Abduction Families and their Reactions“Is it all True Series #34

I highly recommend Steven Spielberg’s mini- series “Taken” which deals with families of abductees and contactees.

Over the years, during my work with abductees and contactees, I have seen a variety of family reactions. I have divided them into three groups, the in denial group, the getting ready for the straitjacket group, and lastly just the compassionate group.

In the denial group, these family members say things like Aunt Sara is just getting old or a 4 year old Jimmy is just dreaming or his imagination has gone wild. Young kids are usually the ones that suffer in the long run. If their abduction journey starts early, this could go on until their 50’s or beyond. What they need is compassion and a little understanding because this is a frightening process. I typically tell parents to pay attention to your children. Don’t belittle them by denying them their childhood little friends or fears, because they could be very real. If the kids are pushed away, they may not ask for help when they really need it and this could put them into a mental/ emotional decline.

Now the straitjacket group–there has been several people I have talked to whose relatives were moving to put their abductees into an institution for their wild stories. Fortunately, experienced mental health professionals can tell the difference between schizophrenia/ paranoia and an exterior experience.

The last group, the very compassionate relatives- is normally a close loving family who will listen with compassion and not judge. I believe I personally came from this last group(for the most part). Although I am not sure I am an abductee or a contactee, my 40+ years in this UFO/Bigfoot relationship world, makes me a candidate for the close encounter.

When I speak with a group of abductees and their families I always stress to them- you are all in this together; many of us know abductions can be a family affair. I have found that if one person in the family is involved there is about a 75% chance another immediate family member is also an abductee.

So people who live in UFO houses need not throw the proverbial cosmic stones. We are in this together and maybe forever. So total compassion and love are the keys to survive this profound family event.



The Family Affair

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