400 ppm has been reached – will They help?–Is it all True Series # 319

Climate ChangeI have written articles before on global warming and climate change, and it is time to write another one. Back 10 years ago I remember an article by a climatologist that stated that once the CO2 levels in our atmosphere reached 350 ppm (parts per million) it was over for all things living on earth, the fat lady had song. Well as time went on 350 ppm was changed to 360, 375, 385, and finally 400 ppm. So barring any changes to the tipping point level, we have made it to a level that will go down as the end gamer.

At this point ecosystems will start failing in huge numbers, and non-human species will become extinct, followed quickly by the death of millions of humans as huge wars break out to control the ever shrinking resources with food products on the top of the list. Western countries will start finding excuses to kill third world peoples in massive numbers. After that their weapons will be turned on each other, and finally nuclear weapons will purge the world clean of humans and most other life, except for a few cockroaches. And very slowly after several thousands of years Mother Earth will stabilize and return to a more normal state.
Now the big question is will they (the inter-dimensional beings) allow the above scenario to happen, to its fullest extent. My belief is they will not, because they have too much invested in this beautiful planet.

I would bet that after a 90% reduction of mankind they will come to the rescue, for that amount of people left would be in perfect balance for the total healing of the earth. Note they will not ever allow the use of nuclear weapons, because that would zero out their personal investment. Also there are potentially millions of Hybrid beings among us, and I doubt they would sacrifice them.

Sleep tight, if you are reading this you will probably experience a reasonably “okay” balance of your life, but the following generations probably not so much.


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