A Friends Experience By Mary Muñoz © February 1, 2009

A friend of mine would like to share their experiences with extraterrestrial phenomena. Tonight we are going to view several dreams or possible memories. We just have to remember that not everything we dream is a dream, but reality in something more evolved than our own limited nature.
Dream 1
My friend woke up in a round theater type room, like an opera house, but it wasn’t. There were all of these people sitting in red velvet seats facing forward. My friend looked about and saw many children who seemed to be in some form of academy. Everyone was dressed the same. Suit and tie; white shirt, red coat, and on the pocket they saw an insignia that looked like the a little lion standing on its legs with a crown on its head. The lion was all gold.
As the participants were sitting there my friend asked a kid next to them what is going on. The kid had blonde hair and blue eyes. Then he said, “You have to be quiet, because our superiors are listening in on us. You just have to observe and be quiet.” And as my friend kept looking around they heard a noise that said, “Silence!” And everyone came to attention. Then my friend woke up.
Dream 2
My friend and their friends find themselves in the wooded area of the upper northwest coast; Washington State or Oregon State possibly. As they stand there they notice the large ponderosa pine trees and lush ferns of the area. Then they look up to see this amazing waterfall. It is then that they notice three UFO’s, grey in color, square windows, and hovering over the waterfall. They then begin to look more closely at the waterfall and notice luminous eggs coming down from the top of it. They appeared to have a wooden ring around them, which appeared to be holding them in place as they made their journey downward. The movement of the water was not affecting them at all. My friend was uncertain where the eggs were coming from actually and speculates they could have been coming from the UFO’s hovering toward the top.
It is then that they notice the water coming to rest on a lake. Now the eggs would separate from the wooden band around them as they came to the water level of the lake. The band of wood had some form of writing, insignia, on them. Where the wooden band went after separation they are unknown to the person observing this. Instead they look downward through the water, like looking through a looking glass, toward what appears to be grey being catching the eggs. The being then takes each egg as it descends toward them and carries them to a pile of other eggs laying them gently on the sandy bottom of the lake.
What Does It All Mean?
It comes to a single question, “What is reality?” Who is to say this is not an experience that was seen in terms that were acceptable for the moment? The quirkiness of it all may be their way of rationalizing the uniqueness of the experience itself. Just take the time and do some research and you might find that many experiences are really dreams in disguise. Why it happens that way, I think that is one the biggest dilemmas in the UFO phenomena today. There could be as many answers as there are questions as to the reason “why?”

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  1. dreams are a real world to me Iam a dreamer/ I love my dream world because I learn from it,also I see my family who have passed on. in dreams I visit places in time I will be there, I learn to heal myself in my dream world.

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