1984 and not the Book! Part 3 By Mary Muñoz © September 21, 2008

Disappointment is how I felt that day. Not only did I not get the picture, but I had one absence against me. Three of them and I was out of the class.
I called my dad to see what my options would be at this point since I had been so stunned to the fact that the guy knew my activities or appeared to know them. Truthfully I was thoroughly convinced of this when he went by the window. It was a feeling that came over me at the moment he turned and looked.
With this my dad suggested that I try to find a pattern to his schedule. To do that I would have to locate him, which was already appearing to be more complicated than first expected. My dad believed locating him and finding this pattern might open up the door to get that shot with the camera without his knowledge that I was there.
Day 2: The Introduction
Without much to go on I decided that I would stand in the same place in hopes that he might come by. It was a long a shot, but why not. And yes, I had the camera, but I held it around my neck, not in my hands. I even left the lens cap on.
The bell rings and the students stream by. Something told me I would not see him this day. I wasn’t completely disappointed when the last door closed and the hallway was empty without a single appearance. I lean over grabbing my camera case putting the camera back in its spot. I grab my backpack and think to myself, “You idiot you just missed the class again…one more and you are out!”
And with that thought I turned and started down the stairs. I hear a person coming up and I move from the middle to the right side, so that they come through. I am half way to the landing when the person comes around the corner and takes the first step up. I look up to see who it was and yeah, it was he. Why not! The camera is in its case and is not an issue anymore.
This is when I look into his eyes and I am amazed at how peaceful they were. Then he says, “Hello.” Note to the reader: He did not move his lips. Not a single facial movement occurred during this exchange. Not knowing how to respond I say, “Hi”. Yeah, I know…why in the hell didn’t I say more! I don’t know; I beat myself today thinking this was a great opportunity and I lost it.
I continue down the steps and he continues up the steps. I had no specific thoughts at this moment. I was mechanical in all that I did. I went straight to the car in the back parking lot, sat down, and then it hit me…“What in the hell just happened here?” “He was right there in front of me. Why didn’t I turn and go after him. Why didn’t I say more to him than just, hi.” Now were all of my reactions out of fear he would see me get the shot or was it more? In a split second I realized that I was not dealing with a normal person. He said hello without moving his mouth and he appeared to know my next move. He was always one step ahead of me and he liked to surprise me. It was becoming a game.
But even knowing all of this there was still the final question, which came down to this, “How would I get the picture?”

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