11-11 Message from Generessa Rose- Energetic Opportunity from the Universe

Newsletter from Generessa Rose, November 11, 2010

Dear Friends,

11/11/10 arrives on Thursday. Lots of ones! What message can we gain
from all those ones?

In numerology, the number 1 carries the energy of Individuality, the
Self. The number 11 carries the energy of Lighted Vision for the
Greater Good, the All.

The Self and the All, a seeming conflict. But as I look at the number
11, I see two individual Ones joining with a unity of purpose to
create a higher number, a higher energy.

So how do you get two individual Ones to act together and birth
something higher? . . . Love.

11 is two Ones who say YES to the opportunity to come together in
Love. Love creates the bridge so that individuals can meet, empower
each other and support a common vision. In the United States,
11/11/10 is Veterans Day; in the metaphysical community 11:11 is
considered a powerful vibration for contact with Higher Power,
particularly on November 11th.

Whatever you are doing on that day, a huge helping of Love and Light
is being extended by the universe: to use for healing the past and to
inspire a new vision, a higher vision, a higher consciousness.

With elections in the USA creating an inordinate amount of nastiness,
fear and fabrication, and with other world situations undergoing
hardship and pain, it would do us all well to take a deep breath,
invite peace, radiate love and be a source of inspired action. As an
antidote, 11:11 energies support you to reach out and reach higher, to
join others in a vision that generates something positive and

Is it time for a new vision for some part of your life? Perhaps it is
time to join with kindred hearts and minds to advance a new beginning
that supports a higher cycle that is more life-enhancing. Be
inspired. And be a source of inspiration for others.

The universe is open to your inspiration and vision. Make it a good
one! And infuse it with Love!

Create something worthy!

Generessa Rose

Copyright 2010 Generessa Rose. All rights reserved. You have
permission to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that
the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author and
that it is distributed without charge. Thank you.

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