I’ve mentioned hybrids previously. Most likely if you are a female abductee you know about Hybrid babies, children. Apparently when a young abductee girl starts her menses I believe the extraterrestrials wait until the female abductee is over the age of fifteen? I’m not sure at what given age the extraterrestrials will begin to impregnate a young woman. I’ve had just a couple of now older women clients who through hypnosis was guided back to a time in their early teen years when they experienced giving birth to an “unusual looking baby”. I constantly hear the familiar words as this baby is being described. A baby that is the size of or a little bit larger than their hand. “A baby who looks like them, and looks like me”. Normally this baby will have the large shaped almond eyes, scraggly hair, and a very thin small body. On its hands you will notice either three long fingers without the thumb, or the baby may indeed have all ten fingers and toes. Normally you are awake during the birthing, while male and female Grey’s are delivering this baby. As soon as this baby is born, this naked baby is given to its human mother to hold and cuddle. Then after a while this little baby is taken to a nursery.

Now imagine if this was your daughter between the ages of fifteen say to seventeen years old, experiencing having an “unusual looking baby”. Oh yes, gestation of hybrid babies is only three months as hybrid babies grow fast in a human mother’s womb. These hybrid babies are seemingly full term babies when they are removed from the human mother. After the third month of pregnancy the “new mother” is once again abducted to give birth to this baby.

So a young human female who has never been pregnant with a human baby and now she is producing hybrid babies. What does this do to her psychic?? This can be a very traumatic experience for the young woman. Normally with this type of experience the young mother will not ever talk about the experience providing she is given the memory of the birth when she is brought back to her home (normally by the Greys’) and put into her own bed. If memory of the birth is allowed by the Greys’, the young mother will normally conceal the information within her own unconscious mind never to let the information be revealed to anyone, as she tries to succeed to suppress the experience, making the experience feel “unreal” to her…..until the process is once again repeated by the Greys’.

Therefore a human woman can give birth to many hybrids during her life time. A fifty plus year old woman still can be impregnated by these Greys’. If the woman has had a full hysterectomy, the Grey’s I am told will use the stomach area as a womb to hold this hybrid baby. If the ovaries are left in a woman after her hysterectomy then ovaries still produce human eggs thus taken the substance producing from a male Grey can still produce a hybrid baby using the stomach as a womb. When the human ovaries are removed, then using human female eggs from another female abductee are mixed in a Petri dish with the substance from a male Grey and implanted into the incubator of a human female so that the baby can grow for three months in its human mother. See you soon with continuation on this subject.

Cooper,William part 7 –A Witness and our Constitution

This part of William’s famous lecture deals with the Jason scholars- the study group. Rockefeller built a compound for this group to meet called “The Country Club”, where the boys hung out. He talks about how Henry Kissinger became quite strange after his encounter with them (not the boys). Will the coming out the of Aliens collapse society as we know it? And there is our diplomatic relationship with these beings until we can build a bigger weapon to destroy them. More fun from Mr. Cooper.
Truth or no truth – that is the question.

Thanks again to You tube

B.Wizo's Quote of the Week 05/27 -06/02/07

” You have the power to create . Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are.”

Don Miguel Ruiz from his book- The calendar for Wisdom and Personal Freedom.

Dispatch from "Mr. K"

Over the last year I have received emails, letters and phone calls from people claiming to have paranormal experiences with the psychic Sasquatch. Some of those who wrote to me were housewives,a road maintenance worker, a supervisor at a private company, a hypnotherapist, a forklift operator, a factory worker, mechanical engineer, and most recently, an attorney. I interpret this to mean that this is the Sasquatch people’s way of slowly coming out publicly. All of these “contactees” experienced mental telepathy and for five of them it is ongoing. The Sasquatch select people they feel they can trust and it’s not uncommon for them to tell the experiencer to contact me since I have been researching the phenomenon for 51 years now. The beings want us to pray more, store food, water, and supplies and to move into the country because they sense war, and devastation on some level over the next 5 years.

Kewaunee . kewaunee-picture.JPG


What a morbid subject but since loosing my dear friend Bill this last week has thrown me into a mind spin that brought memories back of some of my alien/MILAB clients and important investigators, doctors, scientists who have lost their lives either as accidents or diseases. Many of these “accidents” and “diseases” as a cause of death are questionable if in fact some source other than extraterrestrials played an important part to rid these people since perhaps they were getting to close to the “knowing” the real facts and government issues in this phenomenon?

Many in my audience remember Dr. John Mack. He was a very well known investigator and Doctor of Psychiatry who worked along with Mr. Budd Hopkins within this phenomenon. Run over by a drunken driver after attending a meeting and having dinner with friends one evening in London? I personally knew Dr. John Mack because of belonging to PEER Group. Dr. Mack was founder of Program for Extraordinary Experience Research. An organization I could turn to for help with unusual circumstances with my alien/MILAB clients. Amongst other departments within this group held many psychiatrists to help with answers, more investigational studies that might have affected my clients.

Dr. Karla Turner, another distinctive unique individual who gave her studies and constant work to this phenomenon died of cancer. I was unfortunate to meet and know Dr. Karla Turner, but through the many investigators I work with they have introduced me to her and her past works in this particular field.

There have been many top researchers in this phenomenon that have quizzically lost their lives but now let me take you deeper into this research of death.

An alien abductee client through the guidance of hypnotherapy visually experienced being laid on a large round pie shaped metal unit by the taller Greys. She noticed before being laid down and strapped into this large round metal unit there were approximately six other human beings lying in each separate compartment that had about a foot tall wall in-between them. This unit was spun at an extraordinary fast speed to where they all lost immediate consciousness. When she awoke she literally thought she had died and realized the unit had stopped spinning. Her head felt as if it exploded as well as her heart and other organs. She felt she had no blood veins left within her body. Blood was coming out from all of her orifices. She was the only one who was removed from the unit, and was told the other humans did not survive this medical test.

Many of my clients have seen dead humans on board an extraterrestrial ship. Normally these humans did not survive the given tests either by injection of some type of unusual substances. It was reported that some human abductees were in cages and who died there. I have heard of these incidents many times, but it may have to do with the Reptilian group of species. It has been reported that many abductees describe seeing humans dying while being cooked in large cooking vats.

In my case, I had a very young small hybrid daughter. I was not given her name but had seen her at short periods of time since I gave birth to her. Evidently the genetic makeup did not develop correctly in her therefore I was told she was “defective”. I was taken to this room that held a large circular tank that had some type of fluid in it. One side of the tank had a slide like unit as to slide its victim down the slide into the solution. I was made to stand next to this tank with other Greys circling this unit. Thinking the inevitable that I was going to be put into this tank I then saw the Greys who brought out my little hybrid daughter. Hearing her small screams and seeing her terrified fearful face they placed her on this slide. I constantly screamed at them to leave her alone and give her to me “don’t do this”!! I had to close my eyes as she descended into the liquid. Whatever this liquid was, it killed her immediately as I saw them remove what was left of her body.

My life had been threatened because of “talking”. Threatened by people who are involved in the government aspect of this phenomenon. I blame these certain people for the death of my husband. Yes, they have maimed me, but the worst they did to get me to “shut up” for awhile was to kill my husband with a rare cancerous aggressive fast growing brain tumor. Three other families who are MILABs lost their spouses in the same manner, one week before and one week after my husband passed. What does this tell you?? Natural coincidence you think?? Well, so much said for this morbid subject, lets get on with life and more information on this phenomenon.


The phone rang late this afternoon on 05.22.07. Recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone line, this is Annie ”she said”. Annie my dear friend, called to tell me that my good and long time friend Bill, had past over to the other side this morning losing his battle with colon cancer. Annie’s soul mate, her partner will be remembered by many in this strange UFO phenomena.

I had come to know Bill some years ago when his ex-wife came to me for consulting purposes. Over the years Bill supported me readily, he guided me, he was on my road of life into this phenomenon until his death. Bill was always giving of himself through his learned knowledge into this phenomenon. The lessons he learned from his “teachers” he then became a teacher himself teaching others in this field especially “we the victims” of this phenomenon. Bill was not a selfish man but a courageous loving giving man. Bill many times thought of other people and not of himself especially if these other humans were ill. After the death of my husband Fred, at one point I became so ill that the doctors thought they were going to lose me, there was my dear friend with his “natural medicine” and not wanting any money in return for his life giving gifts. He just wanted to see me healthy as he told me. I witnessed the sameness in Bill with other people as well. Bill, if I had the answer or given through the medical technology from any of the extraterrestrials to wellness from cancer, yes, I would have been the first there at your side administering to you. If only my audience could have known you Bill, this planet earth could be a much better world. Bill, thank you for being who you were, thank you for being my dear friend, I will miss you dearly. To those of you who may have known Bill as well, I know you all feel the same way as I do, yes, we have lost someone very special in our lives. We have “willed over” Bill to a better place to further his work. Thank you Bill you are someone that will be remembered by many humans.

Cooper,William part 6 –" The Alien Question "

The next chapter of the Cooper adventure talks about the Jason Society, Council of Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission (from the insignia of a group of beings). Next the Wise-man and the families with money hold the power over the world and won’t give it up easy. The Navy gets the high prize and high position in the UFO study- their admiral on the MJ-12.

Enjoy, and question.


The Day I Met "Al Bielek" and the "Wolf".

My day started out fairly normally with grocery shopping, walking Mr. Shaman and getting gas etc. I was looking forward to the evening when I was planning to go over to a friends house and meet a celebrity of sorts. Al Bielek was a man (maybe not a man) who at the least was from somewhere else or had traveled to somehow else–all sounds complicated and it was. He was a guy who was at the center of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk experiments in Time (travel) and maybe much more. Al was in town on a movie shoot about Montauk, romance and other-worldly stuff. We sat around with the cast and talked about the days movie shooting, a fairly boring mundane conversation. Then the fragile Bielek stepped into the room. The atmosphere changed, a strange energy moved around the room, it was exciting but unsettling.

The group fired off many questions to Al and he fired back answers. Questions– wow– amazing questions and even more amazing answers,such as ‘What purpose of life and death”?, “How many groups of aliens are on earth?”, “What is it like on Mars”?,and Is the Moon real”? to name just a few.
Al’s answers? (Well maybe another time). Strangely he is a narcoleptic of sorts,and would dose off in the middle of an answer. Sometimes we would anxiously wait for him to finish an answer, but when he came to he wouldn’t miss a beat. As Al spoke,he took us (the group) to other worlds and other dimensions. As we were in this Bielek state of mind, a huge wolf slowly walked among us. Was it real or not real? All minds paused, but it was real. We all froze,as the great wolf’s eyes pierced into the back of our minds. Its breath was slightly sweet and hot.
The wolf and Al made this event,an experience in the surreal. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Wolf and Al Experience

Extraterrestrials control on humans

Initially I spoke of myself when these “ungodly creatures” (a name I gave to the extraterrestrials for lack of knowing who they were and eventually learned the “formal” name we humans have given to them as the “Greys’”) had come through the various colored permeating wall of my bedroom towards my bed where I laid in bed that night. As they came closer to me and realizing that I was not hallucinating I could not understand why I could not get away from them as I had tried to quickly crawl out of bed and with my loud cries for help. As these beings came closer to me and touched my body, “feeling their long fingers on my body” the screams, and body movements of terror just to get away from these “ungodly creatures” proved to no avail as my two youngest children, one a young strong man, did not come to my aid. In future abductions with this same reaction happening over many times I still could not understand why my family or no one ever came to my aid. Waking up and being surrounded by these “ungodly creatures” onboard a terrestrial ship, not knowing for a long time I was in a terrestrial ship (I really did not know of my whereabouts but seeing the weird surroundings of my environment added to my nervous system to react the way it did.

Realizing after many abductions, to suddenly and crudely be awakened from a deep sleep and having these “ungodly creatures” staring right into your eyes while their face is in your face as they quickly touch your temple. I immediately felt the touch of a long smooth finger touching the side of my temple. Calmness seems to set in immediately right at the start of an abduction. Calming me to not fight or scream against their actions. I believe this action of theirs puts their human abductees to sleep while being transported to a terrestrial ship because when I would “wake up” onboard their ship and being able to see what was transpiring to me and the reactions of my body was not moving “ninety miles per hour” or screaming as loud as I could scream. This repeated action of theirs is not necessarily true, because with day time and many night time abductions that do occur when the abductee is awake and physically transported by a light beam onto the waiting ship while I believe is held paralyzed but fully awake against their will.

Not until many years later after I received help from compassionate individuals in this phenomenon and attending workshops thus meeting other alien/MILAB abductees I did learn of the various forms that not only did the Greys use this technique to calm and put to “rest” their human subject. Other forms of usage were spoken of as an example a gaze into your eyes by the appointed extraterrestrial. Many abductees believed they had been injected by a syringe to complete this process. These extraterrestrials also have a way to eliminate the sound of your voice to where it cannot be heard. In my case, yes, I thought I had heard my own voice screaming loudly. It was explained to me that in my mind to the reactions, yes, only in my mind did I hear my own sound of my voice screaming, but no actual sound was coming out of my vocal cords. Having worked with many of my hypnotherapy clients, I get asked the same questions “Why did no one hear my screams or my call for help?” All of these extraterrestrials are far more intelligent than any human here on our planet earth. Their known technology in many various fields is far advanced than ours. In their advanced capabilities lie the hidden “powers” of control especially towards the human being this includes the know how to be able to paralyze the human being. I would like more input from my audience if someone can further not only my education on these previous topics.

Cooper,William part 5 –"Dark Side of the Moon"

Cooper continues his (and maybe our) strange journey. The Redlight Project and its not about hookers either, it’s about us flying alien ships or at least trying. There are places here where even our Presidents can’t enter (I am glad some couldn’t or can’t). Here he talks about up to maybe 100 underground facilities doing a bunch of interesting stuff (this little fact I believe is very true). Last but not least Peanut Island and the Kennedys.

Wrap your mind around this — if you can.

Thanks to Youtube