Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 121

AlbertLocation. Missouri, exact location not given
Date: September 3 2010 Time: 00:30 a.m.

An anonymous witness reported that he had been awakened by a bright flash in the room,
like a camera flash. He opened his eyes and saw a s
mall disc-like UFO in the corner of the
room with a large dome on top of it with windows all around the dome. The disk was a
light gray metallic color with black around the windows, it was lighted on the inside and
there were no lights on the outside, except the one
it kept flashing from the front of the
vehicle. The witness watched the 12” diameter craft
move about the room from corner to
corner, flashing the strobe-like light (he believes
it was a camera of some sort), then it
hovered over his bed.
He tried to remain as still as possible while shaking his wife and getting her to wake up. Shebeings inside the craft looking out at them—they
both sat up in bed and the beings looked
surprised, then the craft took off very quickly towards the closet/chimney area and
disappeared. They could not get a good look at the
beings inside the craft, but the witnesses
claim that they had large heads for their small bodies, and they looked humanoid. All he
could see was a kind of gray skin color and he thinks the eyes looked more like human eyes,
not large almond-shaped eyes that are like the “typical grays”. Later after they had fallen
asleep again, the witness again woke up and saw a white-gloved hand floating
approximately 10” above his head. He only saw this
for a couple of seconds, and then it
disappeared. He jumped out of bed to investigate but could find nothing in the
room. (Apparently the couple has seen similar things in the past).

HC addendum
MUFON case files Case # 25266

also saw the craft just as it moved into position near the foot of their bed. He noticed a very
low humming sound. It then moved slowly forward and
that is when they saw the tiny craft.

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