Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 113

Location. Salt Lake City, Utah
Date: August 8 2010 Time: 01:20 a.m.

AlbertA security guard reported that while patrolling an
area in downtown Salt Lake in a location
where there was a “Target” under construction, he saw a strange figure walking on all fours
with long arms and pale skin. Stunned, he went looking for his flashlight but when he looked
back it had vanished. He had been moving his patrol
vehicle to the other side of the
construction site and saw the strange creature as he was getting ready to park. He furthered
described the strange figure as having pale gray skin with ‘bumps’ and it walked on its hands
which had to be as long as its legs. Its head was of an ‘abnormal’ shape and it didn’t turn to look
at the witness, so he didn’t see the face. It didn’t appear to have any hair on its body and it had
no clothing. He reportedly found strange ‘hand prints’ where he had seen it but didn’t have a
‘cam’ with him at the time, he didn’t hear any noises but later heard noises on the roof as if
someone was walking around on the roof. Additionally, the witness estimated the creature
must have been at least 7-8 feet in height, he could make out its ‘spine’ and rib cage through its
skin but the arms appeared to be muscular.
HC addendum
Source: Private correspondence with witness

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