Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 115

AlbertLocation. Sanger, California
Date: August 21 2010 Time: night
A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on
a mountainside in Sanger,
California (just outside Fresno) on the night of August 21 2010. A family who
observed the “hard landing” reported the incident to California Mutual UFO
Network (MUFON) state section director Jeffrey Gonzalez. According to
Gonzalez, while taking the phone report, he heard a
woman in the background
say, “It’s trying to take off, It’s trying to lift!
” The witnesses claim that the
downed craft ascended 30 to 40 feet trying to take
off again, but was
The crash site is private and inaccessible from public roads, which prevented
MUFON investigators from reaching the area, but unmarked vehicles allegedlymanaged to swarm the scene shortly after the incident. From a public vantage
point, Gonzalez reported seeing something resembling an arc welding light
coming from the crash site during the evening, which led him to believe that the
individuals who arrived in the unmarked vehicles were either attempting to
repair the craft or dismantle it. The following morning, Gonzalez was able to see
scorch marks on the ground, and surprisingly, the c
raft was still there. He
supposedly has video footage of the crash site and
the “stingray-shaped” craft, as
he described it, and will make the video available
after it has been processed.
According to Gonzalez the videos are being transferred to his computer, but
are taking longer than usual because the camera he
used doesn’t have a digital
output. The witnesses have called Gonzalez in the past, and they apparently see
frequent UFO activity in their area. (A video posted on YouTube shows a
triangle shaped craft flying over Sanger, the day a
fter the craft). Additional
information on the above intriguing case indicates
that the main witness,
“Justin” and
his wife and mother had gone outside to see on the
side of the mountain what
appeared to be a triangle shaped object sitting on
the side of the mountain. He
said it had white lights on each corner and a bright light underneath in the
center with some blue and red lights on the sides.
He said the shape was
definitely a triangle. After observing it for a couple of minutes, he said the craft
lifted up about 30 to 40 feet as it was trying to take off but could not and the craft
again fell to the ground. It attempted to lift off
again with no luck and again the
craft slammed back down. It did not try to take off
anymore. He even said it
looked like the craft was damaged on one side. After a few minutes went by, the 3
witnesses started to see vehicles—cars and trucks
—arrive at the scene.
These vehicles came from over the mountain and from
below. He said they just
came out of nowhere. He did not know if they were military or not. By this time
it was dark and they see the vehicle’s headlights on the hill and what he says are
helicopters flying overhead…but he wasn’t sure. By
the time Gonzalez arrived he
could only see 3 lights on the hill. At around 2300
he began to videotape other
vehicles coming to the site, and on a couple of occasions captured very bright
blue flashes of light coming from the area. Gonzalez stayed in the area all night
and claims that in the morning around 5:45 he was able to see what appeared to
be a bunch of pine-trees and what seemed to be a ho
use, and then he noticed
what looked to him to be a gray or metallic object
lying right in front of that
house. He said he tried to zoom up but it was still
too far away. It was hard to tell
the shape of the craft but it eventually it starting taking the shape of a triangle or
sting ray in Gonzalez’s eyes. (Additional information is still pending on this
alleged incident)

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