Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 119

AlbertLocation. Guanica, Puerto Rico
Date: end of August 2010 Time: various

A strange creature with wings resembling that of a
giant bat, which locals had likened it to a
gargoyle has attacked several local livestock and also a local man. The attacks from the supposed
gargoyle are similar to the better known and “mythical” Chupacabras. Apparently this gargoyle
type creature also sucks the blood out of its victims. Some of the locals identify the creature as
indeed a Chupacabra but others claimed that it is a
different type of creature, a sinister denizen of
the old ruins and tunnels of the ancient sugar cane
mill “Central Guanica” located in the
Ensenada barrio.
The attacks have been reported for years in the reg
ion but the recent majority of incidents have
been in Guanica, but also in nearby Lajas and San German. The creature has been seen by
numerous locals who have opted not to make official
reports with the local authorities. The man
that was reportedly attacked by the winged creature
suffered wounds to his stomach and deep
scratches on his back. The man reported that a strange creature with huge wings had “ambushed”
him in his backyard. A local police officer by the
name of Miguel Negron reported that while
patrolling the old barrio area he heard loud flapping of wings coming from the top of a nearby
zinc roof. Officer Negron says that some of the witnesses describe the creature as resembling a
huge bird that gives off a strong sulfur-like smell
and devours live animals, like dogs, cats,
horses, draining most of its victims of blood. AccoAlbertrding to investigator Professor Reinaldo Rios
some have described the creature as “gargoyle like”
and grotesque in nature.

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