A Man in Black and the Georgia Mystery celebrates 30 years- Is it all True Series # 128

I lived in Georgia for over 14 years and I frequently visited the Georgia Guidestones about 100 miles northeast of Atlanta near the small town of Elberton, Georgia. Many call these guide- stones America’s Stonehenge. The nearly 20 foot tall slabs were honed from Elberton area, which has blue/ green granite quarries.

First, how did these slabs get to this farm field? The stories vary; I will tell you what I have heard and the more official version. In 1980 a man with, I believe, the alias name of R.C. Christian, came to a small bank in Elberton, talked with the bank agent named Wyatt Martin. R.C., opened an account in the bank with instructions to Wyatt to how the money would be distributed to various contractors who would work on the project. I understand RC met with Wyatt two or three times during the project. R.C. also met with the stoneworkers who would construct his “Age of Reason” monument.
The four vertical slabs had R.C.’s rules of reason such as:
1. Rule the world with tempered reason.
2. Avoid petty laws and useless officials
3. Prize love, truth, and beauty
4. Don’t be a cancer on the earth
5. Leave room for nature
6. Seek harmony with all
7. Call for the limit the population to 500 million people.
I can’t say I disagree with any of the above. Of course people will take this into many directions such as satanic and totalitarian. And others will say its just common sense.

These rules are written in eight different languages and the capstones are written in ancient languages such as Egyptians hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Sanskrit and Old Greek.
The stones themselves are a cosmic clock using the sun and stars to track time. As I have visited these pillars, I felt a low level vibration from the ground, like its message is being resourced from Mother Earth.

It’s very peaceful to sit by the stone-crop-circles in the middle of a cornfield. On one of my trips to the Guidestones I went into Elberton and talked to the locals about the pillars of stone. One old guy told me that the banker who dealt with the mysterious man named K.C., the banker was caught off guard with the appearance Mr. K.C. He was all dressed in black with white pasty skin and talked a bit mechanical.

So now to my theory, one of my past interests in the UFO field was those crazy guys called men in black and there were even a few female types. But as some know and I believe these MIBs are not human. In my over one thousand interviews with people that had UFO encounters, 1 out of 5 also had a man or women in black contact. But something happened in 1980, MIB contact seemed to stop, that was also the year the Guidestones were built. Could the construction of this monument be the last message of warning from the MIBs before they moving on to another world? This is a interesting concept but speculative, but one thing I do know I would not want to be the person or persons who has been vandalizing the Guidestones because from the contactee information I have gathered over the years the MIBs could really mess with you if you cross them.

So happy 30th – Age of Reason Stones
Sleep tight for the four pillars are still there guiding our journey

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