Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 126

Location. Olavarria, Tandil, Argentina

Date: October 2010 Time: night
Two young friends were walking along a road when one of them, Ezequiel, thought he saw a
bright light toward the left, up along the ridges.
The other friend was unable to see it. Suddenly66
about 150 meters away from them, on the ridge of the mountains, they both saw a light which
they first took as a campfire. What caught their attention was that it didn’t cast any light on the
surrounding area, because a campfire in the ranges
and in the middle of the night should cast
light. It was an initial odd observation. A further
consideration was that they thought they could
see the source of the light as though seen through
an X-ray—opaque light, with its luminosity
both concentrated and controlled with the same source of light. Observing this strange
phenomena for some 3 or 4 minutes, they got closer
and ascertained that the “campfire” was
actually a humanoid shape. At that point they got to see legs, arms, torso and head of a tall,
stylized silhouette wearing a luminous suit that blinked intermittently all the time, turning on
and off constantly. Coming even closer they noticed
that the strange figure’s entire posture and
behavior showed that it was intent on finding something on the ground, with its head tilted
forward and its body completely rigid, arms outstretched downward along the sides of its torso.
It walked in a systematic, “robotic” fashion, taking 3 or 4 steps before spinning on its own axis.
It would take three or four steps toward where it had commenced its search. Without question
it was looking for something with a great deal of interest and concentration.
Regarding this being, its “luminous outfit” was worth noting for its strangeness. It looked like a
coverall, and something akin to a “transparent helmet”, fishbowl-type, covered its head. There
was a small light in the middle of its face. Its height was more than 1.80m. They used a nearby
tree in making this calculation. Minutes later, Ezequiel made a clicking sound and the being
instantly turned its head from the location it was
staring at. It turned to look at them, observing
them. Affected by the creature’s reaction, a shocked Ezequiel began repeating, “It’s not human,
it’s not human! it’s not human!”
They headed back to their cabin in which they were
lodging at a running pace. One of the
witnesses remained behind only a few seconds, watching the being face to face. Suddenly the
being began to ascend the mountain range, either by
levitating or floating, he too broke into a
run, following Ezequiel. At a given moment, Ezequiel utterly shocked by the experience, turned
around to say that the creature was following them.
However the other witness could not
corroborate this since he didn’t turn around. Prior
to the encounter, it seemed that everything
had become very quiet in their surroundings. No nature sounds, or the sounds of a typical night
in the mountains, such as the crackling of leaves,
birds in the treetops, nothing. The wind had
died down and no cars went by. It could be said that a special atmosphere surrounded them.
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