Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 110

AlbertLocation. Jefferson City, Missouri
Date: summer 2010 Time: various

For about 3-4 months during the summer of 2010
several residents of Jefferson City and
other locations in Missouri reported encountering ‘
weird’ men or entities.
The first report was from a Target Store where the
witness was getting ready to check out
and a man walked right by her, like he was on a mission, dressed in an older business suit with
sunglasses on. The witness was paying for her items
and the stranger was already in line with
his item. While she was being waited on, she heard
him mumbling to himself with his head
down. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, i
t was not English, but didn’t sound like any
other language either. When he paid for his item he
told the lady “thank you” in a really deep
voice that almost sounded ‘fake’. The items he paid
for was of all things, ladies panties. The
witness’ daughter and her friend were with her at t
he time and also saw him too. A few weeks
later, she began seeing these same types of men around the hotel where she worked in Lake of
the Ozarks, at about 45 miles from Jefferson City.
She noticed the first one when they were
busy at the front desk, which is the department she
worked with. There was a man talking with
another lady she worked with the same deep voice sh
e heard from the man at the Target store.
She was startled by it and looked at him, he looked
back at her with a “How dare you” type of
look. A couple of weeks later she saw the same guy
in the hotel coming from the room hall; he
came up and asked her about rates. Right when she b
egan to tell him, he kind of cut her off like
he wasn’t really interested and walked away. Other
employees had also noticed him.
Ever since then, she’d seen similar men in and out
of the hotel, and they always give her a
dirty look out of the corner of their eyes. They all walk the same, like they have something
wrong with their joints or something. Some of them
appeared to be trying to disguise
themselves as “stereotypical tourists.” They are always alone and usually have these certain
sunglasses on. She also noticed that she has seen t
hem on a day that something weird or
something really bad has happened, including a coup
le of fatal boat accidents. One night
several guests came up to the witness expressing concern about a very strange and suspicious
character they saw downstairs. They said he was dressed like a tourist and had sunglasses on.
This was late night. She immediately called security but they didn’t find anything. A few nights
later the witness was at the front desk on a computer doing some work when out of the corner
of her eye, she saw a man dressed in layers of clot
hing and using a cell phone, but not speaking.
She suspected he was one of the ‘strangers’ since h
e did not fit in with the other guests. She
then went right around the corner to get her cellphone to obtain a photo of the stranger. She
walked away for no more than five seconds and when
she came back he was gone. He had been
in an area where he could just not leave in that amount of time.
HC addendum

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