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  1. Before I begin I will write to let you know this is my first Social Media post really. I did try Facebook but was banned within 24 hours of spreading Love. I am glad to be joining the community and I am not too sure how It works. So, my first post ever.
    I Apologize for anything I may have overlooked.

    I also have come to understand things are broken down into Memes for some reason, but as long as one person decides to read this, thank you. I am not one to normally partake in the social media experiment.

    There is a Gallery associated with this of all the images of the past year, but it has taken hours to upload for some reason.

    Since I can only post Text, Images, or Links, The others will be in subsequent posts, citing sources, links, and a Gallery of the last year.


    This is my Letter to the Earth.

    As it seems everyone has looked back on the past year, there seems to be one big underlying theme of the Planet as a whole. Many of whom are still continuing to fight for some time ahead as well.

    The news is wrought with one big News Scandal after the next. Pain and anguish fill our nightly news, and we tune in, we log on, we make sure to see what else happened today – what will happen tomorrow.

    The people are tired of the way things have been running, a society of oligarchs ruling against the common peoples own wishes in many ways.

    But, to me 2017 has been the greatest year. It is one filled with hope, a year that saw tremendous agony, but together people rose up without the help of the Corporations, without the help of the Governments at hand. The Common people out doing their best to help, in any way they can. Hope. True hope that one can feel, the pure satisfaction that isn’t displayed on the News.

    This past year was one filled with pain, one where everyone only reflects upon how angry everyone is how we are all just waiting for the world to end in some way. Hurricanes? Fires? Earthquakes or even record flooding.

    We sit around, waiting for a way to change things, but the change is everywhere. It is amongst the everyday people who are handing out water, the ones fighting back against world changing events, the people not on the News.

    This year gives me hope. The world saw all new Technological advancements, the likes of which the world has never seen before. We have the power to harness the Sun, the Wind, we have the technology to finally break-away from the chains that bind us.

    The world is changing, but for the better. There is good and evil in everything we do. The world’s science is being clouded, the effects are real, and they are widespread. The world’s encyclopedia at our finger-tips, the ability to print out of thin air. Magic technology, things we as a whole had only fantasized about.

    Now is not the time to be fighting, it is a time of hope. We like to fight the fact that the planet is not dying, but is it so hard to say its not true? Paychecks? Debt? Does it really matter when the technology is literally sitting out there just waiting to be plucked?

    The new phone, is it really so much better? Does your thousands of dollars of debt racked up for menial things really buy you happiness? Today, maybe. What would make you happy? What gives people hope, the politicians? The people of the world once gave hope a chance, but everyone is learning it takes a village.

    Are the possessions now really enough? There are so many in need, but all you have to do is search. Times are changing, there is no doubt. There are experiences all around, there is hope in mankind as we band together.

    We are people of this world, not of any one country, we have no obligation or moral need to rely upon those that abuse and degrade this planet even more. It is time we act like it, to act like human beings, to give hope regardless of borders.

    Republicans? Democrats? Does it really matter at this point anymore? What are we suppose to do, go out and vote to change the world? It helps. So the next corrupt politician can come along, bought and paid for by the corporations?

    We no longer have a need for that. The Technology has finally hit its mark, where we can give an amputee an arm, replace a heart, things the ancient people could only have dreamt of in their most wildest of fantasies.

    It is time as a people to recognize our flaws. To look deep within, call it Prayer, call it Meditation, breathing, looking within your own self. Science even calls it Consciousness for you can call it whatever you may. Its time to focus, to focus on the hope of tomorrow, on the person to help when a disaster strikes. To focus on yourself when the time comes.

    This world is a terrible place, there is no doubt about that. This gives me hope, it gives me peace, for the past year revealed how little we truly need another corrupt politician. This year has shown that all we need is to stand together.

    I am not interested in -FAKE NEWS- but I am a purveyor of cold hard facts. Nothing more.

    The 44th President gave us Hope. It’s time to use it. It’s time to stand together, to help, it is a time of Wonder.

    But, I’m just another speck in the vast landscape.

    What do I know.

    Oh, and Happy Winter Solstice. Hope you enjoy the time.


    Qai Ke


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    So Continue on humanity, continue to hope.

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