50 years later – Wilhelm Reich- "Timing is Everything".

On November 3 2007 it will be 50 years since the Reich documents were sealed from the public, as Wilhelm implied saving them for the right generation. He was hoping we now could handle this profound research. Wilhelm died in prison 50 years ago, a man who may have discovered an unknown energy which with further research could solve today’s energy/oil crisis forever and just maybe Global Warming. This Energy he called Orgone -the creative force in nature. It exists in all humans and in all nature. He developed a device called a Orgone Accumulator. The structure could focus and concentrate this energy for potential positive uses- free energy or maybe cure common diseases- purely speculation for now.

Wilhelm Reich died in the hands of the US Government (supposedly of a heart attack). He was innocent of any crimes against society. So what was our government’s agenda against Reich?
Shortly we will get a better look at Wilhelm’s research and its potential to help mankind, and (we need a lot of help), I hope just in time. On November 3rd this year they will open Reich’s archives on his research and our best scientists will judge him in this time of more open mindedness and maybe more wisdom. MWiz

Reich’s Cloudbuster —


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