Natural Portals, Artificial Portals, and The Traveling Ghost

      What is the difference between a portal and a vortex?  The meaning of a portal is; a doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large and imposing one. The meaning of a vortex is; a mass of whirling fluid or air, especially a whirlpool or whirlwind. If you put the two together, what do you have? The Sasquatch people have a name for it and it’s called the Traveling Ghost

     In 2013, a Sasquatch portal jumper named, Loekey, made contact with me in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had no understanding or knowledge of portal jumpers prior to his contact nor did I really have much interest in the Sasquatch themselves. I knew of their existence along with other Cryptids but my interests were in another direction. To put it mildly, Loekey pretty much changed my world and pushed me in a direction that I didn’t even know existed!

     At first, I felt like I was on a psychedelic mind-altering trip but without the drugs. In my mind, time and space became a  kaleidoscope of color beyond my wildest dreams or understanding. Loekey guided me with a gentle hand, showing me amazing imagery and it led me on my journey down the rabbit hole, exploring the world of Sasquatch portal jumpers.  The best place to start is in Loekey’s own words and his explanation of what portals are. 

      Put simply, portals are upside down pyramids. The point of the pyramid gains its energy from Middle Earth. Each natural portal has a drop-off point that has the timing. He said that any topography around the portals would give off a distinctive vibration that would affect the senses of anyone within its perimeter. They would feel as if there was a morphed or skewed altering of time. Visually, he said it looks like colors come from all directions and the depth perception of anything within the portal is distorted, almost stretched going in and out of focus. 

     Within each portal is an octagon mirage that gives off multiple pyramid shapes. Once Loekey jumps into the determined portal, he says he encounters a multitude of pyramids turning in all directions. It’s like an illusion of several endless mirrors, rotating at once. He said it can be very disorienting for humans because most humans haven’t developed their pineal glands beyond what is determined safe. He also said that most human depth perceptions aren’t developed enough to handle the frequency or energy fluctuations. 

     Loekey said that the natural portals affect areas around them within a mile in each direction, which includes up above (the sky) and down below going towards Earth’s center. At certain times of the day, or night, the natural portals rotate, and the octagon pattern shifts. This is because the Earth adjusts for anything that is going in or coming out of the portals. He said the important aspect of the natural portals is that when the pyramids are pulling towards Middle Earth, this very action helps the Earth rotate. 

Natural Portals and the Traveling Ghost Vortex

   To clarify things, Loekey said there are two different types of portals and a very unusual vortex. The first being the natural portals that are located in different locations around the planet. They are stationary but well hidden. The second are the portals that appear for a few days and then disappear. They are still natural portals to the planet but they have a different function. Loekey said they don’t use these portals as much as the stationary ones because their destination points aren’t as easy to calculate. The third kind, in my opinion, is the most unique of them all. They travel along with the planet’s rotation, and the reason they are so unique is that they are sentient. They can be dangerous to a point not because they travel at high speed but because they have a warped and inverted impression to them that pulls in light and sometimes whatever is in their path. The Sasquatch use them only if they are in locations where there are no natural portals. his sentient vortex is called the Traveling Ghost.

     I believe I experienced the Traveling Ghost when I was working cattle in Texas years ago. It was during a Spring round-up early one morning when my ex and I went to go help some ranch friends gather up a large herd of Mexican steers and take them to another pasture where large trucks were waiting to haul them away. I’ll never forget how the cattle were restless and anxious that particular morning like they sensed something wasn’t right. 

     I could smell the electricity in the air and weirdly, I could smell my own blood in my nose. I didn’t have a nose bleed but it smelt as if I did. My ex-husband commented he could smell blood in his nose too. It almost felt like the air was snapping and crackling but you couldn’t pinpoint a direction. Sometimes, it was up in the air and other times behind you. It was just really weird as if something was going over us or around us, slowly and then all of a sudden it was gone, leaving that vertigo feeling like you had no sense of being up or down. If I wouldn’t have been on my horse, I would have fallen over. I can only imagine how my horse felt.

     Well, the very moment we all heard crackling and popping in the air over our heads, all hell broke loose and the cattle took off and before we knew it, we had a stampede on our hands. The cattle went through the fence and out into a huge pasture in the wrong direction at high speed. It took a lot of good cowboying and maneuvering for us to get them under control and about a half-hour later we were all counting our lucky stars no one got hurt. But I have to tell you, it was a bizarre experience and one that a few of the cowboys said they had never experienced before.

The Traveling Ghost Vortex

     The traveling Ghost can be called upon by Sasquatch jumpers and other Elementals for a variety of needs. The one difference to this vortex than the portals is that it has an intelligence to it. The Traveling Ghosts have a connection to each other and they are aware of where each other resides at any given time. 

     The Ancient Ones of the forest say this particular vortex has an energy frequency that is from another planet similar to Earth. I think this other planet has been extinct for a long time and because of this, especially with Earth being so similar to their original home, the Traveling Ghosts reside here now. From what I understand, they came here millennia ago. 

     The Traveling Ghost has a mathematical formula to it that makes them alien in a technological way. From what Loekey says, they are hard to figure out and they change with time just as anything here on this planet does. I think this means the calculations change in how and when to use them, which means that in order to use them, you have to have a connection with them. 

     Loekey showed me in my mind’s eye, a little of what it’s like to be inside a Traveling Ghost and I pretty much got a really bad headache and didn’t like it. It was like being inside a tunnel with me twirling a thousand spins a second with light, air, and something I can’t explain, almost like a loud engine exploding in my ears.  My frequency just couldn’t even come close to what was necessary to connect to that type of intelligence. If I ever get pulled into one of these things, I don’t think I would be sane. It was like my mind turned to mush. 

Artificial Portals

     Think of an artificial portal like a cut or wound on your skin except in this case it’s a tear on Mother Earth that is like an open wound. If an artificial portal is made, this changes the timing of the “natural” portal’s rotation. For instance, if extraterrestrials or interdimensional beings rip through or open up a portal either galactically or dimensionally, this affects the planet. The fabric of time and space has to come from the composition of the original source meaning that the energy and frequency have a pulse that is like a blueprint. All beings who are natural portal jumpers have within their DNA, Earth’s blueprint. This means that if anything happens to the rotation of the portals, it can affect the portal jumpers biologically in a bad way, especially if they are in the portals at the same time an artificial portal is ripping through. I can only assume the octagon mirage and the multiple pyramids can’t function properly with the artificial rip or pull coming from an outside source other than Earth. 

     Interestingly enough, Loekey stated that the Cryptid we call Dogman is considered as an Earth-Keeper. Unfortunately, Dogman is also experiencing the effects of these artificial portals too. Some of the problems happening around the natural portals are frequency changes. The artificial portals tend to change the topography because it’s like a tear that seems like a black hole except it doesn’t pull in things, it just slowly gets bigger because nothing is closing the rip.  Dogman has to be able to sense where the natural portals are at any given time but with the multitude of artificial portals happening, their frequency interferes with that of the natural portals. Dogman’s ability to locate and know where the portals are is vital because they create a  type of road marker, that is essential for beings to be able to calculate where they go in and where they come out when they jump through the portals. 

     Artificial portals allow other dimensional beings in that otherwise would not come through the natural portals. Because the artificial portals are here and have not been closed, we now have problems with biological beings called “bioinerts” who otherwise could not come here. They are like parasites and Loekey said they are very dangerous and destructive. Unfortunately, the artificial portals and the “bioinerts” combined affect the natural process and encoding that the Earth goes through. The question at this point is how to close off the artificial portals once they are open. Since the artificial portals are dangerous to jump into … there is no way to know how to close them off from their point of origin. 

     Given that artificial portals are foreign to Earth; their technology is also of unknown origin. If Loekey or any of the numerous portal jumpers decided to take on such a dangerous mission and jump into these artificial portals, there is no telling if any of them would or could come back to Earth.   

Loekey emphatically said that if any life forms come here to visit and they can’t come through the portals naturally, then they don’t need to be here, period!   


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