1984 An Alternate Reality Part 1 By Mary Muñoz © September 7, 2008

The meeting….
Actually meeting my first remembered ET would transpire from a conversation that happened over the Christmas vacation of 1983. I had traveled back to New Mexico from Oklahoma where I was going to college.
It was during a visit with my dad that I would be introduced to a theory that was plausible, but not believable in my world. Who am I to see something like this? The entire conversation dealt with beings that were actively involved within colleges and technical schools around the country. A tale was spun that day about an incident that caught my interest, but only that. I took the information and let it set in the back of my mind.
Jump to mid month January 1984. School is back in session and I was taking a political science class. The building where the class happened to be was established in 1901 and with that said; the hallways were huge, the stairwells were expansive of which there were three in this building; one on each end and a third in the middle.
The middle stairwell had at least a 6-foot span across to accommodate students. There was a landing that was located half way up between floors. If you stood on the second floor, as if going down, you would see a huge window facing a parking lot. The parking lot sat on a slope. Just to give one a perspective if you continued north you would see dorms. To the west, though they are not visible by the window, there would be an open field blocked off by a barbed wired fence.
All the events I am going to share today started while I was waiting for the political science class. It was early so I found myself a position across from the classroom, which just happened to be next to the middle stairwell. Finally the bell rang and the hallway became Grand Central Station.
Since students were leaving the various classes I decided to wait out the crowds before attempting to cross the hall. As I stood there I observed the students going by, like one might do at the mall. As I watched I noticed a head that didn’t seem to fit in. Yeah, I know…a head! What could a head have that would not fit in? There are so many varieties of them in this world. Without sounding prejudicial, though it may come across that way, I thought to myself, “Damn what is wrong with that guy!” What I was seeing just didn’t seem right.
Coming down the hallway in the middle of other students was a person; a man, who was bald on top and what appeared to be jet-black hair on the sides. But that wasn’t the uniqueness about him. No it was the bobbing up and down he did as he walked with the crowd of students. My initial thought was he must have some sort of disability, but what? Being curious I kept my eye on him not noticing the others around me.
Within seconds he came into full view. Not a single student separated this view I had of him though he was still walking down the center of the isle. I scanned him up and down as quickly as I could. I focused on his walk first. I noticed his knees were bending backwards. Okay, this explained the bobbing he was doing. He also didn’t step like a normal person. We walk heal-toe, but he was walking toe-heal.
I then quickly scan his face. His facial features were pronounced. There was definite definition in his bone structure with little facial muscle. Though it was 10:00 AM he already had a five o’clock shadow. “It can’t be!”
Without saying or thinking anything else my next reaction was of complete shock, “Oh, shit! He has webbing!” “His ears…they are not normal!” I am now fighting to see as much detail as I can while I roll the tape of my conversation with my dad. As I am doing this he simply disappears in the distance leaving me confused yet excited about the possibilities my dad was right. What were the chances? For me on that day they were high, but before I go jumping to conclusions I needed to make sure I was not seeing things.
The thoughts of that morning stayed with me the rest of the day. Later that evening I would call my dad and would discuss the day’s events. It seems every detail matched the description others were reporting. But the next million dollar question would be, “Was this a onetime event or was there a chance to see him again?”
With that thought stayed tuned for more of 1984: An Alternate Reality next week.

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