45 Years and Finally I Make It To Roswell New Mexico– Is it all True Series # 303

Alien Wal-martI have been a UFO/Paranormal researcher for over 45 years and up until last weekend, I had no real interest in going to Roswell. It was never important because I had known for years the Roswell crash was very true in many aspects. A guy who had worked for me had two old military buddies that had witnessed the crash remains and the 4 bodies, and although they never saw the wounded being, they heard about it from fellow military people who were there after the crash.

So my girlfriend and I made a last minute decision to finally drive to Roswell this past weekend to see the town that was made famous by the 1947 crash. She had been to Roswell many times before and knew the area quite well. We were not able to find the debris, it looked like it was off limits to the public and all direction signs had been taken down. My girlfriend did notice that since her previous visits there were many new towers on the road into Roswell on HWY 285; some looked like normal cell towers, but others did not. The large amount of them was a bit disturbing, and it seems they have all gone up within the last few years.

Now Roswell is an oil/gas cow town, but it actually surpassed my expectations as it was clean and had neat old buildings and some nice restaurants, although it did have a stockyard smell to it at times. Our first stop was the Wal-Mart, which is sort of famous for its interesting and somewhat strange-looking customers. I had heard this from other visitors to the area. The first thing that struck me as we pulled up to the building was the large amount of cameras on the building. I counted in excess of 40 and many more on the inside. I would say everyone who goes in is on tape. So I went in and sat for about 20 minutes to just people watch. Yes, there were many normal-looking humans, but a small percent were very different-looking. This included people with long-shaped heads, minimum ears, cat eyes, blue-ish or very pale skin and strange, almost gliding motion. They seemed to always be looking straight ahead and not to the left or right. So are they alien, hybrids or just very interesting-looking humans? Note, none of them felt threatening to me. And that was Wal-mart; worth a look-see if you go there.

And last the UFO museum, which looks like an old theater building. It also exceeded my expectations. It presented a fair and balanced view of the Roswell crash. It was interesting that some of the people that were mentioned in the museum I presently know and some I consider friends. The old pictures of the army base and other things of the time of the crash were very interesting and well displayed. Generally speaking it was a fun day trip; now I can say that Roswell has been checked off my bucket list.

Sleep tight…Pay attention – or reality will pass you by.


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