Abductions and DMT – all a state of mind? Is it all True Series #47

I have been researching the abduction phenomena for about 40 years now and have interviewed well over a thousand abductees. There have been many threads and patterns connecting groups of abductees together. The individuals in the common groups have no common knowledge of each other. In the case of families some of them didn’t know that others in their family have had similar experiences. I am constantly looking for these connections, the key to understanding the phenomena.

I consider myself to be a very open–minded individual, which is quite necessary in this endeavor or you will collapse under the weight of the strangeness. Then came a book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Rick Strassman.

DMT or Dimethlytryptamine is a very potent psychedelic drug found in many plants and in small amounts in the human body although its natural function in humans is presently unknown. DMT-containing plants are used by South American Shamans in a drink called ayahuasca and is used in ritual ceremonies. DMT experiences can include time dilation, visual and auditory illusions and other mind-defying experiences. Also erotic imagery and sexual content can also be present.

Rick Strassman (a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico) conducted a study in the early 90’s where volunteers were injected with high doses of DMT. They experienced or perceived they experienced being with alien entities, in an otherworldly setting. Also the levels of DMT in the brain seem to promote the visual effects of natural dreaming, maybe near-death experiences, and out of body experiences.

Some, but not all, of Strassman’s subjects had a contact with an Insectoid or Reptilian being during their DMT trip. This aspect of the trip proved to be quite traumatic at times with a wide range of emotions and feelings, such as being probed, tested, manipulated, loved and even raped.

The above experiences are some of the main elements of the typical abduction scenario. Strassman speculates that DMT is produced through and maybe stored in the pineal gland. Could groups of humans have a greater ability/ trait to produce this substance and therefore create abduction experiences, opening a gateway to another world, where these other beings wait for us to visit. Or do they (our visitors) stimulate our pineal glands to cross the veil into their world.

I believe the earliest Egyptians priests may have known the power of DMT and the pineal gland for they were known to smash the skulls of slaves and extract live / fresh pineal glands for immediate consumption so they could visit their Gods.

So is this a connection?

Food for thought, as they say.



A drink– into another World.

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