Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 83

Location. La Pampa province, Argentina
Date: October 20 2009
Time: 2000
The 65 year old female witness (involved in a previous encounter) had briefly stepped into her house to say goodbye to her nephew when she saw a strange creature standing in her living room. In a courageous move the woman walked to a nearby table in the intent to obtain a camera that she had there. After she grabbed the camera and turned around to obtain the photo the creature suddenly placed one of his hands on the witness’s forearm and at that same moment the witness seemed to loose all strength and fell to the ground. According to her family she remained in a semi-conscious state from 15 to 20 minutes. She was then able to call her son on her cellphone and when he came over she was found sitting on a chair and the camera lying on the floor. Strange palm prints were found on the witness forearm. A small dog that always accompanied the witness was found hiding under the sofa in a state of shock. Within hours the marks on her forearm changed color and the next day they had blistered, the witness popped the largest blister and a strange yellowish liquid oozed out in great quantity. She described the being as about 2meters in height, with a very thin built ‘but with great energy’. The creature’s eyes seemed sunk in into its face, the nose was flat ‘like an ape’ and the mouth was just a thin line. The creature’s skin was grayish-green in color and wrinkled. She felt that the creature had five fingers on each hand. Strangely, and according to the witness the creature gave out an aura of ‘tenderness’. The witness had the same or similar being back in November 2007 at the same location.

HC addendum
Type: E

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