Joel and his Vortex Photography Adventure

Hello everyone!
My name is Joel. I live in a small town in WA. State named Pomeroy. Every year I venture to the mountains to mushroom hunt. Well, this yr. was very slow so I decided to just enjoy nature and take a few pics of various tree structures. Well, a few weeks later while thumbing through my pics I noticed a face, not just any face, but, a disembodied floating head is the best way to describe it. I was dumb founded. So I continued thumbing through my pics and one after another kept finding various different beings around these tree structures and layers.
A little FYI for everyone to keep in mind as you read this, I recently had a brain scan and I’m perfectly “normal and healthy”. As I was saying, I was discovering these entities in almost 100% of my photos! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Before this I was a huge Bigfoot and most recently dog man enthusiast. Now what!? Fairies, Nome’s, trolls, elves, Even Griffins?! Good grief! Might as well believe in Santa clause as well.
Anyway, I needed answers so I reached out, to my good fortune I discovered a man and new friend Michael Wisotzke! Mike graciously called me and we discussed something called ” VORTEX PHOTOGRAPHY “! A subject he had previously stumbled upon as well and in the same manor as I did, thumbing through old nature pics. Small world, am I right? We went back and forth for over an hour and my mind had officially been blown! All I could muster was HOLY CRAP! Now what? My whole worlds completely rocked now! I’m a Christian man and I’ve had visions of heaven and hell as well. My final conclusion is this, Jesus is my savior and refuge and he’s allowed me to experience how clueless we all are about our surroundings. And even still, this is only the beginning.
Main photo with the 4 entities as drawn below

Here are a few of my pics and sketches for you to enjoy. In the first pic you’ll notice four different entities I’ve circled. One looks like an ewok from Star Wars, one appears to be some sort of feline, one looks reptilian with huge Lego teeth, and the MOST riveting one on the top appears to have huge long dark brown spotted feathers cascading down. Could this be a ” GRIFFIN “?! Your guess is as good as mine. Also a pic of a cloaked Sasquatch and the disembodied head that started it all. I’m not a prankster and I’ll take a polygraph anytime to prove it.😇

Feline Type
Reptile Type
Ewok type
Cloaked Sasquatch

Below are three Dogman photos and a drawing

Dogman 1
Dogman 2
Dogman 2
Dogman 4

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  1. Hi, I’ve also had nature beings come into photos. One was the head of big foot, I think. Others were little nomes and a fairy.

  2. Hi Joel, thanks for sharing these great photos, I too am a Christian, and I have been investigating the Bigfoot info on the net recently too, mine started when I was driving into Wales, and I passed a field with a large mount,About 20 feet across,which seemed to be solid rock,but I could see it was a stone mini castle,the road is awkward there, no where to park, and it needs concentration to navigate…an excellent disguise,! I have been concerned about whether this was a right thing for a Christian to investigate,I have Discernment of Spirits, and have seen some strange supernatural things even in my own home! God bless you, Elisa

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