1984– An Alternate Reality– Part 2, Mary Muñoz © September 14, 2008

I went home after my classes that day. I was so excited about what I had just seen. Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever believed this could happen to me. Then again if I had not been given the description I would have never known that this was not a normal human being. He looked just like you and I. His only difference would have been considered a disability.
After a brief conversation with my dad I would be given a task, which seemed to be simple; get a picture. At this time in life I am studying in the fields of Commercial Art with a minor in Photography. I just happened to have in my arsenal the camera gear to get this done. I told my dad, “No problem.”
Day 1: The approach
The approach was simple. I would just take random shots of the students going down the hallway in hopes that I could get a clear picture of this guy. With that in mind I positioned myself next to the stairwell. My backpack and camera case sat next to my left leg on the ground. The camera was out, lens cap off, and I was ready to go. The bell rings and the student’s stream down the hallway. Time stood still. My thoughts were racing, my stomach was churning, and excitement was everywhere. And then the final bell rings. The hallway is empty and there was no guy to snap a photo of. I was extremely disappointed.
“Was this a chance sighting? Would I ever see him again?” These thoughts flowed through me as I began to put the camera back in its case. I wasn’t going for a tardy to class, so I picked up the two packs and turned to go down the stairs. I figured I would call it a day and just go home. And then…
…I took the first couple of steps down stairs when I looked out the window that faced the northern parking lot. Holy Shit! In front of me was the guy. I was too stunned, the camera in its case, and then again even if it hadn’t been I don’t know if I could have ever got the shot. I mean it was surreal.
He walks until he is exactly centered in the window and then turns only his head toward me. It was very mechanical and methodical. He then gives me a look and with that look I was overwhelmed with the feelings that he knew what I was up to. It was now a challenge. The look only lasted a couple of seconds when he turned his head back and continued to walk away to the west.
It is then that I gain my senses back and ran down the stairs. I kept thinking to myself. He has nowhere to go. There is an open field in the direction he is headed and a barbed wired fence ropes it off. The only other choice he would have is the road that goes around the campus. “He is toast!” “I will get my picture after all!”
I am running to the main door getting out the camera, pulling off the lens cap, and preparing myself to stop on a dime just to get the shot. I was so excited. Adrenalin was running thru my veins. And then…
…He wasn’t there, “so where in the hell was he?” I went around the building twice walking in and out of it. He couldn’t just disappear that easily I kept thinking. The building sat alone. Other buildings were in the distance, but if he was to go to another one I would have had the advantage to see him at least. It didn’t make sense. Then again how did he know I was there and with a camera? So the games began…I determined more than ever to get a picture of this guy.


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