Whitley Speaks with Joseph Farrell – The Cosmic War -part 1 of 6

Did this Cosmic war strip us humans of our memories of the past ? Face on Mars and the Bigfoot looking figure on Mars– was Mars murdered ?

Bell Project — Nazi guys — free Energy , a weapon, a UFO, the most secret project of the Nazi Tech. The Bell completely missing at the end of the War II. Did it go to Latin America or the U.S.
JFK connection to the Bell and his death , Then the Blue Man in Cave — War between Earth and Mars . Earth Won ?or did we ?

HAPPY NEW YEARS- "ALL"–George Knapp Speaks with Joseph Farrell Part 7 – SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Flying -wing Kenneth Arnold could have seen man-made – Nazi Tech. Atomic Bombs bring out the UFOs.German A-Bomb test 1944. European CIA Opers. Deck in the hands for the Nazis after the War. Many turned double agents for the Soviets. JFK was going to smash the CIA — Motive to kill him. JFK to spill the beans on UFOs? Nazi connection to the JFK assassination. Nazi gave us our present day CIA , basics.Oswald could speak Russian and did you know German — Strange German connection in Oswalds notebook. Many Nazi survive in South America after the War to do Plasma Physics research .

Great Stuff enjoy MWiz.

George Knapp Speaks with Joseph Farrell Part 4 – SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Bell is it the footprint of Nazi Saucer Technology , a testing device for futuristic travel vehicles. Texas Acorn UFO sighting similar to the Bell or the Bell.
MJ12 Documents real ? Paper trail ” very interesting” Scientists were murdered from the Bell project? Code names for the Bell project — light bearer – Satan or straight out — The Time Machine. Scalar weapons tap into the zero point field.

Enjoy another good one ,, also we lose Farrell for a few minutes — right as he starts talking about MJ12 Documents…