Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 114

AlbertLocation. Midlothian, near Chicago, Illinois
Date: August 11 2010 Time: 1506
The main witness and her boyfriend were playing pool in her basement. They
had started another game and she had just lit up a
cigarette. Both suddenly felt a
“flicker.” They awoke in the same position by the pool table except that the
cigarette was gone and no lighted cigarettes were found. The boyfriend said that
he saw a flash of light and then a “time lapse.” He
thought that around 15
minutes of time was missing.
HC addendum
Type: G?

Location. Dallas, Texas
Date: August 19 2010 Time: 05:00 a.m.
A 47-year old nurse reported that her 58-year old spouse woke up feeling short of
breath and his blood pressure was elevated…nothing
new for he has been going
through some cardiac issues for some time now. Nonetheless, she snuggled up to
him, reassured him that he was going to be fine and
they fell asleep.
At 5am she remembers waking up to a strange sound with this green light coming
in through the bedroom window. She sat up in bed and reached over to her
husband and asked him “What the f…. is that? He then jumped out of bed and
walked out of the bedroom, she thinks to the living
room, but she thinks he
actually opened the back door to take a better look. Then ‘something’ encouraged
her to go to the window. She pulled the curtains back to look and there was astrange short creature/being staring right at her.
it was not like the classical ‘grays’
she often saw in moves and other media. This being
had a dark-like skin of sort and
large dark eyes. Terrified the witness raised her hand and waved at it, saying “Hi”.
It just stared, she then spoke to it and told it that it shouldn’t be here that
people/humans would be afraid and might shoot it. All of the sudden, she found
herself on a weird contraption sort of caged in, not tied, there were strange noises
in her mind and some pain. She could move her arms
but not the rest of her body.
She then “saw” numerous images racing through her mind. Apparently images of
past life events.
Then everything changed, and she heard a horrible high-pitched sound in her head,
and a hand is trying to get a hold of her head and
something is trying to place an
object on the back of her head. And every time the
object touched the back of her
head, she would hear the high pitched noise and feel pressure in her head. She
then awoke lying on her bed in a fetal position scared to death. She didn’t want to
move, unsure if she had experienced a bizarre dream
or not. At the same time her
husband woke up again short of breath and told her
that he had experienced a
strange ‘dream’ that there had been a presence of two aliens behind him, and that
they had been pulling something resembling a fishing line from his abdomen. The
main witness reported later having strange dreams about random numbers.
HC addendum
Type: G

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