2014 – Poor Man's Prophecies # Is it all True Series #307

Prophecy as I always say is for amateurs, but it makes a fun posting and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2013- How did I score? — The below is from my 2013 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions on Dec. 31st 2012.

So for 2013– my results..
1. World starts taking Global Warming seriously –Obama takes important steps.-Yes , but is it too late?
2. Two super winter storms one will strike the Pacific Northwest and one the Southeast US with blizzard conditions and winds accessing 70 MPH. 1/2 right huge winter storm hits Pacific NW , in Jan 2013
3. Looks like a double dip recession for the second half of the year. Very wrong
4. Truce will hold in the Mideast until at least the 4th quarter of the year. Yes still holding
5. Stocks moving up slowly but I see a 25 % decline into the end of the year. Very Wrong
6. Two major air crashes will shock the nation, one over a major US city. Wrong, thank GOD
7. There will be one super solar flare that will barely miss a direct hit on the Northern hemisphere, so powerful it would have destroyed 60% of our electrical power grid here in the US, but luck will be with us.Yes middle of the year a close call.
8. A new discovery will help millions of diabetic patients. 1/2 right small important discoveries did happen — and stop eating sugar its poison
9. Spain and Italy are slowly moving into default. Yes still happening
10. I predict we will make it to see 2014. Yes very right

Well better than last year — 2013 — 60 % right or sort of right .

And here are the 2014 predictions

1. Pope continues on his People’s Pope Agenda until a huge event shakes the Vatican.
2. Severe drought in the Southeast will redevelop in late spring
3. A bad January for US weather will welcome a February Spring
4.There will be unusal large meteorites entering the earth atmosphere
5. There will be a huge unknown explosion in Brazil.
6. Winter Games will not go well for Putin.
7. Japan will suffer another 7.5 or larger earthquake , furthur damaging Fukushima
and poluting the Pacific ocean
8. A very powerful hurricane season will fully make up for the passive 2013 season in the Atlantic basin.
9. Unexpected tempurture drop ( world average) surprise climat change scientists, but its just part of the Change.
10.I finally predict we will make it to see 2015.

Well sleep tight – I predict you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


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