The phone rang late this afternoon on 05.22.07. Recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone line, this is Annie ”she said”. Annie my dear friend, called to tell me that my good and long time friend Bill, had past over to the other side this morning losing his battle with colon cancer. Annie’s soul mate, her partner will be remembered by many in this strange UFO phenomena.

I had come to know Bill some years ago when his ex-wife came to me for consulting purposes. Over the years Bill supported me readily, he guided me, he was on my road of life into this phenomenon until his death. Bill was always giving of himself through his learned knowledge into this phenomenon. The lessons he learned from his “teachers” he then became a teacher himself teaching others in this field especially “we the victims” of this phenomenon. Bill was not a selfish man but a courageous loving giving man. Bill many times thought of other people and not of himself especially if these other humans were ill. After the death of my husband Fred, at one point I became so ill that the doctors thought they were going to lose me, there was my dear friend with his “natural medicine” and not wanting any money in return for his life giving gifts. He just wanted to see me healthy as he told me. I witnessed the sameness in Bill with other people as well. Bill, if I had the answer or given through the medical technology from any of the extraterrestrials to wellness from cancer, yes, I would have been the first there at your side administering to you. If only my audience could have known you Bill, this planet earth could be a much better world. Bill, thank you for being who you were, thank you for being my dear friend, I will miss you dearly. To those of you who may have known Bill as well, I know you all feel the same way as I do, yes, we have lost someone very special in our lives. We have “willed over” Bill to a better place to further his work. Thank you Bill you are someone that will be remembered by many humans.

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