A Bump in the Night – From Diane Camillo Experiences

Woke up at 2 to a very loud boom, like a those sonic boom sounds or a gas explosion sound. Went walking around the house to ck to make sure I did not have a pipe break or the heater or such. Felt a very strange energy, I usually do not find that the apparitions or energies in my home bother me but this time it felt a little “creepy”. Chloe starts barking at the front door, I look out the kitchen window to see if someone there and nothing, but I felt something, I look at the door and a very long tall image, similar to the image that appeared the 7th of January is now inside my front door. The image by the cabinet was about 36 inches this guy is about floor to ceiling, I feel nervous. I run to get my camera, and I come back, I am still facing this, he is not moving, I try shooting photo’s and have a feeling that while I am facing him someone is behind me. The hair behind my neck is standing straight up and Chloe is in a very passive stance almost cowering. as I turn with my camera ready to shoot what is behind me I catch this ugly strange image in the camera, I take the picture but all that comes out is a red colored blob — no definition. I take several more picture and I feel as if there is a lot of movement in my house, like maybe 3 or 4 others. I open the patio door to see if I see anything-apparition wise, nothing, I came back in, all the beings are gone. I get the camera download the pictures and they are way off, I would send but you would not be able to tell what the pictures are at all. too much in person explanation needed. the energy from the other “being was very RED”.

I actually would say this has been my least favorite encounter, I hope they do not come back. I did not like how I felt. My other encounters felt kind of exciting and interesting, I really feel uneasy about this one.

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