1984 An Alternate Reality Part 4 By Mary Muñoz © September 28, 2008

Several weeks would go by before my next sighting of this illusive person. I had all but given up on ever seeing him again. I didn’t even have a plan or an idea on what to do if I would have ever run into him again. I didn’t even carry the camera around with me. He had just disappeared and I had decided the game was over with the stairwell incident.
Day 3: While I was waiting
My next encounter occurred while I was sitting in the car waiting for an art class. Since I lived thirty miles from school I would go to one class and then wait for the next, which at times meant up to a three-hour wait. During these times I would sit out in the car, watch others walk by, draw, or go down to the student’s hall.
This day I had decided to hang out in the car and draw. I peered up from my drawing and started staring out into space. What I was thinking about at that moment in time I don’t remember. But I do remember what caught my attention. It was during that point in time that I noticed a figure about sixty feet away walking up the sidewalk. They were headed from the Political Science Building to the Art Building, where my next class was.
You guess it…it was him. I could not believe it! I fly out of the car with only my keys. I run up the short walk to the door of the building. I am only five feet from the bottom steps and the door is opening for him. Note to the Reader: The door opened without him ever touching it. Now in shock I stop. “What the hell!” I thought to myself as my pace slowed down. “No, I am going to do this! He can’t win!” I picked up my pace flying through the doors of the building.
The lobby was empty and eerily quiet. There was no sign of the guy. Then I heard it, the elevator. I ran to see what floor it was on. “The third, it’s the third floor!” Instead of waiting for the elevator to come down I decided I had no time. I began to run up the stairs reaching the third floor out of breath.
I knew he was up there, but where? Since classes were already in session I walked slowly trying to peer into all the rooms with doors opened. I headed directly north from the stairwell I had come out at, which happened to be located on the east side of the building. It didn’t take long and bingo; there he was in a class on the northeast corner. He was sitting in the back by himself. He stood out. I walked by the room twice just to make sure it was him, but I was certain.
I would call my dad and share the new developments. It was then that he suggested employing someone else, maybe a professor, to help locate an identity. Reluctantly I agreed. I did know of someone that might be willing to help us out with this. They just happened to be interested in the phenomena and had the ability to be discreet in the process of it all. So the next day I would meet them and discuss the situation. The end result left us with more questions than we had in the beginning, but more on that next week.

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