Richard Bartlett the Quantum Show to Contact“ Is it all True Series ? #122

Members of the group, Albuquerque UFO/Paranormal Forum, and myself had ventured into the strange world of Richard Bartlett on January 29, 2010. I have said in other postings that by getting deeply into your right brain you can achieve mind-to-mind contact with inter-dimensional beings, including your more normal grays, reptilians, and those other others. My belief of this right brain journey to contact is stronger then ever.

During Richards first few minutes, he convinced me that he was a non-human entity. His mind was in a solid state of right brainism. It was a state of nirvana. He moved among his audience and dropped-down (as he calls it). As he and his assistants randomly took some of his audience into an area of consciousness they have only dreamed of before. They literally tipped over and remained comfortably lying on their backs, emerged totally in the right brain.

Richard plays in the quantum world of the Zero Point Field. Richard taps into this most powerful universal force, an energy that carries all history and knowledge from the beginning of all times and beyond. I believe most inter-dimensional beings have been working in this quantum energy field for hundreds of thousands of years. Most of Richards strange behavior in his show is for distraction. A distraction designed to catch the left-brain and keep it from interfering with the right brains move out into field. This Zero Point Field is the connecting force that links and networks all human and non-human bio- entities together.

Richard demonstrated the healing abilities of dropping down and modulating emotional and physical ailments. Some people would lie motionless for 15 minutes or more as their soul/minds floated in the Matrix of the Energetics. I had learned to drop-down several weeks before my Richard encounter. A close friend had gone to a 4-day Bartlett course to the Land of Oz. She taught me how to feel that special, strange, bewildering state of presence. The first time tipped-over I laid on my bed laughing, just laughing and not knowing why, it felt wonderful. Putting yourself or someone else into the Zero Point Field is going into a field where everything is possible, it is where dreams come from and reality is made.

When I go and do my Vortex Photography, the more my left-brain is on pause, the more right brain can be used to perceive the strange entities and image them. They, the forest people, seem to sense my altered state and come out from hiding from their higher dimensions places, and say “hi” to us humans.

In the future I will use Matrix Energetics, tapping, and other Quantum techniques to enable me to look through the veils of my left-brain.

Sleep-tight – Your right –brain is waiting to be unchained and see the truth.

Richard crazy man

The Scalar Waves/ Tesla / UFOs and Frequency: Part 3 – Is it all True Series ? #119

If you have not read Part 1, it was posted 01/16/10 and Part 2 was posted 01/23/10. It seems that the Russians have been playing with these Beam Quantum Weapons since back in the Vietnam War, when it was rumored they supplied portable pulsar bazookas to shoot down US aircraft and it also was a possible carry-over against the NATO forces in the Bosnian War.

The delivery systems of the Scalar weapons are several types flex-handhelds, satellites, (Star Wars), aircrafts of all types, subs, and UFOs from earth governments, and non-humans alien beings. In people, these weapons destroy the nervous systems and can kill all cellular matter at high frequency levels.

I am also wondering if cattle mutations have been caused by the use of beam weapons in tissue experiments. Besides the precision surgical cuts of a mutation, the carcasses decayed very slowing, 3 to 4 times the average length of time of a normal natural death. This slow decay is an important characteristic of the use of the Scalar weapon on living matter. The Russians also liked to use this beam technology to modify the weather for helpful results for themselves while making violent weather for others.

Scalar pulse-type devices have also been used as a mind control tool, putting strange bizarre messages into people’s heads. The prison systems around the world are favorite testing grounds for these madman techniques. The Russians are quite advanced in this type of mind control. They are able to implant thoughts and actions at the deep subliminal levels where it really sticks. And since we are always competing with the Russians, you can bet we have the same technology. It is said that the Russians can change the moods of the masses over large areas with SWs. Maybe this answers the question why do the Russian have this huge alcohol problem- the Vodka.

All humans give off a signature frequency and some are saying this frequency can be picked-up by Scalar receptors. This technique is called remote neural monitoring. So with that said the need for implants to track humans may be unnecessary. Finally, these quantum potentials (scalar) can mimic frequencies of diseases and could very well spread diseases in dense population areas.

Note these scalar potential weapons may be just a conspiracy fantasy, something to talk about on the Internet. But if the Scalar technology can bend, change, and modulate frequencies over a large area, this truly concerns me. For frequency is what we are all about, frequency drives everything on earth and in the Universe. This God-like gene is our sacred frequency; we all depend on it to stabilize our life force. Man needs to stay out of the frequency business; this area is truly way beyond human capacity.

Sleep-tight, keep your frequency mellow, and life as we know it will probably go on.

Why quantum potential weapons (Scalar Waves) are keeping the bad guys (bad aliens) away. Part 1 Is is all True Series ? #117

Over the last 30 years I have heard bits and pieces of information about an amazing old / new weapons system and a force/ energy of unlimited potential for the good and the very bad. This strange story started with a magical wizard called Nicola Tesla, probably the most intelligent human-like genius ever. See my (11/08/08) posting for more on Tesla. After studying Tesla for many years, I truly have thought he was taught/ downloaded all his wisdom from a higher realm. I don’t believe he even knew it was happening, his genius just flowed out.

Tesla died in 1943 under mysterious circumstances maybe at the hands of his own technology. Tesla was able to collect and focus quantum energy from the Zero Point Field into powerful plasma beam. It seems like he and the Nazis were working independently and concurrently on using the zero point – Tesla for good and the Nazis for bad. It is said as time has passed since the 40’s this energy developed into vehicles that have the potential to make the end game happen. It cannot only be a destructive beam weapon, but if blasted into earth, earthquakes can and maybe have happened. It could be dialed down to produce strange effects on human brain waves causing hallucinations and pushing humans into a mind control mode and massive weather modification can be produced. Tesla developed, on a small scale, a powerful shield, which nothing could penetrate. So, maybe some parts of our world are protected by Tesla technology from a possible invasion, Star-Wars defense system anyone.

Many would say, I included, that this quantum technology is science fiction, but a recent event has given me pause. The reason I am writing this posting is because at the 2010 International Electronic Show in Las Vegas, they unveiled a new plasma TV which ran on wireless Tesla electricity. Never did I think in my lifetime that that this technology would be allowed to happen, a new paradigm is about to start. So hold on to your hat. This quantum/scalar wave technology may very much be reality.

I also believe that the Aliens, who gave us this technology, will regard the trade.

Sleep tight a new paradigm awaits you tomorrow.



The Man — TESLA

Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 3 -Is it all True Series #116 (Connect into the field – to all and everything)

This is the third part in a series dealing with realistic ways to start to connect into the whole concept of alien beings/ UFOs and inter-dimensional realities. Please read part 1 (12/12/09) and part 2 (12/19/09).

First, we need to connect with the Zero Point Field, so let’s pause and define this Field – of the zero point. ZPF is the field of electromagnetic energy that embeds all things in, around, and through the Universe. It carries the memory of all events from the beginning of the existence of all. This includes everything down to the empty space between any other energy field and between dense energy –called matter.

Your frequency is your connection vehicle to the Field; IDBs (inter-dimensional beings) are plugged into the field. Our Internet is a primitive version of the Field. The ZPF is like music, an orchestra, and a congruent signature note – a point of reference. Everything in the field is in harmony with all parts of the Cosmic Universe. Humans are presently outside this congruency, not in tune with the other players. Humans hear static; their task is to change static into a harmonic state. How do humans make this change? They need to get to a place in their self, place of absolute deafening quiet. The easiest way to make a connection to the Field is a link in the mind during a period, void of thought. The noise of our minds creates dissonance making a Field connection impossible.

Once you experience it, it is like the “riding the bike experience” you can hone into the Field and explore and strengthen your connection. There is a way to start practicing to get to the “void of thought position,” it is called observe without judgment. Be in a non-thought state and observe life around you, with no judgment. This method tunes you “up” for the connection to the ZPF, which I believe, is our ultimate purpose. It’s the ultimate frontier, the endgame. It’s like the final technology upgrade for mankind.

It’s the link to real contact with IDBs and it may be the only way.

Sleep always tight and start visiting your place of “void” and get connected.


zero point

Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 2 -Is it all True Series #114

zero point

Dr. Richard Bartlett DC ND has brought to light some amazing stuff about the right brain function. Richard has found a way to collapse quantum waves to reconfigure intent and reorganize reality through right brain formatting. Our right brains open us up to all probabilities of all realities and it does it with little or no drama. The right brain can deal with complex problems and concepts through a visual impression that speeds through our neuron Internet at quantum leaps, so fast that the left-brain is left confused and helpless.

Our left-brain is a slow series processor while the right brain is a multi-processor / parallel portal device. The right brain is the taskmaster of the mind making knowledge at a rate beyond light speed.

What we have to do is shift our reference points and see the other worlds that are present in our same space between the atoms, where a total vastness houses the Zero Point Field.The Zero Point Field is over 99.999999 % of everything in the universe and it is where all truths lie.

I initially never saw any of the beings in the random vortex photos I have taken during the last seven months; they appeared to me after the photos were shot. Of course going to a right brain state is the driving force to open your mind up to perceive these beings. The more the right brain is in charge of the situation the more the universe opens her heart to you. The digital camera is not biased. It picks up whatever it sees, and doesn’t judge or analyze. Where by humans will not see what they cannot perceive. But once it is in the digital matrix our minds, at least some peoples’ minds, can receive the impressions through our right brain.

What is happening in my vortex photography is that they (the IDB’s) can hide between the spaces in-between the atoms (the inter-dimensional place) and wait for an event or reason to reemerge into the physical world of the humans. This right-brain shift is what is needed for the UFO researchers to go forward and truly start understanding this phenomena in 2010.

Please read more from Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetics, The Matrix Energetics Experience and The Physics of Miracles.

Sleep tight – Remember 02/28/10 is coming, if you say – “What do you mean “? See my special posting on 12/15/09


The David Icke Show Part III– Is it all True Series# 108

As the Icke show is ending let me share some of his final thoughts for the day. During this entire event Icke emphasized that only energy is the building blocks of our universe. We play in our world of holograms and our reptilian handlers will use them more and more to manipulate us humans.

David speaks that China is the blueprint for the future of the rest of the world. It is the laboratory where the methods of control are refined. China is a prison without the bars. The Reptilian Cabal feels it has the divine right to rule, since it feels they were part of our creation (the reptilian brain). It’s that property thing I guess.

Icke reveals that the headquarters of the controlling bloodlines are in Old Europe in the City of London. These bloodlines live in a low vibratory field so that means if you (us humans) can hold a high vibration the reptilians cannot harm us. Tapping into the esthetic field (the zero point) is where higher vibration can be found. David told an interesting story about tapping into field. Someone from Utah who lived near Salt Lake City and who had developed some type of “Free Energy device” would consistently tap this zero point field, but never during Mormon church services, for their praying draw much of this energy vibration away from his equipment.

Next David talked about three important and somewhat profound books two of books about the coming (maybe already here) new world order- 1984 – George Orwell and The Brave New World by Aldrous Huxley. Both men came from the Fabian Society – an infamous group noted for its social movements and maybe the One World Movement. And Orwell and Huxley were probably sounding the warning to future generations. And the other book was Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan about the evolution of Man with reptilian and more.

David closed the show with positive hope and a path to keep us free; we must override the lizard brain, for it is the barrier to our godliness. Do right brain thinking- no more fear. Stop conforming stand up to the controlling system- take responsibility back. Icke continues- raise your vibration- use the power of intent. Watch your life signs, we are here to break the spell. Infinite love is the only truth everything else is an illusion. Know thyself – open your consciousness and follow your intuition.

Sleep Tight – and always “ keep your Eyes wide Open- not wide shut. “


icke 015

Not a Good Look for Mr. Icke. Santa Fe 2009

Noory Speaks — William Henry – Illuminati and Stargates Part 3

Illuminati – light up the soul from with-in. Secret teachings of Jesus — did the Cathars have this power/ ability? Able to return to the stars. God games on earth between the crazed religions. Religions must be unified for us to all step out of the mud into the stars.

No question –we are working on worm-holes — black projects, they are 25 years ahead of ” Best Buys” Humble Telescope = Gate to God . Tower of Babalon – destroyed , rebuilt and destroyed again — Is a God coming ???