Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 104

Location. Rome, Italy
Date: July 2010 Time: evening
A 30-year old male was walking his dog in a field next to a wall when he saw what he
initially thought to be a person approaching. Suddenly his dog began to growl and bark at the
approaching stranger. Trying to restrain his dog the man noticed that the ‘person’ did not
seemed to walk but appear to float inches above the ground in what appeared to be a cushion
of air. The strange figure was approximately in meter in height and pitch black in color which
was apparently intent in attacking both the man and his animal. The dog owner attempted to
drag his pet away but was overtaken by the strange figure.
A wild hand to hand fight did not prevent the witness from noticing certain features on
mysterious being. His face was sallow as if skinless and it had large white eyes. Its body was
covered in a strange garment, but seemed to be more robotic in nature than human. The
witness (a black belt in Karate) struggles with the being and punches it in the area of the
sternum on several occasions. Suddenly the dark humanoid jumps back and takes a
tremendous leap into the air disappearing into the sky as if ‘sucked away’ by an invisible force.
Around the same time others in the vicinity noticed a bright ball of light the size of a half moon
hovering over the area, it suddenly begins to oscillate at a high rate of speed and vanishes into
the sky. The main witness immediately runs to his house and notifies his family who finds a
mysterious rash on his arms and face, resembling first degree burns. The witness then notifies
the police and is told not to tell anyone about his bizarre encounter. After a few days the area
of the encounter is mysteriously fenced in but after a few days is reopened to the public. (The
area is located north of Rome).

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