1984 An Alternate Reality Part 6 By Mary Muñoz© October 12, 2008

Now that we knew a class that this elusive person was in it was my job to find a professor that could get his name. It took some time to get up the nerve to approach the person I had chosen, but they were the only one I could trust under the circumstances. Not only was I putting them on the line I was putting my own schooling on the line too.
The person I picked was a professor who happened to be interested in the UFO phenomena. Not only did they have that interest, but also they were rebellious in nature. This would make it easier for me to approach them and I did. But my next step would be to figure out what to say to make it believable. I mean, come on, humanoid type Extraterrestrial beings running around the school! Either they were going to accept what I was saying or report me as some crazy fool.
Finally Answers
The professor found out the name immediately, but this person didn’t tell me right away due to their own investigation which they launched. Truthfully they really got into the part. Apparently the files showed that this person in question came from a specific area of Oklahoma, which just happened to be the same area that the professor owned property. The professor happened to know some local people there due to this and was able to add information to what they already had found through the school files, which for them was not complete. It would be a couple of weeks before I would get answers about whom we were dealing with. And the report went like this:
The professor approached the other teacher for the name within 24 hours of the request. They went directly to the Administration Office, pulled the file, and found that it was not complete. They found this to be strange since the university has certain guidelines when enrolling students. What they did find out was that the files showed this person had at least four other degrees to his accomplishments. Apparently he was a full time student, but his age in the files showed him to be in his mid-twenties. The degrees listed were in the areas of Science, Political Science, Mathematics, and History. His file showed that he came from a small town about 35 miles from Weatherford, but on further investigation by the professor no one in the town ever heard of him or his parents. None of them existed, which explained the discrepancy in the files themselves.
The stranger was staying in the dorms just north of the Political Science Building at the time of the investigation and he apparently had a room to himself. He didn’t have roommate, which was another unique situation, since most students didn’t get that opportunity in that particular dorm. Within days of the professor accessing the information in the files the stranger ended his term at the school and disappeared off the maps. There was no forwarding information given and no reason for ending his education so abruptly. He just packed up and left one day.
Though I never got an actual picture of the guy I did do a drawing based on what I remember about him. To this day my dad has the original in his collection. And it was told to me that a person matching the same description was seen in Albuquerque several months later operating a bus with the transit system. This person looked liked and exhibited many unusual abilities, but that is not my story to tell. I was not there so I could never verify if it was him or not, so it will be left for the one who experienced it to tell, but as for me one would think that this would be my only experience with a humanoid being, but in 2003 my husband, Abe, would encounter firsthand someone very similar in character and abilities, but that will have to come next week.
Note: As for whom the guy was; the name is written somewhere in a pile of boxes. To this day I can’t say for certain where. I do know someone who had the information too, but as I have been told, “Too many moves and many years have passed since the incident,” so if they ever come across it they will give it to me. I did bring it out in hypnosis session once, but again that is an audio tape that I will have to borrow from the therapist and replay. The picture…once I find my copy I will share it with the reader. I have it somewhere around here I just don’t want to venture through the piles of boxes.

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