Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 105

Location. Edge of the Universe Ridge, Fullerton, California
Date: July 2 Albert

Three friends had decided to take a walk up the area known as the ‘Fullerton Trails’ and
“medicate” (they were all medical cannabis patients) at the top of the ridge, as the view is
spectacular. There is another higher ridge known as the End of the World, located not too far
away, but it was late at night and it was hard to see, so they decided against walking up it. The
layout of the ridge consists of a trail the entrance of which is located in the middle of a
residential street, nestled between two houses. There is a short walk with a trail surrounded by
trees on one side and a fence on the other.

They got to the top of the ridge with little trouble, but noticed an extremely foul smell, like
something had died and was rotting. They figured it was some animal, but they never came
across a corpse. Anyhow they got to their destination and began to ‘medicate’.
As they admired the view and discussed how cool the ambience of the night and the desert
scenery below them was they heard something rustling in the bushes behind them. They
figured it was an animal and continued their business. They kept hearing noises coming from
the bushes, and they grew steadily more unnerved until they decided to leave. The way back
was a little bit harder than they way up. The main witness kept urging his friends to hurry as he
was in the back and had a strange feeling of unease. They got back to the entrance and hurried
back to the car. They began joking around that something was coming for them, when suddenly
the witness in the back seat said, ‘Start the car—now!’ The tone of his voice made them look
back and they saw what he was looking at. About 15 feet away, standing next to the trash cans
at the entrance they had just come from, was a tall hooded figure. They couldn’t see its face; it
seemed shrouded. The driver took off in a hurry. Apparently the witness in the backseat had
seen the figure slink out of the darkness. It stared at them as they left.
HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales—August 2011 Type: E

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