Abductee/Contactee and their Empathic Abilities-Is it all True Series # 351

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By Michael
After 50 years in this amazing field we call UFOs and Paranormal, I have learned exceedingly cool stuff about humans and beings from other realities. It takes years to understand a very slight concept about dimensional beings but humans are easier to understand and all the elements that make them tick.

After hundreds of interviews with abductees there are some very interesting commonalities between many of them. One is the ability for them to be empathetic and feel people’s emotions. The question I have always asked is, are abductees born empathic with their abilities or are they given their abilities from their encounters with the dimensional beings?

I feel we all have the empathic ability, but only a few realize it. After interviewing hundreds of abductees, many realized their abilities after they knew they had had an encounter with another reality. I believe their encounters are triggering events, opening up many access points to the infinite universe.

Being an empath can be a dangerous business, if they are not careful they can absorb the emotions of hundreds of people just by walking through a Mall. This emotional over-load can throw an empath into a mental crisis and exhaust their bodies, driving the empath into a sleep response for several days. Empaths eventually learn to protect themselves from the flood of human energy by building empirical shields around their bodies.

Some empaths have the amazing ability to make contact with spirits. My partner is one of those people, she can walk into a cemetery and spirits will start communicating with her. When the emotional load becomes too much she must remove herself from the location to recover. She recently had a civil war cemetery experience in the Nashville area. This time she actually felt the physical pain of the soldier who had in theory died 150 years ago. But he was in a limbo reality, and she was able to observe the event. It was very powerful and profound.

Inter-dimensional beings seem not to carry or have many of their own emotions, they love empaths because not only can they feed off the empaths own emotions, but they get the bonus of the other emotions that are flowing through the empaths body from external sources. So triggering a human into becoming empathic is probably a high priority for the inter-dimensional beings.

Sleep- tight , Being empathic – is like looking at glass humans – you get to see everything that makes them tick – but only by controlling the experience with care can you gain wisdom and not madness.

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  1. Dear Michael ,
    I came across your article by chance and never been to this site before.
    Your story caught my attention and people who experience paranormal activities usually they are telling the truth but what most of them don’t know is that those beings existed before Adam and Eve peace be upon them were created and they are called jinn in Arabic . They are mentioned in the Quran. God created the Angels, the jinn and humans.
    They can see us but we cannot see them unless they intended to show themselves. They follow different religions just like us. Some of them can be very dangerous n can destroy person’s life by driving the person insane or become ill etc.
    There are no UFOs it’s them . They can fly and visit different parts of the world in a glimpse, they can turn into several different shapes and so on. If they interfere with someone life nothing positive will come out of it. What your girfriend experiencing it is coming through them. They pass information about future events or reading others thoughts etc.
    what I know through my religion is that in order to protect yourself from them, avoid sitting in dark, dirty or old vaccant places. Also, I learned that whenever I’m dropping or throwing something for example water I say by the name of God so this way I’m warning them to move away and I’m not disturbing them because sometimes they attack back or they become a part of my life which is not a good one. So many information about the jinn in our quran and the prophet Hadith and how to protect ourselves everyday. Just would like to add on the vision of your girlfriend it’s definitely coming through them as they witnessed the incidents because they live for hundreds n hundreds of years. They are ranked similar to governments and they have their own laws.
    I hope I didn’t bore you with this information and might find it helpful in understanding theses dimensional beings.
    All the best with kind regards

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