A Conversation with Norio Hayakawa–Is it all True Series #51

A couple of Thursdays ago I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Norio Hayakawa. We spoke of UFOs, Robert Lazar, Dulce and other paranormal stuff while enjoying some jasmine tea and cake.

Norio Hayakawa is a Spanish teacher, who brought a Japanese film crew over to Las Vegas, NV in 1990, and had a strange but enlightening interview with Mr. Robert Lazar. Mr. Lazar reportedly saw a real alien UFO. Norio reported that this interview took place in a house that looked like it was vacant just a few minutes before the interview. There was a makeshift office thrown together and very few other furnishings. Norio also reported that there were two strange men, with weird black devices attached to their sides, almost as if they were robots or men in black.

Norio said that he then took his crew to Dulce, NM because of a tip from Lazar about an underground base, which was located there. It probably was an interesting sight to see a group of Japanese gentlemen entering the strange Wild West town located on an Apache reservation. Apparently Hoyt Velarde, the police chief of the town, must have thought the same thing because he wasn’t at all pleased to see these strangers snooping around his town. Norio told Velarde that they wanted some information about an underground base supposedly co-run by aliens and our military. Norio directly asked Hoyt “what’s up with the base”? This question didn’t make Chief Velarde very happy and he showed the film crew and Norio the door. Hoyt said, “Don’t you ever ask any more questions regarding such a base. I have nothing to do with it and I do not want to talk about it”. I think Hoyt actually said a lot and knew a lot.

Norio spent three days total in Dulce. While he was there he built some interesting relationships and gathered some solid information about paranormal events in and around Dulce. He took this information back to Japan and helped put together one of the most popular documentaries on the subject of Area 51, Mr. Lazar, and Dulce.

I liked Norio very much; he was very sincere, knowledgeable, and quite real. He emailed me to say, “I agree with you totally that this whole phenomenon is very much multi-faceted and fascinating.”

To you Norio, may our fascination drive our journey to find the Truth.


PS. Lesley thanks for the opportunity to meet him (Norio).


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