Friday the 13th — The Origin .

A week ago from last Friday, we had this event called Friday the 13th. This date gives some people an uneasy feeling. In 1307 on October 13th, it was more than an uneasy feeling; it was death for hundreds and maybe thousands of Knights Templar. The King of France, Philip the IV, with the backing of the Pope, decided it was time to grab the vast wealth of the Templars. So the blood bath occurred on the infamous Friday the 13th -700 years ago and we still feel it today, but more on the lighter side of life.

The Templars are an extremely interesting group of knight-types whose wisdom and knowledge goes back to the Egyptian times, possibly earlier. The Templars official original claim to fame was protecting (from bandits) the pilgrims on their journey to the Holy Land. But as it turns out the Templars were major thieves themselves as they may have carried away important booty from King Solomon’s Temple such as the Holy Grail and maybe even the Ark of the Covenant.

Templars throughout the history of the world had strong influence with the following institutions: the US Constitution and our form of government, the Red Cross, Swiss Banking, the Pirates of Old, the Masons and maybe, just maybe the Mormon Church. Their esoteric ideas about government, freedom of man and a little bit of Magic makes us Americans who we are. But we Americans know very little about these forefathers, and they are maybe our most important ones.

Their open-mindedness and more secular look at life, helped keep us from the darkness of the time that religions were driving us toward. As a final note, the body underneath the “Shroud of Turin” may have been the Templars great leader Jacques de Molay and not Jesus — Surprise.

History is fun and very important if we want to understand where we are going and learn from where we have been.


Jacques de Molay –Last Grandmaster of the Templars

Russia's Roswell — Part 1

I am going to start a 5 part series with my comments about a Russian event similar to our Roswell. Part One: 60 years of strangeness over the Soviet Union, the KGB in the middle of it all. Their most secret base Kapustin Yar equal to our Area 51 – Making Secret Stuff. Over the base a Soviet MIG encounters a cigar shaped UFO and shoots it down, also the MIG crashes and the pilot is killed – maybe from a UFO Beam weapon. What is interesting about this series is that people in the interviews are ex-KGB and high military folk, no turnips falling off the truck-types,
Enjoy Part One. MWiz.
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“Quantum Success” Sandra Anne Taylor—– III

Consciousness is always a choice. It is the choice to bring your awareness to the present moment, the decision to see and prioritize that which is truly important, that which is genuinely honoring and value enhancing in your life. Your constant question must be: “what am I focusing my consciousness on now?” And the question that follows is: “what might this consciousness be creating for me?”

From Sandra Anne Taylor and her Book “Quantum Success”

The Zero Point and Nazi Saucers ?

I just finished a great book called “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook. To balance out the study of the origins of UFOs we must stop and take a look at the advancements of human technology especially at the end of War World II.
The Nazis were pushing their German scientists to find the magic to save their butts and win the war. The V- rocket series helped smash and kill thousands of Brits.With the help of slave labor the Nazis build amazing underground factories, and were on their way to building hundreds of jet planes, which in volume could have changed the course of the war. Also on the drawing boards were super-Subs and super Guns and maybe the Atomic Bomb. Thankfully, for a few good Germans were able to slow their progress which ultimately spared us from the unprecedented amount of evil and deadly technology the Nazis were about to unleash on our world. In another year or so we all would have had German as our first language: it was that close. The war ended but what about the technology, the Germans suddenly, almost mysteriously, were 10 years ahead of the rest world in high tech stuff, (i.e.,weapons, early computers, pharmaceuticals, atomic research, quantum mechanics/physics and even dyes and advanced textiles).

“Zero Point Energy” the unlimited energy;theoretically,the energy, which makes the saucers fly. It appears like a couple of separated isolated groups of Germans scientists were working on this incredible energy and even created a few small and mostly uncontrollable flying saucers. And then there was “The BELL” the most mysterious project of all – was it a saucer, a weapon or a time machine or all three? We will probably never know because it supposedly was flown/shipped out of Germany by the Nazis to an unknown destination. So as the War ended the Allied Powers were scrambling to capture, kidnap, and steal the scientists and technologies from the Third Reich. The American project called Operation Paperclip grabbed hundreds of these very talented Germans for the American agenda. Some of these Germans were Nazis so the Allied Powers because of their own greed unknowingly or knowingly, have spread this evil throughout the world’s technological community, we are still living with the consequences in 2007, 60 years after the ending of the War. This new community is and was called – The Military Industrial Complex.

Also two interesting sidebars – In 1947 Kenneth Arnold may have made the first modern era sightings of UFOs and may have coined the term Flying Saucer– these sightings were probably ones we built with the help those German scientists. And on a synchronistic note: my father was Wernher Von Braun’s personal military security guard here in the U.S.- the famous German Rocket Master-V Series (and father of our Space/Rocket program).

Thanks for your time , are you “Awake” – I am.


Mr Rocket – Von Braun

HYBRIDS: a continuation

After a period of many abductions and many hybrid babies later when the Grey’s and other extraterrestrials and I came to a medium of acceptance and respect between human being and their life. Reflecting back on one of my abductions of a time when I delivered a small hybrid baby. After the delivery of this baby and going through the process of holding and having the motherly instinct take over then my hybrid baby is taken away from me knowing that I may never see this hybrid baby again to see it grow and develop into an adult.

I began to ask certain questions of Raytheon, my “assigned friendly grey” who is always with me at the moment I arrive on board. This other Grey who always seemed to be around whom I gave the name of “The Doctor” or “The Boss” because he always seemed to have a high authority over other Grey’s. He always appeared to be the directive being especially when medical procedures were being performed on me. His personality and attitude was quite demeaning.

I was allowed to ask various questions in regard to the hybrid children. One question was directed to the both of these Grey’s. What are you doing other than creating a new specie? “Why” what are your reasons for having this reproductive program? I was told that these Hybrids one day would bridge our worlds together. Was I told the truth about hybrids bridging our worlds one day, is this their true agenda. The alien interest in the human body is anything but spiritual. The idea the aliens are benign beings here to help the human race? Yes, definitely is does seem they have their own agenda, which involves the production of hybrid beings. Some older Hybrids have already been placed here on our earth to learn and work amongst humans. These chosen Hybrids appear to look more human.

This thought comes to mind “are we one day going to be controlled by such an entity” and live under their type of “government” or “leadership”? Or will they penetrate our world as a peaceful, helpful entity to live in harmony with the future humans on this world? Is this going to be eventually a survival program for them and us as well?

This breeding program seemingly was disclosed approximately as early as in 1966 by the Betty and Barney Hill abductions. Previously I spoke of male abductees who are forced and paralyzed into a coupling either with female hybrids, or the use of a type of machine to extract sperm from a male. For human females the procedure for harvesting of sperm and ova in a petri dish which then is injected into the human female’s navel. I’ve heard of this procedure being used many times on women but one thought here, if they have female hybrids, for the male human how about coupling right off with a male hybrid for the female human?? For a fact I know this occurs with the Reptilian race. Thank God since the sight of this particular race is so unbearable they are able to shape shift into someone you take a “fancy” to.

Many hybrid babies when they are born look more human than their “counter part” of an alien being. These hybrid babies can have the human shaped head and human looking eyes and more so then a normal looking face of a human being. Many reports of “suspect” hybrids that I have encountered are quite tall. Both male and female hybrids can be almost seven feet tall. This can be a norm for hybrid beings. Is it possible that these hybrids are Nordics who are another alien race? Therefore if so, are Nordics living and have been here on our earth for centuries?

Abduction in Brazil -Linda Moulton Howe Part III

Linda , brings more evidence to experts — cloth, fabrics , pillow cases, and banded stones .
Conclusion –Something strange was part of this abduction situation , proof of strangeness.
And maybe proof of an Alien abduction. If you want to watch part 4 go to,- Linda Moulton Howe.

Enjoy MWiz.

"Quantum Success" Sandra Anne Taylor—– II

“The Law of Manifestation is clear: If your consciousness creates your reality, you simply cannot manifest anything that does not exist fully formed inside you first. You cannot experience success without an unconflicted knowledge of what that looks and feels like first.”

Thanks Sandra Anne Taylor– Great Book

Synchronicity – a life force- 1

Synchronicity is one of my favorite subjects. It has come up many times in my UFO/contact studies and research. It can be used to help contact beings and move into other dimensions, but more of that on future postings.

Now a little background on the subject, CG Jung did some great initial work on synchronicity. He studied it, wrote a book and coined the
“word”. For him synchronicity represented a coincidence of two or more events where something other then the probability of chance is involved. Let’s say “Beyond Probability”. This is a kind of harmony at work in the interaction between of both psychic and physical events. Jung’s “a causal connecting principle” was linking mind and matter.

Let’s go for a couple of examples (based on true events). 1. You and your partner have relocated to a new city with your partner and as time goes on you are having some issues with your partner and you don’t much like the new city either. After a verbal confrontation with your partner you go for a walk. During this walk a dead bird falls from the sky at your feet. A sign form the universe, probably. An event which happens during an unsettled time of your life can be a sign, (synchronistic). Note there would normally be more that one synchronistic event.

2.Let’s say you have been putting off a school project on the subject of –Australia. You have been thinking about it for weeks and don’t know where to start. Suddenly synchronicity kicks in, you start seeing things related to Australia,(i.e., advertisements, consumer products, Australian books jump off the shelf at you, and Nicole Kidman is at the Box Office. You are now ready to start and finish your project in a quick and effective manner. I say you are in the “FLO”, via synchronicity.

Paying attention is the Key here. The Life force called Synchronicity will only give you a limited number of cues and if you don’t act on them, it will stop. Your actions keep the FLO going.
Also I can’t tell you that this direction you find yourself going is “right” or “good”, the source here is your deep thoughts and needs. The synchronistic process taps into the quantum level of the universe. Your mind/thoughts affects matter, it throws out a web of energy (sub-particles) that grab other sub-particles and pull them to you, this helps create your reality and complete your dreams.

Synchronicity love it or leave it. It is another tool the universe gives you to help reach your personal fulfillment, pay attention.

MWiz.– more to come.


Synchronicity or bad luck.


It was made apparent that many alien/MILAB abductees are unable to accept the reality of what is happening in their lives for many reasons. Many open minded or close minded abductees have turned to alcohol and/or eventually to hard drug usage for the fact of numbing and forgetting the negative experiences with such an unusual universal being (extraterrestrials) who have invaded their normal lives, thus living the horrific experiences that are caused by what these unusual beings may negatively be doing to these particular human’s bodies or their psychic. If the abductee finds he/she has no human parent, friends or spouse to share this information with or if he/she does have someone to share information with but is told this information has to be kept very secret and don’t you ever speak of it again attitude, the negative experiences eventually begins to eat away at one’s soul for the greatest fear of being labeled insane or crazy. The harsh humiliations by other humans become so unbearable. Where does trust and faith come in?

Some abductees have lived this “secret life” since childhood perhaps telling their story then to an unbelieving parent. Perhaps this child grows up finding themselves being used as a “lab rat” of sorts by the many different extraterrestrials. Suppose you are a young adult who just experienced his/her “awakening” and the memories are nothing more than negative memories of medical experiments being done to them while lying on a table and cannot move. Young women seeing babies come from their bodies, unusual looking babies. Men having sperm removed either by machine or by hybrid women who come in to have sex with the human male. Male and female alike, who are experiencing the roughness of a lizard or snake looking Reptoids performing harsh things on you? Seeing humans in tanks that hold a solution and you are able to breathe within this filled tank. Talk about experiencing holograms. I’ve heard other horrific stories such as humans kept in cages in a location that is zoo like. See humans or human body parts being cooked. Okay take these few examples and knowing you are the abductee who is having these “real life dream experiences and did nothing more than keep them inside of your consciencous mind since early childhood or at any time during this person’s life for fear of harsh public humiliation.

Apparently hundreds of humans are living the actuality of being labeled as “insane or crazy”. They are not allowed ever to speak of something so unusual happening to them, and yes they know in its truth that they are experiencing a different life making them feel so very different from other humans. Some feel perhaps they are not human at all.

Scenario: Discovering who their true and only friend is to help numb, forget. The alcohol bottle, after a while the alcohol does not take care of the hallucinations they are experiencing, so take a trip into perhaps marijuana as well, so their body gets used to the affect of this substance, travel on “let’s try crack” maybe that will help…..for awhile….then comes Meth…Oh yes, Meth. What a true friend they have found now to get by each day, not just destroying their brain but as well as their physical body. These particular humans live out in an unknown space every day in a vastness of nothing, and not having to deal with their own God given life and the experience given to them that not every human can experience. Hey, wait a minute!! What about the insane, crazy, harsh humiliation that many suffer from supremacist groups, or people who think they are better than you are and “its fun” to make fun of you situation. Wow!! Where did the self esteem go??

How easy it is for an abductee to turn to hard drugs, perhaps it is better than suicide?? One side kick though….these abductees begin to live in a most horrible terrific hallucination every day or every minute of the day that they choose to use these drugs to numb themselves out of reality.

Sorry to say, I just recently have met many of these poor souls that have chosen this route. Some have been able to realize somehow to come back to reality through finding correct help because they chose life over evil. Life has been hard for these courageous people but they have succeeded in taking charge of their lives. Many other humans who have chosen this cowardly life style to forget the reality of true experiences coming from universal entities are living their life in hell as they experience far more hellacious experiences that are not in reality. Seemingly, there is just no help for them now as their brain that beholds their life is no more……..

There is no particular city or town throughout the United States or Europe where this situation continually happens.
Before you yourself turn to hard drugs to forget, hang on a little bit more as help is on your way to guide you as you are not alone with this reality of alien/Milab abductions. Yes, we know that all extraterrestrials are not benevolent. This is the reason I’m here, together we can find you the correct help…YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you do not have to live this “Secret life” that you have been living for how long through the use of hard drugs.
Contact me through this website. I challenge you to!