Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 112 Two for one…

AlbertDate: August 5 2010 Time: 04:30 a.m.
A group of friends were spending the night together
when the power in the
neighborhood went out at 4:30 a.m., sending them outside with curiosity. But
when they stepped outside, the group noticed “very
strange lighting, purplish
lighting with no thunder or rain to go with it.”
Then the heavy air traffic, they claim that under normal circumstances, this is
unusual. Seven aircraft were flying over the area “
in patterns making a rough
perimeter around the substation.” (electrical substation?). Then looking up in
the sky, they noticed what they thought was a star
that was “shining brighter
than the others.” The lighting flashed again, “The
star became a reddish
color,” another lightning flash and the object was
gone. About 5 minutes later,
then noticed “a bright egg-shaped object zipping across the sky.” The object had
no flashing FAA lighting, was silent, and was in view for about one minute before
vanishing. Five minutes after this, a helicopter ca
me into view. Then 20 minutes
later, another egg-shaped object came into view, bu
t “this one much closer,
running a zigzag pattern before going behind some trees and fading out. These
craft moved exceptionally fast, and performed moves
planes cannot.”
Everything seemed to return to normal and the group
went inside—discovering
that it was now 6 a.m. “Looking back we found the memories were really fuzzy
and it had felt as if we had lost time—that time
had went too fast.”
HC addendum
David MacDonald Kentucky MUFON State director Type

Location. Brisbane, Australia
Date: August 8 2010 Time: midnight
The witness had gone to bed around 11pm and sometime later was woken up by three
creatures in a brightly lit egg-shaped room; the light was coming out of the walls, ceiling and
floor which emitted a soft luminous glow. They were
‘speaking’ to him as they woke him before
he opened his eyes, so that he might not be afraid,
they said, “do not be afraid of scared, we
love you and care for you” in gentle penetrating words that echoed in his head and strangely
enough not in his ears. The creatures introduced themselves as, “one, two and three” one was
on his left, two was behind the top of his head behind him and three was standing to his right.
When he opened his eyes, he was shocked, yet there
was a strange familiarity with them, as if
they had ‘known him all his life’.
He was naked (he wears pajamas to bed) felt dazed,
even drunk (yet he doesn’t drink) and
went to sit up and ‘two’ placed its huge hand under
neath his neck and back to help support me,
they were chatting incessantly using telepathy yet
he could hear them talking in clicks & pops

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