Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 122

AlbertLocation. Nashville, Tennessee
Date: September 20 2012 Time: 19:00
Witnesses reported seeing a cigar-shaped object whi
te and red in color. It had no wings and
when it was flying it was tilted over going up. It
also had a large clear window with little human-
like figures looking out. No other information.
HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: A

Location. Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina
Date: September 20 2010 Time: 2015
A woman was again visited by a strange being in her
home that had apparently visited her a
few months before. The intruder left a series of burns on her arms after having made contact
with one of her extremities. The shocking incident
was made known to the ‘Centro de Estudios
Ovnis” as it was in the past, and only a few hours
after, a member of the group arrived at the
scene to commence his field study, ascertaining that aside from the marks on the experiencers’
face, it was possible to find marks in the backyard
that resembled very large feet. The woman
was aided by her relatives, who contacted CEUFO.
The outstanding characteristics of the strange being described by the witnesses are the
following: A height estimated at 2 meters, very thin body with long extremities. Gave the
impression of being very
but was extraordinarily strong on occasions in which physical
contact was made. Had no ears. The eye cavity appeared hollow, but the reddish light within
them, “as though from a little light” stood out.The nose was imperceptible or else flattened 62
“like an ape’s” and the mouth was almost an imperceptible slit. The witness was shocked by
what appeared to be the entity’s suit or skin, which she defined as “wrinkled” or “like fish
scales”. Its hands were large, but the most significant aspect was its large, rounded fingers.
Regarding its feet, which she was able to notice in
the latest experience, they were large and as
if in “three parts”, although she could not define
it as footwear. The color of the skin or suit was
dark, either gray or greenish. The being appeared within the home short after 20:15 hours. How
it entered is unknown, as the doors were shut. She
claims that she felt the sensation that (the
entity) was not alone, as it looked and made sounds
as though there were something behind it,
but she was unable to see if this was the case. The
witness reacted by saying, “nooo, not again,nooo” and the being took hold of her face in a firm, decisive manner. This resulted in some dark
marks on her cheekbones that were visible in photographs. It was thus that she felt the great
strength of its extremities.
The protagonist’s son was one of the first to come
to her assistance. He says that he heard a
strange buzzing sound, similar to a very sharp “beep”. The experience lasted only a few
minutes, after which the woman calmed down and recovered.
quoting Quique Mario (CEUFO) and Guillermo
Gimenez, Planeta UFO Type: E

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