The Day I Met "Al Bielek" and the "Wolf".

My day started out fairly normally with grocery shopping, walking Mr. Shaman and getting gas etc. I was looking forward to the evening when I was planning to go over to a friends house and meet a celebrity of sorts. Al Bielek was a man (maybe not a man) who at the least was from somewhere else or had traveled to somehow else–all sounds complicated and it was. He was a guy who was at the center of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk experiments in Time (travel) and maybe much more. Al was in town on a movie shoot about Montauk, romance and other-worldly stuff. We sat around with the cast and talked about the days movie shooting, a fairly boring mundane conversation. Then the fragile Bielek stepped into the room. The atmosphere changed, a strange energy moved around the room, it was exciting but unsettling.

The group fired off many questions to Al and he fired back answers. Questions– wow– amazing questions and even more amazing answers,such as ‘What purpose of life and death”?, “How many groups of aliens are on earth?”, “What is it like on Mars”?,and Is the Moon real”? to name just a few.
Al’s answers? (Well maybe another time). Strangely he is a narcoleptic of sorts,and would dose off in the middle of an answer. Sometimes we would anxiously wait for him to finish an answer, but when he came to he wouldn’t miss a beat. As Al spoke,he took us (the group) to other worlds and other dimensions. As we were in this Bielek state of mind, a huge wolf slowly walked among us. Was it real or not real? All minds paused, but it was real. We all froze,as the great wolf’s eyes pierced into the back of our minds. Its breath was slightly sweet and hot.
The wolf and Al made this event,an experience in the surreal. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Wolf and Al Experience

Extraterrestrials control on humans

Initially I spoke of myself when these “ungodly creatures” (a name I gave to the extraterrestrials for lack of knowing who they were and eventually learned the “formal” name we humans have given to them as the “Greys’”) had come through the various colored permeating wall of my bedroom towards my bed where I laid in bed that night. As they came closer to me and realizing that I was not hallucinating I could not understand why I could not get away from them as I had tried to quickly crawl out of bed and with my loud cries for help. As these beings came closer to me and touched my body, “feeling their long fingers on my body” the screams, and body movements of terror just to get away from these “ungodly creatures” proved to no avail as my two youngest children, one a young strong man, did not come to my aid. In future abductions with this same reaction happening over many times I still could not understand why my family or no one ever came to my aid. Waking up and being surrounded by these “ungodly creatures” onboard a terrestrial ship, not knowing for a long time I was in a terrestrial ship (I really did not know of my whereabouts but seeing the weird surroundings of my environment added to my nervous system to react the way it did.

Realizing after many abductions, to suddenly and crudely be awakened from a deep sleep and having these “ungodly creatures” staring right into your eyes while their face is in your face as they quickly touch your temple. I immediately felt the touch of a long smooth finger touching the side of my temple. Calmness seems to set in immediately right at the start of an abduction. Calming me to not fight or scream against their actions. I believe this action of theirs puts their human abductees to sleep while being transported to a terrestrial ship because when I would “wake up” onboard their ship and being able to see what was transpiring to me and the reactions of my body was not moving “ninety miles per hour” or screaming as loud as I could scream. This repeated action of theirs is not necessarily true, because with day time and many night time abductions that do occur when the abductee is awake and physically transported by a light beam onto the waiting ship while I believe is held paralyzed but fully awake against their will.

Not until many years later after I received help from compassionate individuals in this phenomenon and attending workshops thus meeting other alien/MILAB abductees I did learn of the various forms that not only did the Greys use this technique to calm and put to “rest” their human subject. Other forms of usage were spoken of as an example a gaze into your eyes by the appointed extraterrestrial. Many abductees believed they had been injected by a syringe to complete this process. These extraterrestrials also have a way to eliminate the sound of your voice to where it cannot be heard. In my case, yes, I thought I had heard my own voice screaming loudly. It was explained to me that in my mind to the reactions, yes, only in my mind did I hear my own sound of my voice screaming, but no actual sound was coming out of my vocal cords. Having worked with many of my hypnotherapy clients, I get asked the same questions “Why did no one hear my screams or my call for help?” All of these extraterrestrials are far more intelligent than any human here on our planet earth. Their known technology in many various fields is far advanced than ours. In their advanced capabilities lie the hidden “powers” of control especially towards the human being this includes the know how to be able to paralyze the human being. I would like more input from my audience if someone can further not only my education on these previous topics.

Cooper,William part 5 –"Dark Side of the Moon"

Cooper continues his (and maybe our) strange journey. The Redlight Project and its not about hookers either, it’s about us flying alien ships or at least trying. There are places here where even our Presidents can’t enter (I am glad some couldn’t or can’t). Here he talks about up to maybe 100 underground facilities doing a bunch of interesting stuff (this little fact I believe is very true). Last but not least Peanut Island and the Kennedys.

Wrap your mind around this — if you can.

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Kewaunee, Comanche , Me and Mt. Rainier

This is about another adventure with Kewaunee Lapseritis, my good friend and man of many talents (see his page). One summer day several years ago we were out on a search for Bigfoot. We decided to spend a day climbing Mt Rainier up to the glacier area. Kewaunee had dowsed and the results showed two Bigfoot crossing that area. Our hopes were that I could at least see the their footprints,since the chances of catching them were slim to none (also they are inter-dimensional). So Mr. K, his wonderful dog Comanche and I started the long trek up the mountain. The weather was perfect,the sky was crystal clear,and we could see for 75 miles out into the surrounding countryside. After about 2 hours of climbing, Kewaunee howled “Stop” . I thought- wow – Bigfoot was near, but not quite. Suddenly Kewaunee directed my attention to a point in the sky several miles out, where I could see two specks (something moving towards us). As the objects got closer, they were birds, large birds. So they slowly circled towards us. Suddenly Mr.K told me to stand back about 15 feet. He was standing very straight and still with Comanche at his side. The birds were coming closer and lower. Now they were overhead, and suddenly Kewaunee moved his right arm perpendicular to the ground with Comanche under the arm. One of the birds was diving down at break-neck speed toward Kewaunee, an amazing surreal sight. To my disbelief the bird landed on his arm,and it turned out to be a bird of prey,(not sure of the name) about two and one-half feet tall with large talons. So now they are looking eye to eye,and it looks like they are communicating with each other, I nearly fainted at this strange sight. The bird remained for about five minutes until a hiker came up the trail. I found out later that Mr. K brought the birds in by projecting “Love” to them. Next– oh there is a little more–then a woodchuck walks up to him and Comanche and they stand there, also communicating with each other. Wow, double wow -what a day.

And Bigfoot, well we never got to the glacier. But I didn’t need a Bigfoot encounter. This was still a day I will never, never forget.
My friend Kewaunee can be a person of True Magic

Mr K.Bird of Prey

William Cooper #4 part "Path of Self Destruction"

Continuing his famous interview- this part talks about the 1954 Alien meeting at Holloway AFB. the Ike and Alien Treaty at Edwards AFB, the Pluto project. It also introducing OH Krell, the first alien diplomat to the world and looks at the struggle for our nukes and the alien wants. Parts #1,2,3 –posted 4/18,4/25,5/02

Go figure , truth or silliness ? You judge and let us know.

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Analysis # 4: "A Warm Summer Night"

Implants continued:

Experiencing what I call the “electronic male voice” that will shockingly awaken you at night out of a deep sleep informing the abductee to future world devastations as example major earthquakes, Tsunami, severe weather changes, floods in major cities, Global warming and its affects, extraordinary events or happenings that normally create destructions and changes on our earth. With MILABS this “electronic voice” can also give messages and instructions in regard to future events within the diversity of world governments. Many MILAB abductees as an example were warned or told of occurrences such as 9/11 even before it happened. They are warned or given information of nuclear studies, future nuclear or laser weapon wars. Using satellites in our atmosphere has played a major scene of information given to abductees, just think about the possibilities of their usage to protect or destroy as in future wars and/or these satellites can even locate implanted people if necessary.

If in fact all of the given “voice” information coming from an alien source (extraterrestrials) using their technology of implants is because within the many universal different species that “operate” with each and every earth leader of our governments are trying to keep our earth from major upsets that could eventually destroy our earth. This is another issue for discussion.

These universal species (extraterrestrials) are known as one of the informants as well as some government peoples within each major governments who use this form of taught transmitted technology and who communicates through the implant (the electronic voice) to the abductee to either warn or thwart a given negative purpose to the populace or dignitaries of governments in regard to a major factor happening or to what the “other” country is up to.

Within the last say twenty years many abductees were given secret information and also shown through this particular use of contact “implant” the visual effects of future knowledge (happenings). Using the “implanted” ear in conjunction with the eye or brain implant as well to produce the visual scenes of the future happenings to come? In this experience instantaneously you are listening to given information as you are then shown visually, as if in a dream state effect outcomes and the warning information. The important information that is received by the Alien/MILAB abductee sends the abductee in a negative whirlwind as what to do with the given information. Was the experience real, fabricated, or just a weird dream. When these experiences first happen the abductee of course does not know what to do with the given information but eventually they are abducted again normally by the ensuing government personal to which the information is extracted in a manner from the abductee.

Inter-dimensional- Pronders and their life-line to the Universe

I receive interesting and sometimes amazing commentary from people describing their visitations to the Dreamworld. As I mentioned in last week’s post we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and dreaming. And I feel those eight hours could be spent more productively exploring the dream-state and remembering dreams for the 16 hour day-shift.
So here is an experience from the Dreamworld – In this place a group of beings (humanoids) was taking care of a group of their children (I guess a daycare type setting). Unlike us earthlings, who for the most part suppress a child’s love for life, this group of beings simulated them almost to the max. To balance this high level of chaos and excitement there was another group called the Pronders. The Pronders were best described as hybrid bird/human, bi-pedal, having long thin metallic segmented neck, elongated down covered head with beautiful eyes. They were two to three feet tall. They had long fingers and hands and had a graceful way about them. The communication between them and the humanoids was just “knowing”, nothing verbal or telepathic. But there was great comfort between all. This feeling coming from the Pronders can be described as monk-like, spiritual, loving and very peaceful. Our dream-traveler had a bit of anxiety because the Pronders looked quite fragile around this herd of wild children. But the Pronders were at total peace in the eye of the hurricane. When the children came close to the Pronders ,no one got hurt because they could occupy the same space, so the Pronders are from a close but different dimension.
It seems the Pronders’ purpose is to be a calming and to hold the spiritual base-line for the humanoids.
With the Pronders’ presence their high vibratory level keeps the Humanoids from losing their way, a tethered spiritual life-line. The Pronders allow the humanoids to explore the Universe in a totally fearless, doubt-free way.



Cooper,William — part 3 – NSA-Bilderburgers-MJ12

Cooper continues his journey into the other reality of our world, with the lawless organizations called NAS, Bilderburgers, and MJ-12. Interesting stuff — “where the money goes there is where the power resides.” I love it- a profound statement. You truly feel Cooper believes what he says. Even non-believers should listen There a lot of general wisdom about us, the crazy and wild humans.

Comments – Questions


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The Native American and Celtic Code.

What does the title mean? As I have stated, I have chatted with and interviewed hundreds of people on a variety of paranormal subjects,including contact (alien type) and special abilities. These special abilities I speak of are things like “the Sight ” see things such as ghosts , alien types, talking to the dead, etc.These abilities can also involve healing, mainly of others, not themselves. These people have contact with spirit beings throughout their lives. So who are these people? They are individuals of mixed heritage of Native American and Celtic blood (Irish, Scottish and maybe some select English). It seems to work best at a 50/50 split NA/Celt , but 25/75 seems to also work. But if there are other bloods mixed in, then the abilities seem to drop off quickly.
I lived in Georgia for many years and was in contact with Cherokee/Celts individuals in the North Georgia Mountains (hills). Interesting stuff in those hills: Bigfoot,many UFO sightings and much contact. Anyone who had this blood mix has had a very full strange interesting life and will until they die (and I suspect also in the otherworld). The contact and abilities start young for them 3 or 4 years old, but some remember as small babies, these beings coming to them and teaching wonderful things along with a warm feeling.(They all consistently describe it that way.) Several years ago,I had lunch with an ex-CIA guy (ha, ha once company always company) and he said the CIA had studied this same phenomenon. (And I thought I had discovered it.) He wouldn’t give me much detail, but it is real.

If you have or know of someone who has this NA/Celt bloodline please contact me anonymously at or post a comment here.

Thanks MWiz.
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Analysis #4: "A Warm Summer Night" Implants continued

Many of my hypnotherapy clients would like their implants surgically removed. A known history fact is: Yes, these implants can be surgically removed. Give a week or two the “alien abductee” is abducted once again by these alien extraterrestrials (the same is true with MILABS) and a new implant is implanted right back again into the human abductee’s body. There are only two reputable persons that I know of that will work with surgical doctors to have these implants removed. Their names are Mr. Derrel Sims and Dr. Roger Leir. These two men have a large exhibit of implants they have removed from alien abductees. The assigned questionnaire and repeated interviews that is given to the abductee from either man is quite extensive but necessary before any surgical process takes place. Mr. Derrel Sims has done extensive workshops and writings to educate the populace. So….if there is a “Closed Minded Medical/Mental Health Doctor in the House” take heed this strange phenomenon and begin right now your investigations, learning, and belief into new considerations.

Many medical doctors and doctors in the mental health field (Psychiatrist, Psychologist), throughout the United States and I’m sure throughout our world have recently (since 1964 the Betty and Barney Hill incident — one of the first contact cases) have investigated and have a growing interest in this particular phenomenon. This last statement said I find there is much controversy as to the interest in the medical field. Out of the five to eight million Americans find themselves being either X-rayed, or having an MRI. The “quizzical doctor” questions the abductee (medical patient) “have you had some type of surgery because the evidence points to a small square or triangle metal object embedded in the area of interest that has caused the “patient” to seek medical services. As an example perhaps a broken leg, foot, arm, unusual sinus problems takes the (abductee) patient to seek the proper medical care. Given the fact though there are many “closed minded” Medical doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist who would rather put this particular “off the wall” patient on strong medications rather than listen and learn. As I have discussed in my book my experiences on this subject (“Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee”) and listening to my hypnotherapy clients many have told of their experiences to their medical or mental health doctors and found these doctors were “opened minded” to the fact of this phenomenon. In my practice I have recommended that my clients do further investigations into their suspect implants by obtaining X-rays for their own confirmations. The decision is then left up to my client if they would like to have the implant removed. The majority have chosen to leave the implant alone in their bodies.

Many alien abductees find themselves seeking mental health services because of not being educated on the purpose of these implants. (Yes, you think you are “insane” hearing voices in your head!) Contact can be made at no given apparent time of day or night, as an example within your head you hear your name being called out; looking around at your present environment where you may be when contact is made either in a quiet space or a room full of noisy people you search for the voice that has called out your name.