A Journey into the Wild and Crazy part 1 – Is it all True Series #85

About 300 miles outside of Seattle, just south of the Canadian border, is a most unusual place of lakes, mountains, forests, BFs, UFOs and many big tales of the strange. I am speaking about my mini-expedition into Washington State this past week.

I wanted to share an adventure story from a source who is known for his trustworthiness and honor. This man, George, and his wife were winding up a trail deep in a state natural reserve when suddenly George saw a redheaded human-looking being. It’s head and shoulders were at least two feet above the six-foot high brush. It parted its hair down the center and looked like a big old Viking. Mr. Viking took one look at George and then quickly fled. This probable Sasquatch had an expression on his face, like he was getting into some bad trouble. George’s curiosity got the best of him, so he took off after the big guy. A little way down the path, George came across an opening, sort of like a room, with boughs of spruce and other soft natural bedding materials. It looked like it had fecal piles between the different layers of bedding. George figured out that this was probably the Viking BFs house and quickly realized it wasn’t a good idea to invade a house of an 8-foot being. This is just one of many interesting and wild stories we heard on this journey.

There were also the prospectors, and the stories of the hidden gold in the hills. One person showed us a very heavy rock, which he claimed was platinum, gold and silver, a super mix of wealth. I am no expert, but it was, as I said, very heavy. He also claimed to know where a whole mountain of this rock was. He could have easily been telling us the whole truth, but I will probably never know. Usually these prospectors keep the real secrets close to their hearts. They just like to brag to get the rest of us dreaming.

Well more on this trip over the next few weeks.

Sleep tight – the inter-dimensional world is not far.



A place of beauty and strange

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