Dulce Conference Part 3: Chris O'Brien- In the Valley–Is it all True Series #80

In continuing my coverage of the Dulce Conference, Mr. O’ Brien was the next speaker. His expertise was on the strange things that are happening in the huge San Luis Valley near Dulce. Some say this valley is the largest in the world, but I am going to conservatively say it is one of the largest in North America. But anyways he knows San Luis Valley and has written several excellent books on the subject. I have read them all and visited the area several times. From my personal observations, it is truly a place of strange events.

Chris started off by saying that in 1966 a joint private/government venture detonated a nuclear device 4000 ft below the surface to open up a large gas field. This project, called the Gas Buggy, caused a 5.5 earthquake in the Dulce area. Chris has done some research in the area and heard some interesting stories about a very widespread tunnel system in and around the Archuleta Mesa / mountain area. He told us an interesting story about a guard at the Summerfield mine on the mesa, who claimed to have had lunch with aliens from the underground base for several years. Many natives in the area also believe this story is more than a rumor or fairy tale. Chris said that the Dulce area and into the San Luis Valley is loaded with seams of maximum and minimum magnetic intensity. According to O’Brien, these areas are where heavy paranormal activity occurs.

Chris also spoke about other activities in the San Luis Valley such as Bigfoot, the ever strange Prairie Dragons, skin-walkers, UFO, Black Helicopters, cattle mutilations and shape-shifters. The events and sightings in the valley have always come in waves. Chris questions could the Archuleta complex have been a nuclear storage facility or even a super fund site, now or at one time, making it necessary to periodically sample the cattle around the Dulce area and beyond to see if radioactive toxins have spread into the area. Another one of Chris’s theories is that maybe the whole Dulce/Archuleta underground base conspiracy was done just as a distraction for others to focus on, while the real activity was being done in the San Luis Valley.

Chris did bring up some very interesting angles and possibilities. As always in life, there are more questions than answers.

Sleep very tight- Time moves in mysterious ways, tomorrow maybe next year.


From D.O.E website

The Gasbuggy Site, located approximately 88 kilometers (55 miles) east of Farmington, New Mexico, was the location of a single subsurface nuclear test in December 1967. The purpose of the test was to determine whether or not nuclear explosions would stimulate release of natural gas not recoverable by conventional methods. This test was the first joint government-industry gas stimulation experiment. The Gasbuggy site includes radioactive contamination of the deep bedrock around the shot cavity, contamination of the bedrock from the injection of tritiated water, possible surface contamination from the gas flaring and decontamination activities, and near-surface hazardous waste contamination from the closed mud pits. Ground water was the most likely transport medium for the deep contamination. The cleanup strategy at the Gasbuggy site included characterizing ground-water flow and area of contamination, assessing risk, and modeling contaminant movement away from the shot cavities. The focus was on tritium, since it was the most mobile of the potential radiological contaminants. As for long-term stewardship, DOE will be responsible for maintaining institutional controls over the residual subsurface contamination at the site. In FY 2007, Legacy Management will take responsibility for this site.

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