Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 108

Location. St Petersburg, Florida
Date: July 26 (or 27) 2010 Time: around midnight
The witness had gone to bed around midnight, his wife and young cousin were sleeping in
separate rooms on this particular night. He arose (
not sure of time) and went outside to smoke
a cigarette. When he went outside he at once notice
d a bright triangular shaped object of
pyramid shape with 3 lights running down the side hovering right above him. He said that the
object was bigger than the house. He then noticed a
bright flash. The next thing he recalls was
being in a bright room with a light shining in his
eyes. He could see four shadowy figures, but
couldn’t make out any features. He noticed a tube in his navel and in his penis. He was covered
in some sort of “goo” and he had a type of gas mask
on. He kept hearing a voice saying “he is
coming to.” The next thing that he recalls is waking up in his bed at 3:03 a.m. He said that he
knew that he got up because the door was unlocked and partially open. He locked the door
before he went to bed. Therefore he was emphatic that he did not have a lucid dream. He had a
real experience. He said that upon awakening at 3:03 a.m. he went to the bathroom to check
for marks on his body, he noticed none. However, the next day he experienced severe diarrhea
and urinary track abnormalities. The story gets better as the next day he was talking to a friend.
The friend was out driving at around 4 am (a little
later than his encounter) and noticed a bright
object that looked like “a burrito” in the direction where the witness lived. His friend snapped a
photo of the object with his cell phone. Another person riding a motorcycle also saw the object.
HC addendum
Source: reports/2010

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