A Child's Miracle Mind.


( It is a FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic )

For $75/per ticket or two tickets for $100

A fundraiser to benefit The School of Now, a project of

501c3 A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc.

Isn’t it time to give our children a school that lets them be all they can be?

To give them the education they deserve? Wouldn’t it be great if our children looked forward to going to school?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you MUST take a look at The School of Now to see what it is all about.

Please go to www.childsmiraclemind.org to find out more about us and what our goal is for our children of today.

Click on The School of Now and learn about the new school concept that the children of today are missing out on.

Take a look at the drawings for The School of Now and be the judge.

For more information concerning the raffle, The School of Now, and A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc. contact Nancy Wallace at (630) 941-6816.

Raffle tickets can be purchased by going to www.childsmiraclemind.org.

The drawing will be February 14, 2010 at noon. Location undetermined.

You do not have to be present to win. There will only be 3000 tickets sold.

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