that both itself and you are but originating from One and Being One and need to operate in Oneness. This realization and celebration of each day as your Birth-day with all of your caring friends and you celebrating theirs will do more to achieve what may only seem to be miracles at all levels of your being.

Celebrate each Birth-day and Love it as the perfect (Father/Spirit and Mother/Matter) couple who brings temporal experience to Eternity, and you will be surprised at the results. Let go of the old programs separating Spirit and matter for it is all One not two. It cannot be two!

In Truth, you were never really born, nor can you ever really die. You have always lived and it is my wish for you, one day, to fly free beyond birth-days as you fully know that you always lived.
So my dear friends, as for every day, I wish myself and you a happy Birth Day as we were all Divinely Born today, as we will tomorrow, as we all play and celebrate the Only Celebration that can never end and is worth Celebrating: Life Itself.

Re-Think Reality By Sandy Penny

This is an old story of mine, but in light of Oprah doing a firewalk, I’m reposting this article I wrote about my first firewalk.

A Leap of Faith

by Sandy Penny

I circled the fire with a tambourine in my hand, striking the instrument on my thigh in time with the chant, “My body does whatever it takes to protect itself.” I gazed into the glowing red and orange eyes of the twelve foot by four foot bed of coals and watched a coating of white ash begin to form. “The fire and I are one,” I chanted with the others.

The fire pit looked back, studying me with its many eyes. “Will you walk tonight?” it silently asked. Would I cast aside caution and logic and make a tremendous leap of faith with a few small steps on a 1200 degree bed of coals? Could I?

The chant changed to “I am the light, I am the love” and then swelled around me again with “The fire and I are one.” I thought about how I came to be standing on the edge of eternity, a 42-year old woman, questioning the very nature of reality.

It was only a few weeks ago as I entered the Chapel of Prayer with fifty or so people to listen to a Hindu Guru tell traditional Indian parables, that I met Charmaine McGhie and Tore Fossum. They were seated next to each other and connected so quickly that Charmaine invited Sandy to a New Year’s Eve Party and Firewalk.

I was intrigued. I had seen firewalking on TV and read about it in National Geographics, but never had I witnessed it in person.

Meanwhile, the couple gave me a book called “Firewalk” by Jonathon Seinfeld that I read with great interest. The book called firewalking an empowerment tool and a subcultural movement in the U.S. since the 1970s. It said the U.S. has more firewalkers than the rest of the world put together. I couldn’t believe it! How could I have missed it? I had pretty much tried every “new age” experience I had run into. How could such a phenomenon have slipped by unnoticed? My excitement grew as the days passed.

The book helped keep me occupied with a lot to think about in the days leading up to the party. It told stories of firewalking in every culture and quoted scriptures about firewalking. It even discussed the unsatisfactory research that has been done. I was primed for the experience – to watch the experience, at least.

I arrived early at the suburban house in a nice Friendswood, Texas neighborhood. Not really where one would expect to see a firewalk. The preparations looked like any other New Year’s Eve party. Guests arrived with covered dishes, and someone played piano – 50s hits for a sing along. The only difference is that no alcohol was present.

At about 9:00 pm everyone gathered in the back yard. A norther was moving through, and the air was cooling down. The grass was soaked with a hose as a safety precaution, and the evening began. The fire department showed up to certify the safety measures, and approved the walk.

Each participant took turns carrying logs to build the fire. They were instructed to think of the logs like children, and focus loving attention on them. A firewalk instructor took the logs and built an impressive “boy scout” style teepee-shaped structure that would become a large bonfire that would devour about half a cord of wood. The excited attendees took turns stuffing newspaper in the cracks, and the fire was lit with great ceremony. The blaze reached skyward as a word of thanks and protection was intoned by a lady wearing a long full skirt. Surely that skirt was not a good thing in which to walk through fire. Sandy loved fires. She faced the flames and raised a hand in salute. Just as she raised her arm, the fire leaped upward, and it looked exactly like she was waltzing with the vulcan fire god.

When the fire was blazing violet and gold, everyone went to the patio to try out some other phenomenal activities. It would be two to three hours before the coals were ready.
Someone announced it was time for the “rebar game” and a cheer rang out. I had no idea what that meant. Rebars are 3/4″ x 6′ steel bars used to reinforce concrete. Two people stand face to face about six feet apart and a rebar is suspended between them by placing the tip of the metal rod in the hollow of their throats.

The two people are told to focus their energy and see the rod bending. When they feel focused, walk toward each other. The rod could either pierce your throat, cut off your breathing, or it could bend. All of them bent. There were no tracheotomies this night. It was impossible to use force to bend the rod in this position without tremendous pain. I know because I found that out through experience. But when properly focused, the rod just sort of melts, and suddenly I was catching my partner in my arms as we fell toward each other. Yes, I did it! I couldn’t believe it.

Next, we broke boards like so many karate experts. Only we weren’t. One inch thick by twenty-four inches wide pine boards were suspended across two large bricks. When I focused, the board almost broke itself. I was rewarded with a tremendous energy rush. I had no idea I could do that. I had never tried before.

Finally, the coals were ready. The group returned to the back yard. The fire was so hot, it was difficult to stand close to it for more than a few minutes. The coals were raked out smooth, and the temperature was measured at 1800 degrees. How could anyone hope to walk on this? It was preposterous. I was glad I’d only come to watch.

The entranced group circled the fire pit and chanted as they connected with the coals. No one seemed to want to be first. I wondered if anyone would find the courage. Suddenly Charmaine was at the top of the pit quietly chanting and focusing on the far end of the coals. Then it happened. She stepped onto the coals and kept walking, slowly, not rushing, the full twelve feet. As she stepped off, a cheer went up, and she walked around the pit and repeated it. She was followed by Tore and another, and another. A line of people followed with no injuries. The lady in the long, full skirt walked eight times, and the fabric did not catch fire. Everyone had walked, except me and one other person. “Oh well,” she thought, “I only came to watch anyway.”

Some people walked slowly, some people ran, some people danced. One person cartwheeled through the coals and did the most amazing thing. He stepped onto the coals and stood there in one place, reached down and lifted up a handful of coals and threw them into the air. Then he quietly walked off the fire pit – unharmed.

This went on for a couple of hours. It was like a dream. My mind had no place to file this scene. Could I do it too? Did I have enough faith and concentration and courage? I didn’t know. I did not feel afraid. But I also did not feel compelled to walk. Even so, I had removed my shoes and socks. Was that significant?

Then a voice was calling out “Last call. It’s time to go in and dance.” Charmaine stepped up to the pit again, and this time I stepped out beside her and took her hand. We looked briefly at each other. Charmaine squeezed my hand and smiled, and we began to walk. We moved together, not too fast, casually. It felt as if we were in a cool tunnel. None of the radiant heat I had felt as I stood beside the fire pit.

The coals crunched under my feet, and I was about to step off the pit, already at the other end. I did it! I had actually walked on 1800 degree coals, and my feet were intact – not even a blister. At that moment, as I thought about my feet, for an instant I felt the heat and almost panicked. The people at the end of the pit took my hands and said, “Your feet are fine.” I repeated it over and over. And they were fine, not even a little bit red from the heat.

Now everyone was cheering for me! I knew I was about to begin rethinking reality. There was no other choice.
Posted by Sandy Penny – WritingMuse – Love and Happiness Coach, Build Your Own Website Instructor at 10:50 AM

I Tell the Future # 1 Sandy Penny

“The only reason to know the future is to either cooperate with it . or change it.” –sandy
penny, 1978

I suppose that saying “I tell the future” is inviting a lot of challenges because, honestly, no one can tell the future all the time. The future is not like a movie that has already been made and is just waiting for you to watch it. Wouldn’t that be a drag? The future is changeable and malleable and responsive to every choice we make. So, how is it ever possible to tell the future?

We are creatures of habit, and over a long period of time in our lives, we develop habits that contribute to the future that gets created, our own future. And, our emotional response to others also contributes to creating our future. And, we are born with some predispositions to certain challenges, decisions, choices and outcomes.

Like the old adage says, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

It is not easy to change our essential nature, our childhood programming and embrace a new way of life that will change the future and give use new and better outcomes. It takes a conscious effort.

I began doing psychic readings and providing intuitive spiritual guidance in 1976 after finding the Chapel of Prayer in Houston and meeting Rev. Eleanor Button, a Christian Mystic and teacher. She and others at the Chapel taught me to look at the world in a new and different way and to embrace the “hunches” that came so naturally to me.

They taught me to pay attention to my own inner guidance and to take steps based on that guidance and to ignore those who discouraged me from my path because of their fears. Now, I wouldn’t know any other way to live, and I still have to confront those who are afraid of the choices I make, and afraid of the chances I take in life.

But I have come to trust my inner voice beyond all others, and the only reason I do readings for others is to demonstrate that the information and guidance is available, and that it can be trusted.

When I sit down with you to talk about your personal future, I will always tell you that “based on the current trends and decisions you are making, this is the most likely outcome.” If it is not what you want to happen, then I will work with you to empower change in your life . change that you choose, not what I would like to see for you.

In addition to our personal future, there is the future of the world and the future of every group consciousness in this world. Each of those larger dynamics can have an impact on our personal future – if we let it, and if we choose to step outside the group consciousness, we can live a life empowered by our heart’s and soul’s desires, the truth of who we are and why we came here to this planet. And, emotion is the driving force for our alignment with the group consciousness or with our own personal cosmic life map.

I urge everyone to be conscious and aware as you choose to participate with groups. Ask yourself if their agenda matches what you want in your life. If not, don’t be afraid to step outside the group and find those who are more closely aligned with your personal needs.

I spend a great deal of meditation time tuning into the larger group consciousnesses on this planet, like the country I live in, the world consciousness, cosmic consciousness and divine plan. I always ask what the highest and best good is that I can focus on for the outcome of a big change.

This year is considered and has been empowered through many group consciousnesses to be a year of huge change. Whether that change is good or bad will always depend on your point of view. When I see a change heading my way that I am not vibrationally aligned with, I begin sending out conscious images for a better vision and a better outcome. If we give away our power to affect the future to a group consciousness, we may be choosing by default to participate in unnecessarily difficult circumstances.

This New Age is meant to be filled with joy, creativity, community, compassion, empowerment, and freedom of choice. It is hard to take responsibility for the choices and the repercussions of our choices. It is easier to blame it on the government, or the weather, or unnamed evil than to boldly hold a place for our highest and best future to manifest.

Please release your fears, your negative judgements, and your unexamined bandwagons so you can embrace the future you truly want. Only by knowing that you are important to the future of the world and acting as if you are important to the future of the world can you claim the power you came here to express. We all have amazing contributions to make to this world, and it’s time to create the future form a place of “what you want,” instead of “what you don’t want.”

The future is created through emotionalized visions, and it has no word for not. It sees the pictures, feels the emotion behind the picture, whether fear or love, and creates from the power of the emotion. Emotion is the fuel. Vision is the blueprint. You are the architect and others are the construction crew. Nothing on this planet is ever created or built without first having a vision of it.

What kind of future do you want? What kind of pictures are you empowering with your emotions? What choices are you making every step of the way that either takes you closer to your joy or further away from it?

This world will be a happier place when people live empowered lives that reflect their true nature of love.

January 2012 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,
I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year. May the coming year be filled with all that you wish for. Remember we can manifest whatever we desire so be sure you are clear about what you want.

What 2012 Will Bring

The long awaited 2012 has arrived and with it comes much concern about what the future will hold. There has been much ado in the media about the Mayan calendar and the ending of the world on December 21, 2012. I can assure you the world will not be ending on this date. What you experience will depend on whether you are heart centered or fear-based?

If you are heart centered and filled with love, you will experience the Golden Age we are about to enter. According to David Wilcock and Geoff Stray, both of whom have done a great deal of research, almost every religion and wisdom teaching speaks about this coming Golden Age, which according to ancient texts should start sometime in 2014. While they also speak about a time of earth changes and tribulations, not one of them predicts total annihilation.

Some mystics predict there will be two Earth’s – one functioning on third dimensional reality and another operating with fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. Which one you will personally experience will depend on your level of consciousness? We already know what a world functioning with third dimensional consciousness looks like as we have been living with that reality for some time.

In a third dimensional world, many people feel dis-empowered and angry by the choices others make. The actions of our leaders have led to financial insecurity and a worldwide financial crisis that seems to be escalating rather than diminishing. We still have war or the threat of war in some areas. We have witnessed many earth changes around the globe that have caused great loss of life. We live in a world dominated by big corporations who have little concern for the man on the street. We are on a planet that is on a course of self-destruction because of the over use of natural resources and the refusal by big corporations to invest in research and development that would bring about the use of free energy.

What will the golden Age look like? It will be a world filled with peace, concern and compassion for others. A planet where there will be free energy and better use of our natural resources. It will be a world where every person will have access to clean water and food. A place where we take responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences they bring. A world filled with love for ourselves, others, animals, plants and even the planet itself. Where we will consider honor and duty to be important and where we will willingly choose a life of service to others. Imagine if everyone wanted to help others what the world would look like. We will live consciously in the moment and not by habits. This is world we have all been waiting for but have yet to experience.

In order to achieve this new reality, we are being asked to open our hearts in love. To sense a connection to all living beings, no matter their form. Without opening our hearts with love, we cannot achieve fourth dimensional consciousness. Without our speaking our truth and using our discernment, we are unable to access the wisdom we all possess. To achieve fifth dimensional consciousness, we must combine love and discernment to speak with wisdom.

We must be willing to be all that we can be and realize that we all have something to contribute. Many people have no idea that they are powerful beings who have chosen to be present at this time to help with Earth’s transformation. We must listen to our intuition as this is the only way to access our soul knowledge and understand who we really are. If we remain fearful of owning our power, which is a common fear, we will not experience this Golden Age.

Learning to love ourselves is a good place to start so we have a personal experience of what love really feels like. The start of the New Year is a perfect time to start practicing loving yourself and others. Pay attention to how much better you will feel when you love yourself and others unconditionally. You will notice that there is no room for judgment, fear, anger or mistrust in your life when you are heart centered.

When you come from a place of love, you carry that energy with you and it impacts whoever you encounter. You feel better and you help others just by being heart centered even if you say or do nothing. Naturally more people will want to be close to you because who does not want to receive

If you remain in fear, you will experience some of the negative events that have been predicted. When you are fear-based, you put yourself in a position to allow others to control you or take advantage. If you continue to have a slave mentality there will always be others who want to control you be they those close to you, the government or ET’s. The only way to a change this is to own your own power. When you say or do nothing, people assume you agree with them so speak up rather than give up. The best way to get ahead is to be orientated towards service to others not service to self as this is how the soul evolves.

You may be wondering why we are going through this shift at this time. Scientists have discovered that galaxies go through growth cycles. Naturally these occur over long periods of time. From the wisdom traditions of the Maya and other Indigenous groups that have been passed down through the ages, we know that not only is this time the end of another great processional cycle of 25,900 years but the end of a125,000 year cycle and others.

Right now the center of our galaxy is giving off waves of higher frequency energy which is impacting not only Earth but our entire solar system. Astronomers have already noticed changes in the auras or energy fields around all planets in our solar system. This higher frequency energy will affect our biology and will change our DNA from carbon based to silicon based. We all know from owning computers how much information one silicon chip can hold. So we can expect to have instant access not only to our own soul knowledge but to all information stored in the universal subconscious as Dr. Jung called it or the akashic records of the planet.

This new energy which we have already been experiencing will raise our consciousness, change our DNA, increase our psychic abilities and sensitivities, and the speed we can manifest what we want. We will be able levitate, tele-transport ourselves, communicate telepathically and much more. Of course when everyone can read your thoughts, you will have to be totally honest.

We are at the threshold. The time is now to make your decision to open your heart, speak your truth, and listen to your inner guidance rather than live in fear and makey our decisions based on past experiences. We all are powerful beings and now is the time to own our power, put our fears aside and trust all will be well.

If you need help to empower yourself so that you can be ready for the beautiful future that awaits us, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to you all.
Sharon Cheney