Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 100

Location. Ocean City, Maryland
Date: May 29 2010 Time: night
Excited to be in Ocean City the witness was outside on a deck on the first floor of a three
floor condo building having a smoke, looking at the stars and watching the people across the
street party on their 3rd floor deck. He was looking at the Orion Constellation and saw a falling
star start from the left of Orion’s belt and continue through the bottom part of the
constellation. The falling star was incredibly bright and it seemed like it took forever for it to
finally burn out.
The people across the street left and went to the beach, so he went inside and got another
smoke before he went to bed. He thinks it was about 15 minutes since seeing the falling star
when he went back outside sat down and noticed a figure sitting at the patio table on the 2nd
floor of the condo building across the street. He found it very strange because no one was
occupying that unit. He was staring in disbelief how the strange figure looked. It was sitting at
the table like a human would; with its left arm resting on the table and it appeared that his legs
were crossed (for some reason the witness felt it was a male). The figure was tall, big, muscular,
with a shadow/black like appearance and no visible features. The head was elongated and it
was very large. The witness couldn’t believe he just sat there and stared since he feels he
should had screamed and ran inside but somehow he didn’t. He could tell it knew that the he
was there, but the witness eventually got up and left because it made no movement and he
grew scared of what would happen. As he closed the sliding glass door after going inside the
figure was still there.
That morning at daylight, he attempted to determine what could have made that figure on
the deck but there was nothing on the deck but a table and 4 chairs.
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